8 Best Football Streaming Apps on Android Smartphones

Are you a football fan? It doesn’t feel right if you only like football, you also have to watch football broadcasts to support your favorite team, right? Therefore, Carisignal provides 8 recommendations for soccer streaming applications for your Android smartphone.

After the initial discussion regarding online TV applications, it seems that more than one Android smartphone user including quite a lot is interested in one of the sports with this ball.

8 Best Football Streaming Apps on Android Smartphones

Best Football Streaming Apps on Android Smartphones

With a soccer streaming application, football fans don’t have to fight over TV with their family at home and just use an Android smartphone. Here’s a review of the best soccer streaming application reviews.

1. Mola TV

When it comes to watching football applications, you are guaranteed not to go wrong by choosing Mola TV. The reason is, this facility is actually the official broadcaster for the English Premier League for the 2019 to 2022 period.

You can see various live football broadcasts with very user-friendly navigation. Not only the English league, you can also watch broadcasts of matches for the National Team, Women’s League, Garuda Select, and including EURO 2020.

Here you can also watch any matches that will be broadcast in the near future so you don’t miss out. Apart from broadcast sports events, there are other programs including Hollywood movies and including children’s movies.

2. Vidio

Maybe this video application is better known as an application for watching TV online, but in fact this video can be used to watch football matches. So, Vidio provides certain channels for those of you who like football matches, from local matches to international football. Pretty good, right?


Other football watching applications you can use the beIN SPORTS application. This application will pamper its users along with streaming broadcasts of your most loved football matches. Starting from LaLiga matches, total Leagues matches, Serie A, Ligue 1, Premier League, English Championship and many more.

You don’t have to worry about missing match broadcasts, because this application will always actively add notifications for upcoming matches. In addition, beIN SPORTS has a Reply feature where you can see videos of football matches that have been broadcast.

How? You fit together with this one application? Just click here and download it for free.

4. UseeTV Go

If you don’t want an application that only broadcasts football broadcasts, there is an application called UseeTV Go that you can try. This streaming product made by Telkom presents a variety of local TV channels, plus a variety of movies and TV Series on demand. Guaranteed, you will not get bored easily using this application.

Anyway, UseeTV Go can be a mainstay if you are tired of watching the same local broadcasts, because there are certain international sports channels such as Fox Sport, Bein Sport Channel, UseeSports, and many more. Interested? Have this app now together by clicking here.

5. Maxstream

Maxstream is actually not a viewing application that is not devoted to football broadcasts, but this application made by Telkomsel includes many football broadcasts, you know! Various football programs available are the Italian League, French League, FA Cup, and many more.

Meanwhile, Maxstream can also be used to watch complete local channels, such as NET TV, Metro TV, Kompas TV, TVRI, and many more. If you are bored with local broadcasts, Maxstream includes a selection of foreign channels such as Aniplus, K+, WB TV, and so on. There include international sports channels such as Bein Sports Channel 1 and 2. Interesting, right?

6. Mivo – Watch TV & Celebrity

You can not only enjoy Mivo from a PC browser, but also on mobile phones via the Android application. What’s in the web version is also viewable on the app.

In addition to offering a fairly complete variety of local channels, here you can also see various football broadcasts that have been aired on local channels, such as highlights of the Indonesian League and the English League. Let’s try the application together by downloading it at this link.

7. RCTI+

If at first you could only watch RCTI shows on TV, now there is an RCTI+ video application so you can watch it on your cellphone too. Here you can watch four channels that are members of the MNC Group such as RCTI, MNC, GTV, and iNews.

You can also enjoy various sports programs on this application, even various broadcasts that you have not had time to watch for the past 7 days.

RCTI + includes features that make it easier for you to find the broadcast you want, and includes enjoying a variety of voice content such as radio or podcasts.

8. SuperSoccer TV

For connoisseurs of watching football in Indonesia, Certain and private SuperSoccer TV applications exist in Indonesia along with providing football match streaming facilities. Starting from matches in the English Premier League, Italian Serie A, even to French Ligue 1.

Suppersoccer TV will broadcast 24 hours non-stop together with MUTV. Football fans don’t have to worry about missing their favorite matches on television, just click here and immediately download and install the Supersoccer TV application, then you can enjoy watching football matches for the whole day. You don’t have to be busy fighting over TV with your family at home, right?

Those are the 8 recommendations for the best football streaming application, the Carisignal version. Which is your favorite app to watch football?

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