10 Best Al Quran Apps on Android Smartphones

The sophistication of technology in modern times like this should not dampen someone in worship. Proper worship can be improved with increasingly sophisticated technology, one of which is reading the Koran through the Al Quran application on Android.

So what is the law for installing the Quran app on a smartphone? Based on Islam.nu.or.id, smartphones installed by the Koran application in written or audio form are not punished as Mushhaf. Thus, the user can hold it during the Hadast state and can take it to the bathroom.

From the above explanation, it is not surprising that many users have started installing the Quran application on their smartphones. However, we as users still have to respect the Koran by not holding it and opening the Koran application in the toilet.

Best Al Quran Apps on Android Smartphones

Best Al Quran Apps on Android Smartphones

The number of Al Quran applications scattered on the Google Play Store sometimes makes us confused to find the best and comfortable application to use. Therefore, this time Cari signal will provide 10 recommendations for the Koran application on Android smartphones. Come on! Take a look at the ten Quran apps below:

1. Indonesian Quran

Who says reading the Koran is troublesome because they have to carry the book with them? Modern and sophisticated times like this are getting smaller reasons for the lack of worship. The Al Quran app on Android comes from the original Indonesian maker as the Indonesian Al Quran app.

In its application, the creator of the application makes it easy for Muslims to read the Koran in either landscape or portrait form, and the translation is of course copied in Indonesian. Not just any translation and interpretation, the translator is also an imported translator from the Ministry of Religion and Al Jalalain Indonesia.

The application is available in two types of themes, dark and light, it also completes its features with an audio controller in the form of pause, play, stop. Not only you can even share these verses immediately to your social media. To download it, you just go to PlayStore or click here.

2. Quran Al Quran and my translation

In addition to the Myquran application available on the platform for PC, it turns out that Myquran Al Quran and this translation is also one of the Quran applications on Android. The application with a simple design is also easy to read clearly has been downloaded by more than one hundred thousand Android users.

In its application, Myquran is equipped not only with translations but also features that can search for letters of the Koran. Users can also save the last read letter as a bookmark.

Not only the holy verses of the Koran, even my Koran Quran and this translation complete its features with a collection of various types of prayers. Asmaul Husna or the 99 good names of God installed in one of the features in this application. Do you want to improve your worship with this app? Just click here to download it for free.

3. Quran for Android

Reading the Quran can now be easily done using the Quran for Android app. Yes, in the application, users can read the Koran with a variety of features that are quite complete. Here, you can change Night mode even Quran for Android provides translations of the Quran in 20 different languages. Pretty complete, right?

4. Umma

Not feeling that they have entered the month of Ramadan 2021, usually netizens have started looking for posters from the posters for the verdict and Sahur schedule. Well, instead of bothering looking for the UMMA application. This application is quite complete and easy to use because it has a comfortable interface system to support the needs of Muslims.

Some of the features that can be enjoyed from this Muslim application include Ramadan 2021, Indonesian Al-Qur’an, English Al-Quran, Prayer Schedule, Qibla -Based Qibla Based Navigation System, Daily Prayers, Adhan Notifications, and Muslim Alarm. Download the app here!

5. Indonesian Quran apps

As the name suggests, the Indonesian Quran application provides translations into Indonesian, so it will make it easier for you to check each translation in the Qur’an.

Not only that, this application article is also equipped with “tajwid” as well as “you know.” Actually, you can read it in “landscape” form too. There are still more “here” superior features where “Al’al Quran Indonesian is ready to display the time for prayer. No less complete,” right? ”

6. Best Quran app

Updated in early April 2021, the best Quran app is perfect for those of you who want to learn the Quran and Tajweed. This application presents a selection and format of the Koran script by applying the standards of writing Khat Khat Indonesia (Tajwid and non-tajwid) and Khat Medina (Tajwid and non-tajwid).

Not only that, the Quran Best application also presents various Islamic features such as a sequential list of letters by index and per juz, copying verses of the Koran, sharing verses of the Koran, providing dark or light mode, marking reading pages with beautiful borders, translation, and interpretation of the Koran. Quran. Want to try Quran Best? download the app here!

7. Al-Quran (Tafsir & by Word)

The Quran application on Android this time comes not just reading the Koran. Users can read every word translation as well as the translation interpretation directly. You can also just listen to Qori reciting the Quran via audio.

Downloaders will also be facilitated with colorful recitations that make it easier when reading the Quran. In addition, the /note / feature is also embedded in this one application. You can insert notes in each verse according to your needs. Easy isn’t it? Just click here and you can start using the app right away.

8. Quran Majeed

Downloaded by up to 275,000 smartphone users, Quran Majeed is one of the other recommended Quran applications. This Muslim application presents the complete Quran content in beautiful Ottoman script format. This application guarantees the correctness of the translation and its audio qiroah because it has been carefully checked by Muslim scholars.

The elegant appearance of Quran Majeed is supported by several features that make it easy for users such as an audio menu to help memorize Quran verses, displaying a full translation with high resolution, and being able to change the font size via the zoom feature. You can download and install the Quran Majeed app for free here.

9. iQuran Lite

Developed by Beehive Innovation FZE, iQuran Lite comes in two free and premium variants. In the free version, users will be presented with powerful audio settings to help memorize, search menus up to 20 times, English translation (Shakir), and the Bookmark-Tags feature.

Succeeding in stealing the attention of more than 210 thousand users, in the latest version this application has fixed some disturbances such as audio and notifications. The 27 MB size application is designed to be implemented for all types of devices/brands based on the Android operating system. You can get the iQuran Lite application for free here.

10. Al Quran MP3

Want to read and listen to the strains of the holy verses of the Quran via a smartphone, but the internet network is still messed up? Try downloading the Al Quran MP3 which can run even if the cellular data is offline again. This Muslim application is also suitable for users who are memorizing the Quran, especially for children.

This application, which has been downloaded up to 3 million, presents Murottal of all suras in the Quran in MP3 format, translates each verse, removes translations, brings up translations, marks the last verse read, enlarges verses of the Koran, uses Latin letters, and fonts from the Ministry of Religion. Just install the Al Quran MP3 application here.

That’s a collection of Al-Quran applications on Android that you can use for free both offline and online. Are there any of the above applications that match your wants and needs?

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