10 Best Animated GIF Maker Apps on Android

GIF or graphic exchange format is a digital image format that has animation. Unlike the JPEG or PNG image formats which only serve static images, you can view moving images in GIF files like videos.

Because of its uniqueness, animated GIFs are now gaining popularity among Android smartphone users. Some upload to several social networks such as Google Plus, Twitter, Facebook and others, and some make it a Blackberry Messenger (BBM) screen image (DP).

There are many ways to do animated GIFs. The most traditional way is to use a computer editing application like Photoshop and others. While the easiest way is with a special animated gif producer application on Android.

Best Animated GIF Maker Apps on Android

Well, Kali Cari Signal will review a list of Android apps that you can use to create animated GIFs that are easy and fast. What’s this? Next is the full list.

Best Animated GIF Maker Apps on Android

*1. gif maker, gif editor*

GIF Maker, GIF Editor is one of the popular GIF apps on Play Store. With this application, you can create and edit animated GIFs according to your style, without watermarking and high quality.

This application is very easy to use, has a good and clear interface, but still provides powerful tools and rich characteristics. Dark and brilliant themes are also supported.

You can create GIFs from images, videos, cameras, screen recordings and animated GIFs. The application supports the most popular video and image formats such as PNG, JPEG, MP4, MPEG, FLV, 3GP.

*2. GIF Maker – Video A GIF, GIF Editor*

With this application you can create GIFs in a simple way. GIF Maker app: Video to GIF, GIF Editor comes with a powerful set of features, such as cropping videos to limit GIF duration and adjusting color balance for GIF images by changing contrast, sharpness, saturation, tone, tone, vibration and darkness.

Other features include adding or removing each image in a GIF image, providing more than 30 filters to create effects for GIF images and updating after each update, providing more than 20 images for images and updates, etc.

*3. picart animator*

Picart not only has the best photo editing app, because there is a “picart animator app that lets you interestingly try them out one by one.

Some of the favorite features in “picart animator are adding animations in the form of “/stickers”/or text. Not only that, even “picart animator has lots of “/marcos”/ to make the gif screen more attractive.

If you don’t match the animations available in the app, you can draw your own animation by trusting “/draw image”. Whatever the animation, immediately “/download”/Application here.

*4. Giphy*

Giphy provides a large library of free GIFs. Not only that, this app also provides tools to create your own GIFs. Plus, you can create your own shareable stickers with our custom face filters and animated text creation tools. Till now, Giphy has been downloaded more than 50 million times on Play Store.

Best Animated GIF Maker Apps on Android

*5. GIF Maker – GIF editor as studio*

GIF Maker: GIF Editor as research provides many advanced characteristics to easily GIF. You can trim video,/trim/video before making GIF, add more than 200 images to make GIF, add more than 100 funny stickers in your GIF, etc. And many more characteristics that are not mentioned here.

*6. GIF Maker, GIF Editor Pro*

As the name suggests, this is a paid GIF producer app. GIF Maker, GIF Editor Pro is very easy to use, has a beautiful and clear interface, but still provides powerful tools and rich characteristics. This app also supports dark and light issues.

You can create GIFs from images, videos, cameras, screen recordings and animated GIFs. GIF Maker, GIF Editor Pro recognizes the most popular video and image formats like PNG, JPEG, MP4, MPEG, FLV, 3GP.

*7. Video2Me*

Are GIFs on Android-based phones? Easy. Just install and download the best animated GIF maker app and you can create your GIF right away. This application not only depends on its main function as a GIF producer, but its users can use various features to edit GIFs.

You can create “/collage”/ for some of the gifs you create. In fact, you can embed various unique and interesting stickers. Of course, you can make GIFs that are more contemporary and more Instagram-worthy. Do you want to try it? Click here to download the application.

*8. Alight Motion*

Alight Motion is a video editing and animation app that you can try. This app has the ability to export MP4 videos and animated GIFs. And many more characteristics it offers.

This application is free with basic characteristics and watermarks in the videos it creates. There are several options in-app paid membership to remove watermark and access premium characteristics.

To execute optimally, the downshift application requires at least 1.5 GB of RAM. Therefore, we recommend a RAM capacity of at least 4 GB so that delays do not occur while using applications.

*9. GifMob*

GIF Mob is a GIF animation maker application that has a simple interface but still comes with all kinds of characteristics. This application you can use to easily and quickly create animated GIFs and then share them via social networks.

This Mob GIF app recognizes the creation of animations with portraits or landscape patterns. This app can also take photos immediately with the rear camera or front camera on its Android device.

*10. Gif Studio*

Next up, there is a GIF producer which is very/easy to use. Either way, you can add a watermark or add other GIF format images in your JPG images. GIF Studio is a relatively new app. However, since the app is so easy to use, it’s no surprise that GIF Studio has so many fans.

Create animated GIF images with photos available in gallery or record images directly with your smartphone space. When you’re done creating animated GIF images, share your work via WeChat, Google and Micro Blogs. Creating animated GIF images is easier with the presence of GIF Studio.

If you want to create the same animation but in the form of a stop motion, you can select several applications to do so in this article.

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