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Best App Development In Egypt – Considering the importance of mpany with an effective digital transformation, the first phase of the Egyptian-interactive Fatwa House system with users and the first phase of the system for Android and iPhone users through integration with the internal Fatwa system have been launched. Response and review of Fatwas by the Fatwa Organization.

The system contains all fatwas in their various classifications, it also supports Arabic, English and French to serve Muslims all over the world.

Best App Development In Egypt

Based on the Kingdom’s 2030 vision for the digital transformation of government agencies and institutions in Saudi Arabia.

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With an integrated national perspective to serve the community and citizens, the Secretariat has been involved in the development of the Northern Frontier region and achieving sustainable development of the region.

Home appliance manufacturer Electrolux International is relying on the software team to develop its exclusive application for technicians and managers in line with the company’s digital transformation plan to improve the quality of technical support services, improve performance and increase return on investment (ROI). and increase the productivity of technicians, managers and supervisors. The application is developed with the best programming languages ​​to provide the best experience for all types of users with the ability to use all tools even without an internet connection.

According to the guidelines of the Minister of Justice, advisor to His Excellency Omar Marwan, based on the vision of His Excellency the President on the need to advance with the latest digital technologies for the digital transformation of the Ministry, the application of the electronic legal encyclopedia is being prepared by the Vice President of the Court of Cassation, Advisor Wajdi Fayez Ajban, in collaboration with mpany for the Ministry of Justice Software, which was launched on the mobile phone market and became a legal reference for all members of judicial bodies and institutions. Facilitating access to the right legal information for them in their work in the simplest, easiest and fastest way.

Magrabi Optical is considered one of the largest optical companies in the Middle East and has several branches in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, Kuwait and other countries, so it welcomes its new customer (Magrabi Optical).

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Mpany’s plan to help companies and governments in the digital transformation process that leads to increased profits, reduced costs, better resource management and fewer human errors.

The Doctor EG mobile application for doctor appointment booking has been launched as it provides more medical services to the citizens of Egypt by providing a database with a large number of trained doctors with the highest academic degrees along with booking fees and available doctor appointments.

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Mobile application development is the most widespread trend in this field. Therefore, in this article we will show these trends in 2022.

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The first multi-phase medical chatbot in the Arab world. Dar Al Fouad Hospital | Egypt | Medicine and Healthcare In emerging markets such as Egypt, medical consultations are in high demand due to the low supply of doctors. As of 2018, the ratio of doctors to citizens of Egypt was 1:2,000; When you walk into any government hospital, you can imagine long queues.

These issues and practices changing in the pandemic have led to booking and consultation applications for doctors throughout Egypt and the wider MENA region.

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One such platform, Esaal, which has seen incredible growth over the past two years, announces a seed investment of $1.7 million from A15; This brings its total VC funding to $3 million since its launch in 2018.

Asal is not only in the field of physical health consulting. It also deals with issues in other areas such as mental health and nutrition.

According to reports, there is a growing mental health crisis among the MENA population, with 35% experiencing chronic stress, 29% suffering from depression and reports of obesity reaching new heights among adults. For many people, these illnesses exist because of the stigma associated with seeing therapy or talking about issues that affect their mental state.

“There’s a lot of demand when they want to talk to a mental health specialist. But a lot of people are afraid to physically go to a center to see a therapist or a psychiatrist. It’s still not common, people like to do it,” said Fadi. , founder and CEO of Esaal, Doss said.

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While Doss describes how she scours social media platforms and gets feedback from other users who aren’t experts on the subject, people sometimes feel comfortable sharing their personal concerns behind pseudonyms. This trend forced him to develop a platform that captures this virtual opportunity, but with therapists on the other side.

“We decided to create a platform that connects the user with a specialist, where they can get a personal and real healthcare answer directly and seamlessly,” he said. “When we talk about nutrition, it’s becoming quite a trend in the region because obesity is rising quite a bit among the elderly. We’re seeing people pay more attention to their nutrition and well-being.”

Esaal has recruited more than 350 consultants to its platform. They provide advice on a wide range of issues including anxiety, physiotherapy, paediatrics and nutrition. Users access these services through the app (text, video/voice calls and face-to-face visits) and pay with cash, credit cards, Vodafone and Fawry.

The Egyptian health technology company also uses a B2B2C model and works with more than 10 medium and large companies to provide these services to its more than 5,000 employees. Esaal currently charges subscription fees and on-demand consultation fees with plans to monetize face-to-face visits in later updates.

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Like many health-tech platforms, Esaal has been one of the beneficiaries of the pandemic-induced lockdown that has opened up opportunities in the health-tech space. Between 2020 and 2021, its user base grew by 55% and now stands at over 1 million. The company’s revenue and ARPU are also up 250% to $4.4 million in 2021 and 130% between 2020 and 2021.

Doss said Esaal services are available in seven other countries within MENA and the GCC: Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, Palestine and Iraq.

The company’s earnings show it is a capital-efficient business with only $3 million, an investment that comes in part from its sole investor, A15, as of 2019.

“So far, they have been prudent in deploying capital and have demonstrated exceptional efficiency in unit economics, enabling their expansion ambitions,” Karim Beshara, the firm’s managing partner, said of the investment. “We are proud to have seen their growth over the last four years and to have built a company with them. Acell and this division will bring much more to us.”

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One way Esaal differs from its competition is its capital efficiency, Doss said. He also highlighted another subtle difference: while other platforms focus on medical consultation, mental health or nutrition like Vezeeta, Meddy and Shezlong, Esaal combines these three verticals into one.

The online health and wellness consulting platform plans to expand this investment in the MENA region, investing in product and brand development and hiring more talent. Esaal expects revenue CAGR of 50% to 60% between 2021 and 2025.

“In every country we are currently in, there is huge potential to go deeper and penetrate more countries in the region. Yes, we have started in eight countries, but I believe the potential is still huge and in the next four or five years we will have the best technology.And we tend to create mobile apps with current style.Arotech follows the rules of the platforms, create pleasant user experience and responsive mobile apps.

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