10 Poster Maker Apps for Beginners and Professionals

An idea described in visual form can add clarity with greater impact in the long run. Visuals add opportunities for people to express their artistic skills. However, not everyone has good skills and imagination.

That’s why the poster maker application is here to make life easier. With the poster maker app, you can create beautiful and inventive banners, posters, flyers.

10 Poster Maker Apps for Beginners and Professionals

This application is most widely used to create promotional posters. Here are 10 selected poster maker apps for you.

10 Poster Maker Apps for Beginners and Professionals

1. Lucidpress

source: www.lucidpress.com

Lucidpress is an application for online printing and digital publishing that allows you to create posters for events and promotions. This app is available in free and premium plans. The free plan has limited PDF print quality and document embedding.

Posters can be created using pre-designed templates or layouts from scratch. The free plans require easy registration. From the template gallery, select a category and choose a brochure template. The templates can all be customized by the editor.

You can change the orientation and size, expand more pages, add text elements and shapes and upload any custom images you might want to use in your poster.

The shape, layout, and text properties can be changed from the right side of the editor. You can download edited posters in a variety of formats, including PNG, PDF, PMG with transparent backgrounds and JPEG with multiple pages and screen sizes and colors.

Posters downloaded in PDF or PNG format do not include a watermark and can be used for online printing and digital publishing work.

2. PostWrap

source: oomph.id

Not all poster maker apps are intended for professional use. Sometimes, all you need is a small but effective application that can fulfill your daily needs. PostWrap is one such application.

This app is specially designed for regular use which allows users to create custom text posters and turn boring text into attractive posters. This application allows you to design posters that can be given to colleagues or hung in the room.

You can download this application for free. The best thing about this app is that it is free of ads. However, unfortunately you can’t add images to text and it can’t be customized to other apps. But this application has a large variety of fonts that users can download and use.

Not only that, you can also determine the size of the text for the poster that you can create. This app is compatible with most Android devices. If you are not a professional user, maybe you can give PostWrap a try.

3. Desygner

source: garudapixel.com

Creating a poster is a fairly complex and time-consuming system. But if you use the Desygner application, this problem can be solved in just a few minutes. With certain skills, you can create your own masterpiece using this application.

This app only has two items in its main menu. You can also view the available galleries, not only create new posters. Don’t hesitate to try out the options for creating a new poster. The first step to creating your own personal masterpiece is to be together select a template.

Desygner offers some of the most different templates. You can add your favorite template to favorites. If the outgoing template is very small, then you can download an additional set of templates. For text, you can choose the font and color, and change its size.

4. Poster Maker, Flyer Designer, Ads Page Designer

source: poster-maker-flyer-designer-ads-page-designer.id.softonic.com

The app has everything you need from a poster maker app. Poster Maker, Flyer designer, Ads Page Designer offers two options for creating posters, namely creating posters from scratch or using pre-designed posters.

You can adjust all the layers however you want in the pre-designed poster. In addition, you can also change the font, background, color, and others. Currently, you can get such posters in three categories, namely free design, sports, and sales.

If you want to create a new poster, there are a myriad of options and settings available. From the start, you can choose a background from several options such as images, colors, textures, or background samples. After selecting the background, you have the power to run anything in this application.

5. Canva

source: apkmagic.com.ar

Canva is one of the best free poster maker apps that can be used on both Android and iOS. Currently, the app has been downloaded more than five million times on the Google Play store and has a typical rating of 4.8 on iTunes. This app is a multipurpose image editor.

With Canva’s help, you can create posters, photo collages, Facebook cover photos, cards, YouTube thumbnails, Twitter headers, and even logos. In this application there are more than 60,000 templates. Choose any template from the appropriate category and can all be customized to your liking.

You can increase or delete the text and images contained in the template. Make a great poster together plus quotes, pictures, and graphics. You can even change the color of all images, text and image elements such as trees, flowers, animations, and others.

The results of the posters that you make can be immediately shared to WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, including others. When you click the “€˜share”€™ button, the poster is saved automatically. All images can be shared directly.

6. Poster Maker & Poster Designer

source: apkmagic.com.ar

This application is another application that is considered good for making posters and is available for both platforms, namely Android and iOS. There are many presets for backgrounds in various categories, for example Texture, Spring, Summer, Photos and others which are free and available including some paid ones.

There are various size formats for the same preset. You have the option to upload and edit images from your phone gallery or just pick any plain color. After selecting the background and format, you can edit the image in various ways.

Choose a texture from Grain, Enamel, Grunge and more and there are countless options to adjust the opacity. You can add text in many fonts with different layouts, sizes and colors. This application allows you to add images and stickers to the poster as well.

7. Inkscape

source: www.youtube.com

Inkscape is a great but free design tool for graphic designers to be able to create artwork, posters or even more so for web design. The application offers flexible and extended editing tools that support various file formats for import and export purposes.

The design tools offered by this application include shape tools, pencil tools, text tools and the Clone feature that allows you to create patterns and customize clones. The object manipulation part allows you to play with layers, adjusting objects using the transform options.

Other editing features available include an excellent set of filters, text support, stroke tools, plus rendering tools. Edited images can be exported in various file formats including PDF and PNG.

8. Cover Maker

source: play.google.com

This app is recognized and advertised as a cover photo designer for social places platforms. Cover Maker has many features and there are more than 200 selected textures and 80 fonts that you can use to design cover photos.

You can also take advantage of several unique filters on a single poster along with various fonts and textures. This app can also be used to edit photos and you don’t have to limit yourself to size.

Unfortunately, this app is specifically designed for social places platforms. This application can be downloaded for free but there are many ads. For beginners, this app is a magic tool because they can find everything in a ready-to-use format.

9. PosterLabs

source: freeappsforme.com

PosterLabs is a very classy application which allows users to create professional banners and posters. The app doesn’t allow you to start from scratch but offers customizable templates.

You can get three categories of templates, namely Classic, Stylish, and Minimal. Choose any template from this category and customize the image to your liking. While the app offers cool templates, you can’t customize the text.

10. VanillaPen

source: www.techuntold.com

One of the best poster maker apps on iOS is VanillaPen. Many features are paid for but forever, you can create really decent posters and cards. This app offers great typography, ribbons, badges and more to use for designing your posters.

The available fonts include grudge, bold, script, and others which are much cooler than other poster maker applications. You can adjust the text and all other designs according to size, alignment, opacity, and more.

You can use these ten choices of poster maker applications when you can make posters to be installed in your room or for certain activities. Even if you’re not proficient in graphic design, you can still create posters with the help of these apps. If you want to try something more pro, you can try making a poster using Photoshop.

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