Ways To Start Your Own Small Business


Ways To Start Your Own Small Business – There are many benefits to running your own business. And being your own boss is a beautiful thing.

But starting a profitable business is also not easy and it takes time. Up to 80% of small businesses fail within the first 18 months for good reason (you can read about it here).

Ways To Start Your Own Small Business

If you are thinking of taking any big step to start your own business, then keep in mind these three important things that will give you the best chance of success.

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What are you so interested in that you want to ‘go all in’ and spend a day building your business around it?

Does your business ignite your gut and fuel your passion? Because building a business is hard work and it takes passion and passion to get through the tough days. Tweet

The business ‘why’ is also important as it should be the central message of your marketing strategy. If you haven’t seen the YouTube video of Simon Sinek’s How Great Leaders Inspire Action, you should watch it now! Knowing the ‘why’ will help you understand why it is so important and how you can communicate it through marketing and advertising.

You should also be clear about your business vision and mission. If you’re not sure how to develop these statements, visit this blog to learn what you need to know the ‘why’, vision and mission of your business.

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2. Learn sales and marketing skills. If you are in business, you are in sales business. Unfortunately, your great products and services won’t sell themselves in this day and age, so you’ll need to learn how to sell and market yourself powerfully. Tweet

Therefore, do whatever you can to learn your sales skills. Enroll in some basic sales and marketing courses, follow some sales and marketing professionals online, and use their knowledge.

And be clear about the change you want to make for your customers, because it is change that buys people. The ideal customer wants to move from the ‘before’ state to the desired ‘after’ state. How can marketing explain these changes clearly and concisely?

Remember, when people go on vacation to Hawaii, they want golden beaches, palm trees, and cocktails (the final destination) by the pool. They don’t care about the aircraft (process) getting there. Therefore, learn to describe the final state of your dream client with as many emotions as possible (after all, people make decisions based on emotions and support them with logic!). Then your sales will increase dramatically.

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And brand yourself professionally. Selling is about building trust and confidence in you and your brand, and the first step to that is good branding.

First impression matters. Therefore, pack yourself professionally for the best chance of business success. Tweet

A minimum of $5 – $10,000 is required to start a business and it takes at least 12 months to 2 years to make a decent profit (learn more here).

Therefore, you need to plan how you will finance it during that period. Do you have any savings that can be withdrawn? Alternatively, you may need to apply for government assistance, such as Australia’s New Enterprise Promotion Scheme (NEIS). The scheme provides income support for 9 months and quality business training for 12 months to new founders.

How To Make Big Money In Your Own Small Business

Once you’re clear on how to finance your startup, develop a one-page business plan that outlines the key elements of your business.

You need to answer all the questions in a one-page business plan to have the basic clarity you need to start your business and be successful.

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Time is a valuable commodity. Especially when you’re a small business owner and always feel like you have a million things to do.

Steps To Taking Your Small Business Online

“I know how she does it: How women are successful most of the time,” says Business Insider, a time management expert.

While core products that work for a business, Vanderkam says it’s also essential to take time for other important things like networking, skill building, communication with employees, and leisure.

While this routine isn’t for everyone, VanderCam’s sample program is a good starting point for getting everything fit when running a small business.

A Belgian study found that exercising early in the morning before breakfast not only helps you reach your fitness goals, but it also gives you more energy than just closing your eyes for a few minutes.

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It’s time to take a shower, eat a healthy breakfast, take care of your family responsibilities and get people where they need to be.

The first thing you need to do during your working hours is your prime production hours, when you need to focus on your daily priorities to keep your business running.

All businesses rely on people and yet they need a balanced lunch to keep their energy levels up, so it’s a good idea to make the most of that time.

Use your lunch break to strengthen your relationships with people you know or want to get to know better, whether you’re an employee or an outsider.

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Take the time to grow you or your business. This could mean learning a new skill, focusing on something you already know, or finding a new job or project.

Social media can already help, but every small business owner needs to consider how others perceive you.

Mentoring and giving back to the community are two great ways to build outside career capital.

Getting some natural light and getting some exercise is a great way to increase your alertness and energy levels during your afternoon break.

Easy Ways To Succeed Doing Your Own Small Business

The tasks to be devoted to processing will be visible throughout the day. Now the time has come for you to prepare what you should keep in mind.

Find your top three the next day and if you need to make adjustments again. Or, if you plan to work late in the evening, plan ahead so that you can get it done efficiently.

Whether you want to spend time with family, hang out with friends, volunteer, or just relax, your personal time shouldn’t involve work.

It is difficult for some small business owners and those in general to log off completely after work. Take an hour to clean up, think creatively, or read for work.

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Shut down your laptop, put your phone down, and take some more personal time before you go to sleep. The amount of sleep needed varies from person to person, but 7 hours is a good time to start. For your convenience, many of the products I link to also have affiliate links. This means that if you buy the products I recommend, I can make money.

A few years ago Aaron and I made a very bad business decision and lost $55,000. We were incredibly stupid. I was cleaning up old posts and thought you would like to read my crap.

If you are looking to start a business, I recommend reading this post which highlights the factors that can lead to business failure.

PS If you’re ready to start your first business, check out my new book, How to Start Your First Side.

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