10 Accounting Apps to Automate Business Finance

The search for a suitable accounting application is not easy. While both are designed to simplify the financial management and management processes while minimizing the occurrence / human error /, each application has different advantages and scales.

If you are looking for the right accounting application to automate your own/accounting/business processes or support your workers as accountants, you are in the right article.

Accounting Apps to Automate Business Finance

Because this time we conclude the 10 best accounting applications that are worth considering. The following discussion!

Accounting Apps to Automate Business Finance

*1. Journal Application*

Journal is an Indonesian cloud-based accounting application developed by Mekari. The features available in the newspaper will help complete financial management automatically and precisely for small and medium-sized businesses.

Some of the available features include comprehensive presentation and /react/react/manage accounting, cash monitoring and transactions, system/voice/automated, tax management, product and stock management, and many others.

To test the features offered before buying, you can try the version / test / first here. They also provide a mobile version which can be downloaded via this page.

* 2. Si APIK Application *

Bank Indonesia also offers accounting applications to help record financial reports for small businesses in various sectors, including APIK. The registration standard for this request complies with the rules of Bank Indonesia and the Indonesian Accounting Association (IAI). In this way, the financial statements recorded in this request can be used to transmit funds.

The app logs with the system /dual entry/, but with a single input /input/, so it doesn’t structure the user on login. In addition, this request also provides financial statements that include balance sheets, cash flows, profit and loss and details of financial position. Then, it also presents graphs of financial performance reports such as liquidity, profitability, etc.

This silk can be used on smartphones by downloading it for free on Google Play and the App Store. Regarding PC, this application can be accessed through this page.

* 3. Zahir Application *

Zahir IS / Software / Accounting Very popular in Indonesia. They even trust it by big companies like Traveloka, Bukalapak, Kitabisa.com for trans vision. The products offered by Zahir are quite diverse, ranging from small online businesses to /companies/.

The implementation of Zahir’s Accounting System offers features that will help users obtain financial status / in real time /, manage purchases and payments, accounts receivable management, cash management, etc.

The products offered by Zahir are of course paid for, but you don’t need to worry because some products are available in a trial version which can be obtained through this page. Then they also stipulate that the mobile app can be downloaded from Google Play or the App Store.

* 4. Accurate Applications *

Exact is a cloud accounting software from the country and has been trusted by many SMEs and large companies. / Software / It is designed to be able to assist the operational processes of any of your fields.

These requests can provide details about financial statements that instantly include profit and loss, balance sheets, cash flows, ledgers, seller tickets, and other reports. Precision will also help with invoice generation, goods action management, tax calculation. In addition, it is also integrated into Smart Link Internet Banking.

If you want to prove every advantage offered per exact, you can try it for free for 30 days by registering on the official page. As for the mobile device application, the application can be downloaded via Google Play and the App Store.

* 5. Equip Applications*

This Singapore equipment accounting app is one of the products designed by Hashmicro. Equip is here as a solution to help companies from various industries to develop their business with automation systems. This application has been designed to comply with the best commercial standards and can be modified according to individual commercial needs.

The accounting system proposed by Equare includes the presentation of detailed financial statements and, in accordance with Indonesian government regulations, invoice management, purchase instruction management, payment management, foreign currency account management, etc. If you’re interested in trying the team out, you can file a lawsuit with registration via the official page here.

Accounting Apps to Automate Business Finance

* 6. Wave Application*

For new and small scale entrepreneurs who are looking for a cost-free accounting application, wave can be one of the best alternatives.

Wave offers features that can present details of cash, profit and loss, as well as other financial reports. Wave can also calculate taxes from income and expenses. Another advantage they offer is that each account can be used for more than one business.

This app is also web based, so no need to take trouble to install /software/ in office. If you are interested, you can immediately register on the official wave website here.

*7. FreshBooks App *

FreshBooks is a small business based accounting app. This request will ensure that the financial statements provided are accurate and easy to understand, but always complete and detailed for an accountant. With complete data, entrepreneurs will be helped to define strategies and predict future earnings.

Freshbooks not only provides services to self-considered workers and project workers to manage payments by providing features like time monitoring, auto influence, etc.

For those who want to test the features offered by FreshBook, you can try the version / trial / for 30 days by signing up here. Apart from that, this accounting app is also available for Android and iOS users.

* 8. SAP application*

Those who struggle in accounting should be familiar with SAP. This German company’s software is usually used by a number of large companies, including Indonesia. SAP uses capacity / artificial intelligence / to help entrepreneurs simplify financial management and company operations.

SAP offers SAP HANA, A / database memory / which is able to present complete analysis in data models in real time / and more simply. Based on financial reports, accounts payable, budget, from credit management.

If it’s not good to buy the application offered by SAP they provide a version / trial / which can be used for a full 30 days for free. You just visited the official page, then follow all the steps.

* 9. Myob application *

The next recommendation comes from an accounting application developed by Australian developer MYOB. Like SAP, this application can also be relied on by many small international companies.

All the features offered can facilitate accounting work. Based on financial statement presentation, invoice management, regulatory regulations for customers and suppliers, stock management, banking reconciliation, tax management, etc.

If you want to test the features offered by MYOB, you can try the /test/ version by visiting the Myob page.

*10. Xero Applications *

Xero IS / Software / Accounting Based on cloud technology which can offer user convenience to access financial report details on any real device /.

In addition to presenting features that are generally available in accounting applications, Xero also provides multimure / money. This feature not only converts transactions into foreign currency, but also shows how changes in exchange rates affect cash flow and commercial benefits.

If you are interested, you can first try the trial version for 30 days by registering on the official Xero website.

Well, these are ten recommendations for accounting apps that can be used to automate financial management both to help entrepreneurs and accountants. You just need to adapt it to the needs and scale of the business. Then, how? Have you found the right app? Don’t forget to also check the discussion on financial statement requests.

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