12 Best and Free Karaoke Apps on Android Phone

Karaoke is an exciting activity that can relieve fatigue. If once we were only able to do karaoke in a special place or using special tools, now we can do it only with the help of Android devices.

Yes, then Cari Signal can discuss a list of Android karaoke applications that can be downloaded for free.

12 Best and Free Karaoke Apps on Android Phone

Best and Free Karaoke Apps on Android Phone

Many Android applications that provide karaoke and subsequent applications can be used offline or online. If you’re craving to know, read more here!

1. StarMaker

StarMaker is one of the most popular karaoke apps on Android. More than 100 million people have already downloaded this app on their Android devices.

StarMaker offers millions of song titles that you can choose and sing along to with background music and scrolling lyrics. You are also able to edit your recordings along with a choice of sound effects and video filters, and share the results to social platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook and others.

Some of the features that this app offers apart from the ones mentioned above are that you can use Pitch correction to make you sound like a pro singer, Go Live to broadcast your singing, hold your own concert, or just enjoy something else, etc.

2. Smule

Smule is a karaoke application that is equipped with a variety of interesting features. The first is the voice enhancer feature that can trigger your voice to sound more melodious like a studio recording. Next is the duet mode feature that you can use to sing along with your friends.

The song you sing next can then be saved and can be shared via Facebook, Twitter, or Google Plus. You can even share it especially via SMS and including e-mail to your friends.

This application provides a large selection of songs from various genres such as Pop, Hip-hop, Rock, Musicals, Country, Blues, and others. All of them can be downloaded for free through the Google Play Store.

Oh yes, if you are still confused about how to use the Smule application, we have discussed the tutorial in this article. Happy singing!

3. WeSing

In addition to Smule, there are also karaoke applications that are popular today, Wesing. This is a free application which has reached more than 80 thousand downloads on PlayStore. Not much different with Smule, you are also able to do a duet together with Artists or fellow Wesing users.

Not only that, in Wesing too, users are able to edit and save karaoke results that have been done. In fact, it includes an edit feature to add interesting effects to your karaoke recordings, you know.

4. StarMaker Lite

This is the Lite or easy version of StarMaker. If your phone doesn’t support enough to fit regular StarMaker, you can try the Lite version. However, the features may not be as complete as the regular version.

So far StarMaker Lite has been downloaded tens of millions of times on the Play Store. The title of the song it offers is more than 2 million titles.

StarMaker Lite provides features in the form of audio effects, allows you to record your music videos and add cool filters, etc.

5. Online Karaoke

As the name implies, Karaoke Online actually requires users to be online while recording karaoke or doing karaoke without recording. For its own features, Karaoke Online offers features that make it easier for you to find contemporary hits and famous songs, for you to sing immediately.

In addition, “Karaoke Online includes being able to display your video while you are singing, just like you use Smule. Well, “Karaoke Online includes a feature of “cool effects” you know.”

6. Karaoke Offline Dangdut

Last but not least, for you dangdut music connoisseurs and admirers, you might be able to try out one of these Android karaoke apps. Karaoke Offline Dangdut only provides various types of dangdut songs. So, you can’t get other music genres in this app.

Not only does it provide songs with this local type of dangdut, even Karaoke Offline Dangdut provides them with an offline system. This means that every user of the Karaoke Offline Dangdut application does not have to worry about internet connection. Interesting right? Click here to get the application.

Best and Free Karaoke Apps on Android Phone

7. Karaoke – Sing Karaoke, Unlimited Songs

Karaoke – Sing Karaoke, Unlimited Songs is an application that functions as a portal for karaoke video collections on YouTube. This means that you can get thousands of the best collections of songs on YouTube. This application includes offering some sound effects to improve audio quality such as echo and reverb.

Unfortunately, this application must consistently open to the internet when used, so it is quite difficult for some people in Indonesia. But if you have a good internet connection, then this online application is worth trying.

Just like other applications, your karaoke recordings can also be shared via Facebook, Twitter, and other social media. Interested? Please download the application here.

8. SingPlay

Doing karaoke does not have to bother going to entertainment places. The reason is, by using an Android-style smartphone, you can enjoy singing like in a karaoke place, you know. How to? One way is to use the SingPlay application.

SingPlay is an Android karaoke application that is able to provide features such as karaoke. No need to bother downloading songs in particular first. SingPlay users are able to sing all the songs on the MP3 track list on their cellphone. Interested? Download the application together by clicking here.

9. Wekara

Next, there is Wekara. This karaoke application on Android includes offering complete features. You can do duets for karaoke with other Wekara users, or even duets through music videos with idols.

Wekara provides a large selection of favorite songs for you. In fact, dangdut and traditional Sundanese songs are also available. At Wekara, you can not only share your hobby of singing, but also build friendships with users of this application. Try Wekara here.

10. KaraFun

KaraFun is a karaoke app on Android offered by Recisio. This application provides more than 30,000 songs for users to sing. KaraFun users are also able to add the following songs to their favorites list so that it can be easier to find.

In KaraFun, users can sing as background vocals or lead vocals during karaoke. In addition, the tone can also be adjusted according to the singing ability of each user.

The fun thing is, the KaraFun application can be used for karaoke without an internet connection, aka offline. Try the KaraFun app now along with downloading it at this link.

11. iSing – Sing & Record Songs! (karaoke)

This karaoke application is fairly popular among Android users. iSing – Sing & Record Songs! (Karaoke) has been downloaded more than a million times. No wonder, because this application makes it easier for users to karaoke just by using a cellphone.

There are thousands of collections of songs for karaoke that come from a variety of different genres. Users can record their cover songs and upload them on the app. Uniquely, you can choose the singing mode according to your own abilities.

One of the existing singing modes is Pro Singer. This mode is specifically for those of you who are actually already proficient in singing.

What’s more, you can see song covers or karaoke videos uploaded by other users. Don’t forget to trigger new friendships with them, okay? Want to try the app?

12. Karaoke Lite: Sing & Record

This karaoke app can’t take up storage space on your phone. Even so, Karaoke Lite: Sing & Record offers quite complete features, including karaoke along with recording features.

You certainly can’t just karaoke yourself in this application. Inviting friends or family to sing along is also possible with Karaoke Lite: Sing & Record. Best of all, this application can be downloaded and used for free.”

Those are the various best Android karaoke apps that you can try right now. If you crave karaoke using a PC, please read this article.

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