10 Recommended Applications to Support Architect Jobs

For those of you architects who do architectural work, there is nothing wrong with using a special architect application. This application can help your architectural work, especially for drawing buildings.

The architect application itself that you can use on your laptop or computer. Each of these applications is equipped with the characteristics and advantages of each.

10 Recommended Applications to Support Architect Jobs

From a number of applications for architects that exist, some of them will be recommended in this article. Just check the list below.

Applications to Support Architect Jobs

*1. Applications Sketchup *

Purchased by Google, this app can help you create 3-dimensional construction drawings. The feature itself is not very sophisticated. However, this application has several advantages that make it superior and worth using.

One of them can be combined with a tray. The combination of sketches with renderings can allow you to produce realistic buildings. You can download your own sketch from the official website here.

* 2. Applications AutoCAD Architecture *

This application is usually used by professional architects. It is due to this excess of isolation that helps architects to create detailed drawings.

Thanks to this app, you can create detailed and in-two 2D construction drawings. Drawings will be very useful for entrepreneurs and craftsmen when they want to design the buildings that you have created. If you are interested in using this app, just access the official website here.

* 3.  Applications 3D Studio Max *

Besides SketchUp, there are other applications that can help create 3D drawings. 3D Studio Max is what we mean. This application can create detailed and deep 3D drawings, just like SketchUp.

The difference between this app and sketch is the usage. 3D Studio Max is used not only for architects, but also by animators, game producers, and also for sake / rendering /.

How did it happen? 3D Studio Max has features / editing / that can be used for all interests, from architecture to animation to rendering software. The latest version of this application has been published. If you want to try/free trial please come here.

* 4. Applications Revit Architecture *

Applications that have been acquired by Autodesk help you create detailed and quality conceptions. Thanks to this application, you can create 3D designs of buildings and their components.

After that, you can affix your computer information in 2D format. Not only for architectural purposes, you can use this app for graphic design and /structural engineering/. To download the app, you can visit the official website here.

* 5. Applications Archicad *

Bearing the concept of all in one, this application allows you to create images in 2D or 3D format. Not only for professionals, this app can also be used by novice designers or students specializing in architecture.

This application is also commonly used by architectural offices abroad. It cannot be separated from certain advantages. Starting to be able to draw in 2D or 3D format, with such a / friendly / appearance.

This application also allows architects to work in a Building Modeling/Management Environment (BIM) environment. Archicad can be used for Windows and MacOS platforms. Please visit the official website here, if you want to use this app.

*6. Applications Chief Architect*

This is another app that can help you create good 2D images in 3D. Above all, to make the conception of the house, the interior of the house and the design of the bathroom and kitchen.

One of the features contained in this application is the automation function. This feature can facilitate home design, as well as renovate it quickly and according to plan.

First of all you can try this free version/trial/app before stable to use it. Please access this site, to try the free trial version or have the whole app live.

*7. Applications Punch! Home Design*

This American app is a combination of Lightworks and Nexgen. The presence of LightWorks makes this application able to help produce designs quickly. Even if you are working on a large architectural project.

Meanwhile, the presence of Nexgen in this application can help you produce very perfect and realistic design images. There are several interesting features in this application.

/ Design estimator sample / house cost / both. / Examples of house designs / that can help you find the right design model. During this time / cost estimator / who can calculate the budget for the construction of your home design.

This application must be exchanged for a high fee, if you want to have it. However, the price offered is proportional to the demand advantage. If you are interested in getting one, just visit the official website here.

* 8. Applications Soft plan *

As the previous application, this application also has a / cost / cost estimator that can calculate the budget for the development of your design house. In this application, this feature can run in real time.

This app can also document the construction projects you work on. Softplan is quite easy to use by anyone, both beginners and professionals. You can get Softtplan on this site.

Applications to Support Architect Jobs

* 9. Applications Vectorworks Architecture *

This application is only suitable for you who are professionals. Indeed, VectorWorks has complex features and can only be used by professional architects.

Before using it, you must first study it. This application study alone is relatively long. However, if you are successful, you can use this application optimally.

If you can conquer this application, you can make construction drawings in precise / creative / and / algorithmic / design modeling. Apart from drawing buildings, this application can also help you design landscape architecture. The VectorWorks architecture can be found via the site here.

*10. Applications MicroStation *

Applications managed by Bentley systems can help you create 2D or 3D building designs. This CAD-based application has high stability which is not owned by other applications. Each resulting design can be saved in a different format. Starting from CAD, with, in OBJ and SKP.

How to use it yourself is not too difficult. MicroStation is suitable for use by professional architects, designers and / engineers / professionals. For /free trial/or get this request directly, just go to the official website here.

For those of you architects who do architectural work, there is nothing wrong with using a special architect application. This application can help your architectural work. Above all, in building design design.

The architect application itself that you can use on your laptop or computer. We recommend the above ten. Each application has its own advantages. You only choose who can help with your architectural work later.

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