Best App For Notes And Reminders Iphone

Best App For Notes And Reminders Iphone – Apple’s Notes and Reminders are two of my most used apps, and each received significant updates in iOS and iPadOS 14. While none of the app’s improvements will be positioned as the driving force in the fall releases, Apple has still put a lot of effort into improving the user experience. Each app is better in different key ways. You won’t find fundamental developments in the way any app works, but these updates prove the power of iteration. From visual tweaks that make everything look more modern, to quality of life improvements and several significant new features, the overall list of changes is surprisingly rich.

No more textures. Finally, the background of the note texture is disabled. The new flat background looks great in bright mode and even better in dark mode, where OLED iPhones display true blacks.

Best App For Notes And Reminders Iphone

Redesigned sidebar. Notes uses rounded corners in its redesigned list views, now has a prominent visual distinction between pinned and unpinned notes in a given folder, and a pinned section can be collapsed and expanded.

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Top hits for search. I have a large database of over 1,500 notes, so search has historically worked well for me, but I’m glad it’s improved thanks to the Top Hits section it created in my few days of beta use. Good job finding the note I was looking for.

The action menu has been redesigned. When viewing your list of notes and editing a note, the Actions menu (which has a three-dot icon) has been redesigned.

Send a copy of the action. In the redesigned action menu you will find a new option: Send a copy. This will open a standard share sheet so you can easily send your note to another app. For example, if you save in the Files app, your note will become a .txt document.

Long press Aa to quickly change styles. On an iPad with an attached keyboard, it has long been possible to keep an Aa-style menu on the screen while typing, allowing you to easily switch between styles that don’t provide keyboard shortcuts (ie bullet-like list options and numbered lists). However, on the iPhone I’ve always had a hard time opening the Aa menu to change the style, then removing it, then reopening it and removing it again to change it back. This problem has been fixed in iOS and iPadOS 14 because you can now long press the Aa button to open the menu, making this process faster than before. While holding your finger down, you can move to the style you want to use and then release, and not only will the style change, but the menu will automatically be removed. The whole process feels more fluid than before.

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Swipe between panels using the trackpad. With the previous three-column design of Notes, you couldn’t scroll between each panel using a two-finger iPad trackpad gesture, instead of manually pressing the ‘Panel button’ in the top left corner. Now this has changed in iPadOS, making it easier to switch back and forth between your folder list, note list and note editing mode.

Apple Pencil updates for handwriting and shape recognition. As I shared in detail in my iPadOS 14 overview and in the last episode of Adapt, handwriting in Notes can now be selected so you can copy or duplicate it, copy it as text, or change its color. And when you’re drawing shapes, if you hold your pencil on the screen for an extra second after you’re done drawing, you’ll see iPadOS transform your imperfect doodle into a perfect shape.

Better scanning. The system’s document scanner, which is also used by Notes but also Files and certain third-party apps, has been updated to capture better scans with more precise cropping than before.

Custom styles. The bullets are now bigger than before, the header text has been changed in the same way and everything looks great.

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Assigning reminders in shared lists. Shared lists may be great for shopping, but when it comes to productivity, they’ve lacked reminders—until now. In iOS and iPadOS 14, you can assign individual reminders to everyone you’ve shared the list with, making it clear who’s responsible for each task. These reminders are added to the new Assigned with My Smart list, but you can optionally dismiss them if you prefer.

Hides and selects smart lists. Speaking of smart lists, you can now choose to hide or show one of the five available options: Today, Scheduled, Everyone, Flagged, and Assigned to Me. They can also be rearranged to appear in your preferred layout.

Assigned task lists are displayed. When viewing Today and Scheduled Smart Lists, Reminders previously did not show you which list each task was assigned to. It has now been changed so that each task shows its list in gray under the task title.

Create tasks from the list view. Another change is that you no longer need to open a list to create a new task – the new reminder button is now also available from the main list view.

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Mass editing tasks. When you select multiple tasks, you now have more options for what you can do with them. You can assign them bulk data or move them all to a single list, mark them, mark them as done or delete them.

Choose a new date. System-wide in various apps, the default scrolling date picker has been replaced with a more efficient calendar view, so you can quickly tap or click the date you want to assign a task to in Reminders.

New emoji and icons for lists. While Apple is still barely scratching the surface of its number of SF icons that can be assigned to a list icon, some new options have been added this year, and now you can use any emoji instead of a limited set of icons. . , which offers thousands more options to customize each listing.

Creating reminders from mail. If you receive an email containing information that the system identifies as potential reminder material, you will be prompted to convert this text into a new reminder.

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Better search. Now you can find your reminders more easily thanks to the search function’s ability to locate notes, people and places assigned to tasks.

Notes and Reminders are prime examples of Apple’s ability to deliver constant iteration on already very mature apps. Notes has been receiving annual upgrades for years now and has become one of the best apps on Apple platforms. Reminders only started getting new attention last year, but I’m encouraged by the number of valuable improvements in recent versions of the operating system. I use both apps several times a day, so every little change matters.

If apps haven’t worked for you before, that may not change this year, but if you already use reminders or take notes a lot, here are some improvements that are sure to improve your life.

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The Reminders app has seen significant improvements with iOS 13 and later versions. Before, it was a simple application with basic functionalities. But now it has powerful features that allow you to add subtasks, images and more! Additionally, you can print reminders and organize them accordingly.

Let us know and show you how to use the Reminders app on your iPhone or iPad.

Note: If you didn’t add details to a reminder when you created it, you can do so later. Go to the Reminders app home screen → tap All → select a reminder and tap the icon(s) to add details like date, time, notes, location, and more.

Activate Siriby by long-pressing the right button on an iPhone with Face ID. On models with a home button, press and hold it. You can also use “Hey Siri” if you’ve already set it up.

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When Siri comes up, you can say, “Remind me to pick up

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