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Best App Android Night Light – What is a blue light filter? Also known as night mode, this useful feature is available on many Android smartphones. This allows you to apply filters to your screen, reduce eye strain and reduce the blue light emitted by your smartphone screen. This article will show you how you can tweak this feature, and if you can’t, we recommend the Blue Cyan Filter app.

If you want to reduce glare and blue light on your smartphone screen, yes, you want to use a blue light filter! Users face more and more eye strain due to the amount of time they spend in front of the screen. This is not surprising given our modern way of life (TVs, computers, smartphones, tablets, etc.).

Best App Android Night Light

Eye protection mode, as Huawei calls it, is an effective way to reduce the negative effects of blue light on sleep because it interferes with the production of melatonin, an important sleep hormone. Fortunately, there are ways to reduce your exposure to blue light through your smartphone’s privacy settings or the Blue Light Filter app.

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Realizing the importance of this mod, Google decided to incorporate it starting with the Android Oreo version. Finally, Android 12 also has a night mode feature. You can enable this night mode if your phone has the latest firmware.

Night light on Pixel 5. Also configurable in color settings. / ©

Other manufacturers don’t expect their next Android update to include a night mode or blue light filter on some phones. This is the case for Honor, Huawei, Asus, OnePlus, Samsung… Usually you have to go to settings (and show normally) or set a shortcut.

Most of these night modes are programmable with automatic settings designed to normally activate at sunset and switch to “normal” brightness at sunrise, but can be customized to your liking.

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I checked the current phone settings and it doesn’t seem to have a night mode. Don’t worry, there are currently several apps available on Google Play that can achieve the same result.

One of the most popular right now is the Bluelight Filter. It offers the same features found on Android, with more options like filter color selection from seven colors, home screen shortcuts, notification widgets, activation timers and more.

If you read a lot on your smartphone or tablet, it is intuitive to use the dedicated e-reader app. Not only do these apps provide a number of convenience features, but many also incorporate a blue light filter to reduce eye strain during late night reading.

One of our favorite e-book apps, Ai+, has a built-in blue light filter. Google Play Books also comes in the form of its own night light setup.

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Are you using a light filter on your smartphone? Does it help reduce eye strain? Let us know in the comments below.

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Also, ID4me is not owned by a company. It is an open standard maintained by non-profit organizations. Anyone who wants to participate can participate. This gives users the freedom to choose from a variety of ID4me providers and can change providers at any time. In this day and age, almost everyone uses computers and smartphones to do business. However, it is not widely known that digital devices emit blue light. Blue light can damage your retina and disrupt your sleep cycle.

The Blue Light Filter app helps regulate your sleep cycle by promoting healthy melatonin production and reducing eye strain from prolonged screen use. In this article, we’ve compiled a list of the best blue light filter apps you can download for your Android device today.

The app not only allows people to choose from a variety of colors to complement the display, but also allows for comfortable reading at night unlike other apps with standard filters. This app reduces glare by reducing the screen brightness to a low level.

Dimly helps users reduce blue light exposure by adjusting screen brightness, and can also be used as a tool to help users fall asleep on time. It’s also a lightweight app, so if you’re worried about running out of storage space with large apps, it’s worth a try. The user interface is simple with all the controls you need to use it.

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This blue light reduction app puts your screen into night mode to make your eyes comfortable. In addition to the basic functions, you can customize your filters, check them whenever you want and turn them on by clicking on the widget. If adjusting your own filters is difficult, there are 3 preset profiles you can choose from to protect your eyes.

This blue light reduction app has an easy-to-use screen filter slider that lets you customize the screen to your liking. It’s also a power-saving app, so you can read or watch it every few hours without draining your phone. Another feature worth noting is an easy button that allows users to turn the app on and off in seconds.

With millions of users, Twilight has established itself as a reliable blue light filter for Android. The app promotes it as the best way for children and people who have trouble falling asleep at night to restore normal sleep patterns. It actually has the same features as other blue light filtering apps, but the filter colors and scheduling system are unique.

Night Owl is another app you can download to reduce eye strain while working or playing games on your device. This app allows you to lower the screen brightness below normal level. There are also advanced color filters and beautiful, rich widgets that you want to display on your phone.

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EasyEyes is a simple blue light filter app with some interesting features. The lights on this unit have standard temperature and brightness functions for adjustment, and you can check the day/night filters. The notification toolbar also makes it easy to change settings along with widgets for easy access to apps. It’s easy to use the app’s scheduling feature to avoid dark screens during the day.

Unlike other blue light filter apps, HALO has its own unique features that users love. When it detects that a user is asleep, it turns on a scheduled filter to save time instead of manually adjusting settings while sleeping. It effectively blocks blue light from the device to protect your eyes and help you sleep better.

Download this app and choose your own filter type with key features like auto screen dimmer and color adjuster. It also has a dark mode that reduces eye strain from staring at the screen for extended periods of time. Dark mode allows you to comfortably use your device without worrying about being noticed.

This app protects your eyes by increasing contrast levels, desaturating and blocking blue light from your smartphone display. It reduces eye strain when using a smartphone by adjusting the screen brightness and color temperature. If you’re looking for a new app with few users yet, but need a blue light filter app that gets the job done and is easy to use, give it a try.

How To Stop Blue Light From Disturbing Your Sleep

If your eyes hurt and you can’t sleep well, you must download a blue light filter or night filter app. Blue light can be good for human health, but steps must be taken to prevent deterioration if it disrupts the sleep cycle and damages the eyes from prolonged exposure.

All of the apps mentioned above are free, but you can choose a paid version to unlock special features.

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