10 Best Android Smartphone Battery Saver Apps

Android users can’t seem to get away from the wasteful battery. Yes, behind the sophistication of its features and specifications, Android devices are forever experiencing cases on the battery.

This is actually understandable considering that these various features require considerable energy.

However, there is more than one step that you can take to deal with the case. One of them is by installing an Android battery saver application.

10 Best Android Smartphone Battery Saver Apps

Currently, there are many applications that offer this power, but Cari Signal will only review the 10 best applications.

Battery Saver Apps

1. Kaspersky Battery Life

There are good applications to save HP battery,” Kaspersky Battery Life. Yes, this is an application by Kapersky which offers the privilege of reducing energy use on Android phones. There is a feature where “Kaspersky Battery Life will monitor every application that occurs on your cellphone.

Then, this free application will also forever add notifications for every application that really consumes a lot of HP battery usage.” Oh yes,” You also don’t have to worry if this application will narrow the memory on your cellphone, because ” Kaspersky Battery Life only it only takes 7.4MB” you know.

2. Accu Battery

Accu Battery is one of the good applications if you want to save battery on your Android cellphone. Because this Accu Battery has quite capable features where you can control all activities on your cellphone. That way, you can be aware of which apps are consuming the most battery. After that, you can turn off the application temporarily so that the HP battery lasts forever.

However, not only being able to save battery, Accu”€‹Battery also has “charge speed” and “battery health” features. In the “charge speed” feature, this battery claims to be able to “charging” faster. As for “battery health,” this application will make the HP battery last longer. So, Accu”€‹Battery will automatically” stop charging” if the battery is 100%.

3. dfndr battery

Android battery saver app along with other one click now comes with the name dfndr battery. This application also offers convenience in saving battery. You now don’t have to worry about resetting with an easy low HP battery, just use the dfndr battery application.

dfndr battery will automatically turn off applications that you no longer use. With just one click, you can minimize battery usage on your cellphone. Are you interested and interested in using it? Just click here and get the application.

4. Battery Optimizer plus Widget

As the name implies, this Battery optimizer plus Widget application can optimize even more save battery utilization on your Android cellphone. There is more than one option to save battery, including Balanced, Power Save, Super Save, Night and User Custom.” All of these options have been adjusted according to the needs of users of the Battery optimizer plus Widget application.

However, if you feel that you don’t match the settings that have been provided, please choose “custom user.” With this feature, you can set yourself which apps you want to turn off while in battery saving mode. Pretty good,” right?

5. Battery Saver – APPS INNOVA

Battery Saver is an application that can provide a choice of battery optimization modes and manage battery-draining applications, which can extend battery utilization. This application has been downloaded more than 10 million times on the Play Store.

Meanwhile, if really a lot of junk is taking up space on your device, you can delete it with one tap to free up device storage. There is also a Battery Cooler feature that accurately detects the phone’s temperature, disabling heat-generating apps to cool the battery.

6. Nox Security, Antivirus, Clean

This application is actually more useful as an anti-virus, but it also has a reliable battery-saving feature. Nox Security can help you close inactive apps that are happening in the background.

This is the simplest way to keep your battery healthy forever by stopping energy consuming apps and monitoring battery status and utilization.

7. Fancy Battery

Having a size that is not really big and not only gives you a better battery life, the Fancy Battery app is also a fast, easy & powerful Android antivirus, phone cleaner and booster app. It can remove viruses, boost phone memory and clean up storage space with just one tap.

This app also allows you to lock apps with a password and pattern to protect your privacy. You can even monitor consuming apps your mobile data and hibernate those apps with one touch.

8. Green Battery Saver – Power Doctor Team

In addition to being useful as a battery saver, Green Battery Saver can also be useful as a phone junk cleaner, RAM booster, and lock apps. Thus it can help users speed up their phone, clean memory, or manage apps easily.

You can save your phone’s battery energy and optimize battery utilization with just one tap using Green Battery Saver. Apart from that you can extend battery life with advanced saving mode.

9. Battery Guru

Battery Guru is an app that can display battery utilization info, measure battery electric capacity (mAh), provide estimates, and help you change your charging routine with helpful tips to extend battery life and increase its lifespan.

So far Battery Guru has been downloaded more than 500 thousand times on the Play Store. There are quite a few features. Apart from those already mentioned above, with this app you can also realize how long it will take before your battery will be charged with detailed data for real temporary battery statistics.

10. KeepClean

KeepClean is an all-in-one application that can serve as a free antivirus, phone cleaner, RAM optimizer, battery saver and more for optimal phone performance and security. This application is claimed to have been used by more than 80 million users.

KeepClean’s battery saver feature detects and disables excessive energy consuming apps to extend standby duration by up to 70%. In addition, it also helps various power-saving modes.

Well, those are various Android battery saver apps that you can try for now. In fact, there are still many other applications in the Play Store, but it is still rare that one has as good performance as the ten applications above.

One thing you need to remember, don’t use battery saver applications which are also useful as task killers. Turning off applications that occur in the background is actually good, but will not be optimal because the application will certainly be active again.

The Android operating system has also been arranged in such a way as to be able to perform multitasking perfectly. Therefore, task killer applications will generally only interfere with their performance. For a more complete explanation, please read this article.

In addition to using these various applications, you can also combine them with other battery saving tips. One of them is by changing the wallpaper to black and avoiding the use of live wallpapers.

Background data also usually consumes a lot of battery energy so it’s better to turn it off if you don’t need it. Don’t forget also, the longer the number of applications you install, the longer the battery energy required.

You also have to protect the battery properly and properly so that it is not easily damaged. The correct battery care really depends on the pattern of using our smartphone, such as charging steps, and others. Please refer to this article to be aware of the correct steps to protect the battery.

Of the 10 Android battery saver apps above, which one do you like the most? Or do you have other applications that are also worth trying? Please share with us in the comments column below.

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