Best App For Drawing Webtoons

Best App For Drawing Webtoons – Before using Clip Studio Paint (CSP), I was faced with creating webtoons because I had to use more than one program to finish them. It helps me a lot now after 2 years of using CSP.

Hello, I’m Andy. This is my first tutorial on creating a webtoon that I use for myself.

Best App For Drawing Webtoons

The first thing you need to prepare is the history of your webtoon. If you are not going to write the whole story, you should at least outline your story and then create character sheets for your main characters, this will help you a lot so that you don’t write over and over again.

Line Webtoon: How To Publish Your Own Comic Online Easily

Before you start creating your webtoon, you need to know the rules of the scale by which you will publish your webtoons. Keep it simple, Saiyo Comics measures 700 x 1,000 pixels per page, while the WebToon line measures 800 x 1,280 pixels per page.

I’ll take the Line webtoon here as an example (due to my latest comic, Pitch – Requiem for a Future, published on this forum).

This is great if you want to make your webtoon page look page by page, but sometimes the panels are hard to organize. I recommend doubling the size 10 times (800 x 12,800 pixels) so that in this case you get 10 pages at a time.

FYI, our beautiful CSP doesn’t have any tools to cut or split pages. But don’t worry, the third app lets you cut 10 pages. Let’s hope CSP adds it one day.

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The page is ready. It’s time to name or call it Storyboard (STB) or Sketchbook. To set up your layer, add the file and rename it to [name] . Then create a new layer in the [Name] folder and rename it to [Sketch].

I use [ろGペン] for naming. I love the formula, it really helps to set the mood. I use red (sometimes blue or both) to help distinguish between name and linear.

Use the [Rectangle] tool to draw a table. I usually write the table to a separate table so that it doesn’t disappear when I delete the name.

The story will help you in this step, write. Add a new file and rename it to [character]. Check [name].

What Software Do Webtoon Artists Use?

I use [VTC Letterer Pro] 8pt for normal dialogue, [Comics Axis] 8pt for scream or stress in speech, and [Smart Kid] 6pt for sentences outside the speech bubble. (You can download all these fonts from You can of course use other types of ink as long as it is legible and not too small or too large.

After you’ve drawn the text, select the [Rounded Speech Bubble] tool and place it over the text. You can follow my setup (see picture) or create your own setup. When you’ve created all the text bubbles, drag them all to the [Show] box and hide them when you start aligning.

As you know, Webtoon is a scroll down comic with reading sequence. Therefore, it is not possible to use all the methods in the normal webtoon format comics.

The distance between the planets depends on the speed of your webtoon. A table that is too close will hear the story out quickly but is good for serious scenes like fights or other action scenes. The table is too wide, not good for fighting, it feels slow and boring at times. It is well suited for scenes that use emotion, e.g. A scene where the character is thinking about something or is changing the setting of time from setting to past tense or vice versa.

Anime Style Skin Coloring Tutorial

The same goes for speech bubbles. As webtoons scroll down the layout, make the text bubble not parallel to the page, but down. Help the reader read your webtoon by positioning the text bubble and not obstructing it.

Before you start setting names, reduce the ambiguity of the [name] file, add the file between the [name] and [character] files, then rename it to [panel].

I recommend you use the [Frame Border] instead of the [Rectangle] tool so that you can work from table to table without the risk of accidentally deleting other tables. Set the brush to 4 or 5 and create a layer. Rename [Frame 1] to [Panel 1] and drag it to the [Panel] folder, now you can start the naming line.

Remove [Layer1] and add a new vector layer to [Panel1], renaming it [LineArt]. The reason why I use vector layer instead of normal layer is because it helps to increase the speed of creating webtoon by simply erasing lines. You can select a group without deleting any other group.

Webtoon Thread (comic/story App)

I use [ふさペン] for line type and size 18 pt because I prefer thicker lines than thin lines. You can use a different pen or brush depending on the style.

The separation between characters, background (BG) and foreground (FG) helps you choose what you like in the panel. Because sometimes we need to blur the BG and FG for readers to focus on the characters, but don’t worry, there is only one option, you can do BG and FG with a selection tool like Auto Select or Lasso Tool. Can blur.

Now that you’ve drawn the outline, it’s time to paint. Hide the [name] file and then add a new layer below the [LineArt] layer, renaming it to [Base Color].

Click the [Linear] layer and then choose Auto Selection (keyboard shortcut: W). Select the layer outside the grid, rotate it, click Menu [Select] > [Show selected area] (keyboard shortcut: Ctrl+Shift+i), choose a color for [Base color], then [Fill] Select (abbreviation: G) ) Fill the selected area by clicking the [Fill] icon.

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Add a new layer and place it on the [Base Color] layer, rename it to [Color] and then [Clip to Layer Down]. I usually use one layer for all the colors for the purpose of leaving out the details, but if you want to isolate all the color parts you must be prepared to spend a lot of time creating your webtoons.

I use a marker pen to fill in the color, but sometimes I use the [Fill] > [Show on other layer] tool. To use it, enable [Set as Context Layer] on the [LineArt] layer and then set the [Fill] tool as shown below.

Now we are done with the color of our shading. Add a new layer above the [Color] layer and rename it to [Shading]. set [mix mode] to [multiple]

I use 2 shades for the shadow, one for the skin and another for the complexion. For skin I use darker than skin tone, but for other complexions I use warm grays.

How To Turn 3d Materials Into Pretty Webtoon Backgrounds “webtoon 101 #1” By Sooms

I like to apply the emotion with the [Gradient] tool, so I add another layer on top of the [Shading] layer and set [Blending Mode] to [Soft Light]. Due to the nature of my webtoons I tend to opt for darker colors, sometimes yellow for mood.

Now open the [letter] file. You can play sound (SFX) if you don’t want to write. Simply choose the font that suits your webtoon, place it on the platform and drag it to the [Letters] folder and you’re done.

But I want to draw SFX instead of layering, so I add a new layer on top of all text bubbles and rename it to [SFX]. I use [ろGペン] to draw the SFX instead of using [Auto Action] to draw the outline.

Repeat the steps for the next level until all the panels in the first half of the page are done. Remember that doubling the recipe 10 times equals 10 pages. I have 4-5 episodes and 40-45 panels in one episode of webtoon. The result will be different, so don’t use me as your example.

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This is how I create my webtoons. Maybe other webtoon artists use easier or simpler methods than me, or you can add/remove some of my steps, it’s up to you. But deep down I hope it can help you and your webtoon.

Well you can find me on Twitter or Instagram @Endy_UKilled or read my webtoons at (Bahasa Indonesia). When creating a webtoon, it takes a lot of time to portray complex stories from different angles and perspectives. So many creative people choose to use 3D objects for their backgrounds.

But anyone new to using 3D objects might try using one and think, wow…why do these things look ugly? It looks very three dimensional and doesn’t match my drawing 🙁

So here’s a tutorial on how to use and render CSP 3D assets to create beautiful webtoon animations!

Differences Between The

In this tutorial, I will be using the Shop Store CSP asset. Select the frame in your character, then drag your asset to the selection.

Move the 3D asset to match your character’s view and repeat the process for the other planets in the same location.

Now you have some plain backgrounds, but if you don’t like the look, they don’t look good with photo styles and they look ugly.

You will then get a new file from LT Conversion. Select your frame again and erase everything in the lines and tones placed outside the selection.

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And wow, if I did a black and white manga I could call that good. But no, we’re making a webtoon and it’s usually in color. So we still have a little work to do.

Obviously you can

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