How To Market A Life Coaching Business


How To Market A Life Coaching Business – Marketing your life coaching business is one of the most important activities you should spend your time on consistently. In order to get life coaching clients, it is crucial that you invest time in activities that help you find your ideal clients.

None of the marketing strategies listed below should be implemented alone. Some may be self-employed and employ you; Most of them work well in combination with each other.

How To Market A Life Coaching Business

Your marketing “diagram” should look like a spider web – everything is interconnected, supporting each other and building your relationships with those lucky enough to step into that web (oh, harvest!

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I want something more positive 🙄 because we are not in the business of locking people “on the web”, but slowly informing and educating our ideal customers about what we offer)

1️⃣ Complimentary Coaching Session Yes, your complimentary coaching session is part of your marketing activities (and hopefully not your marketing activity).

Many coaches focus solely on providing follow-up sessions as part of client enrollment efforts, which alone are rarely effective.

Blogs can be completely useless in terms of marketing if no one sees your posts; But it’s great for SEO/Search Engine Optimization – so it still has marketing value (it helps search engines fall in love with your content and get you on the first few pages of search results); It has tremendous credibility-building power – a huge benefit to your blogging efforts.

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While most of us embrace blogging as part of our web presence, you need to proactively “promote” your blog posts:

3️⃣ Guest Blogging – Especially if you guest blog on platforms visited by 10,000 of your ideal customers per month (ideally daily).

4️⃣ Publish articles on your website, other people’s websites and article submission sites. Publishing your articles on LinkedIn is always a good idea; As well as publishing on some of the top PR article submission sites like eZineArticles and ArticleBase.

It’s not that easy, but if you can pull it off, it’s a huge credibility factor and one of the most effective ways to gain more visibility.

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Visit your specialty magazines and publishing sites and see what their guidelines are for submitting articles (some publications accept multiple submissions for their online publication – try publishing there too: Forbes, etc.).

Also, contact local newspapers and see if they would like to report on you or allow you to publish your article. With a little luck — and good placement — you might even end up publishing a weekly column.

6️⃣ Publish in local media – or speak to – contact the editor of your local newspaper and find out if they’d be interested in writing an article about you. I was lucky enough to be featured in two local newspapers, both times with more than 2 pages of content. Local editors are always looking for local stories, and we life coaching professionals seem to be a special “breed”, and if you present yourself in the right way, many will love to write a story about you and your services (and here , it helps if you have a specific niche so your service to the community (You can clearly demonstrate how it will benefit).

7️⃣ Publish in National Publications – Or Speak – Getting published in a national publication can take your business to the next level. Not only will you be visible to 100,000 readers across the country, you’ll also have bragging rights to say, “I’ve been featured in Forbes” (or any publication).

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* I was a relationship coach in my early years – even when I transitioned to an executive coaching/leadership development coach, my main focus remained relationship development.

You’ll be more visible – even if it’s not always 100% related to your niche (or unrelated) – helping you become

Always put your website URL (or landing page) as the first item in your video description – eg + video description.

Yes, some of your videos still have 11 views after a year; But some of them might take off and have 10,000 or 100,000 views and be responsible for some of your biggest visibility and some of your sales and new customers*. (I have several videos with 10,000 views and one with 200,000+ views, which has resulted in countless leads and book sales; and yes, I also have dozens of videos with 5-20 views 😬).

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While the above activities are fairly passive and easy to implement marketing activities, there is no need for direct interaction with your ideal customers; Below are some super effective marketing activities that are highly proactive and have the power to connect you with your ideal customers on the spot!

9️⃣ Get interviewed on radio shows Interviews are a great way to introduce yourself to your ideal clients in real time. They are one of the best – most important – credibility boosters. Many radio shows invite listeners to call in with their questions, giving you a chance to interact with your potential customers in person.

An easy way to start “interviewing” is to join shows (in the early years of my coaching business I was interviewed by dozens of shows, many with 10,000 or 100,000+ audience members).

Simply type the keyword you want to interview into the BlogTalkRadio search engine and you’ll find hundreds of shows looking for guests in your area of ​​interest/niche.

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Try to focus on high rated shows; But first I’ll accept anything. Bigger programs want to hear some of your past interviews; So no matter how many people listen to this show, it’s good to have some people behind you.

Of course, the most desirable interview is on national radio…which for most of us – especially in the early years – is probably unattainable; However, he still appears on national radio several times each month.

For example, I called National Public Radio (NPR) several times with comments on a topic they were discussing, and each time I received emails and phone calls from prospects, clients and friends across the US, I was excited to hear what they heard. National Radio.

“How to Get Radio Talk Shows Across America Without Leaving Your Home or Office” by Joe Sabat; “

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🔟 Webinars Webinars — are the most effective way to sell anything. While e-courses are an easy way to sell, the level of trust is still low – you may not know many of your subscribers; However, during the webinar, your participants get to know you and the level of trust reaches a “peak”.

Many presenters chose to show photos of their families, hobbies, etc., giving the audience a chance to get to know each other.

(of a guest). Many people use webinars to sell group coaching, or coaching – or anything else (memberships, online coaching, etc.).

Most of us have an easy job explaining our services to 50 or 100 people via webinar, then doing the same in a one-on-one conversation. The great news about webinars is that if only 5% or 10% of your attendees buy what you’re offering, you’ll still walk away with a few new customers or a few $100 or $1,000 in sales; But if you can’t sell to your prospects in a follower session, the failure rate for that time investment is 100%.

How To Market And Sell In Your Life Coaching Business

The items listed above are just a few examples of marketing activities you can use to acquire customers. Pick two or three of them to start with and apply those 2 or 3 strategies over the next 90 days to get really good at them. For example, you can focus on blogging, LinkedIn marketing and interviews (BlogTalkRadio). Then, after 90 days, if you feel like you need to add another marketing activity or two, add one that you think will give you the best return on your time (and $$) investment, like webinars.

The good news is that we have detailed instructions for all of the above and many other marketing methods. Log in to your member’s area and start applying step-by-step instructions, checklists and templates. And if you have any questions on any topic or you get stuck, you can send a message and get some answers… Digital Marketing for Business Coaching is a real boon for all life coaches. In today’s digital world, having a web presence as a trainer is essential. How you can advertise your training site.

Of course, you can attend networking events and build a customer base in your area through word of mouth. 47% of smartphone users said they would avoid a company or service if it didn’t appear online

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