How Can I Start An Internet Business With No Technical Skills?


How Can I Start An Internet Business With No Technical Skills? – Tips and tricks to improve your Google keyword rankings. Examples of SEO techniques and how to build a wordpress website from scratch.

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How Can I Start An Internet Business With No Technical Skills?

Running an online business often requires determination, discipline and a positive attitude. Many new internet businesses fail, which is why it’s important to do your research, learn from the experts and start small, set achievable goals and be willing to work hard to achieve them.

How To Start An Internet Business From Home

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One of the tools you can use when starting a home business is creating a website. To develop your website, you must first have a domain name and hosting. Now that we have these two parts, we need to put them together.

A domain name, also known as a URL, is the name you see above your browser’s address bar when you browse a website. For example, a domain name could be something like this To get a domain name, we can buy it from a domain registrar like or

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When we buy a domain name, what we are doing is renting it, and in order to keep it every year, we have to renew it. Fortunately, domain names are very cheap. A .com (usually your best bet, recommended if you want to sell your domain one day) or a custom domain name (like .org .net or costs around $10-$20 per year. You usually buy your domain name before you set up a host; however, some hosting options offer you a free domain for the first year when you create an account there.

It’s just a matter of choosing a domain name, it usually takes some time to do it because we can take the name we want in the beginning. In this case we can make some arguments; ask friends or family for ideas or look at other people’s websites for inspiration.

While we are thinking about domain names, it is better to think in advance about other types of profiles that we would like to use on our website.

For example, we might want to have a Facebook page or a YouTube account or another social media account. To check if the name we want is available on other platforms, we can use tools like Using NameVine, we upload our idea and can instantly see if it’s available on other platforms. Using the same name on all accounts is a great way to build a solid online presence. It helps people get to know our brand and business.

Benefits To Start Internet Service Provider Business

If the name we are interested in is not available, for example is not available and other social media accounts are not available, we can scroll down and NameVine will suggest many of them. for us. Take a look here and if you get inspired just use it and do some new research.

That’s why is available. Twitter is not, but other social media platforms Facebook, YouTube and Pinterest are. Once we have a name we like, we can proceed to purchase it from our registrar of choice. I like the domain name registrar NameCheap, so I’ll go to and get my domain name there.

I have to re-enter my name before I see it available. I can add it to the cart, to check the cart. It is a good idea to enable this WhoisGuard. Basically, WhoisGuard protects your information from anyone trying to see your domain name.

The only time you really want to disable WhoisGuard is if you want to sell your domain name.

Easy Ways To Make Money Now Online Businesses To Start On Your Own

Another important thing is to include keywords in your domain name. SEO tips on how to find the best keywords for your business

Hosting provides space for your website, so all the files that make up your website are stored on your web host.

They have multiple layers of security to lock down your site and provide protection against threats such as hackers trying to hack your site. They also have great support.

WP Engine is easy to get started because once you sign up, you already have WordPress installed.

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To see what they offer, we can click on “View our plans”. If you’re just building your own site, the Personalized plan will be best. As you can see, WordPress costs about $29 per month for a one-time installation, and the more websites you want to build with it, the more expensive it gets.

To sign up for WP Engine, you must already purchase a domain name from somewhere like NameCheap or GoDaddy.

I would choose the personal plan. To set it up, all we need to do is fill in our personal and billing information. We’ll take a look together when I post them.

Now that I’ve configured WP Engine hosting and logged in, I need to enter an IP address and a CNAME address. We’ll use them in a minute.

Starting An Internet Business When You Are In Debt

Next I need to add my domain name. Click Enter Domain, add a new domain and enter the domain from www. First, then the version without www. Click Add Domain, now we need to point our domain name to our newly installed WordPress on WP Engine. To do this, we go back to the place where we registered the domain name, in my case NameCheap, and log in.

For this I go to Advances DNS. I can delete the redirect URL and need to add an A record. The host will be the @ sign and put the IP address I copied from WP Engine.

For CNAME records I do the same thing, I just set the CNAME address I found on WP Engine. I change the TTL or “time to live” to 5 minutes and save my work.

Please note that this change may take 24-48 hours. So be patient and check back.

How To Start Online Business With No Experience Required

So we can look at the differences again. The last two plans offer unlimited websites, bandwidth and space, and each gives us one year of free internet subscription if we don’t already have a domain name.

Looking at the Go PRO plans, I see they also have options for Dedicated IP and Site Backup Pro.

Site BackUp Pro is a great feature because it means a copy of your website will be downloaded and backed up regularly. So if you need to restore your website, you can restore it from the last backup. A dedicated IP is also another good option if you plan to host credit card and personal information directly on your website in the future.

After choosing a plan, we now have two options. One is to buy our domain name through BlueHost, where they give it free for the first year. Or, if we bought our own domain name, we can add it here.

How To Start An Online Business

We fill in our personal and billing information again and create an account. Now that I have successfully created my BlueHost account, I need to create my website.

BlueHost’s welcome email has two of my names. They are and I have to mention this because I’ll need to change my names later.

To go back to, I have to log in, click on Domain List, and then click Manage next to my domain name.

When I got down, I changed the nameservers from Namecheap BasicDNS to Custom DNS and put the two names that BlueHost gave me. Save my work and go back to BlueHost.

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Click Install WordPress, click Install, make sure I have the right domain name to set up the process. Click Show advanced options and define a theme for my website. this is fine

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