15 Best Business Apps on Android Smartphones

The business world requires you to move fast. You also have to rely on various modern digital technologies to be able to run your business properly.

As an entrepreneur, did you know that you are some of the must-have apps for Android that business people must have? Later this application will really help you in doing various jobs.

Want to know some of the best apps for entrepreneurs that can be installed on Android devices? Carisignal has rounded up some of the best business applications for you.

15 Best Business Apps on Android Smartphones

Just take a look at the full list below.

Best Business Apps on Android Smartphones

*1.” Business Apps SHAREit*

For business people, exchanging documents is commonplace. Now, so that the process of sending and receiving documents is 200 times faster than /Bluetooth “/which is only 20m/sec, then you can take advantage of” Shareit application. With this app, you can send various types of documents, from photos, videos, to “/office.” The question format is very complete, so you can comfortably send videos and photos in any format. Very complete, “/true/?

*2. Business Apps Whatsapp Business*

You must be familiar with the WhatsApp name, right? Well, the usual WhatsApp application that everyone uses is a regular chat application. However, if you have an online store or company, you should use WhatsApp business which contains a myriad of special features to advance your business.

In the WhatsApp business application, you can create a business profile so that you can have smooth communication with consumers. Anyone who is used to using regular WhatsApp will find it easy to operate this application, as both still have a similar user interface.

In addition, you can also have separate business and personal accounts on the same phone, as long as the registered phone numbers are different. All types of phones can use this application, but if you want to have two accounts on one phone you must use a type of phone that already supports dual sim.

Another feature that is also presented is WhatsApp Web, you can communicate with customers using a browser on a PC without having to install any applications.

*3. Business Apps Google Meet*

If you are a business actor with multiple employees, of course you need a video meeting app so that productivity continues even if you are limited by distance. Well, this is the convenience offered by Google Meet “A video calling application created by Google which is easy for anyone to operate.

You just need to have a Google account and the Google Meet app is ready to go. Inviting multiple people is also as easy as sharing a link, and anyone who clicks on the link can go straight/join/ as long as they are connected to a Google or Gmail account.

Compared to a number of other video calling apps, Google Meet is one of the most secure thanks to connection encryption. For PC users who don’t have the app installed, they can also/or participate in video meetings as Google Meet also supports browser access. Interested?

*4. Business Apps Zoom*

Zoom is also one of the applications that can be useful for business actors. As a free application that supports video calling meetings, Zoom is quite popular thanks to its stable connection speed and can accommodate many participants at one time.

The Zoom app also allows you to do “/screen sharing/ on mobile apps and various files stored on the web or Google Drive.

For those of you who want to play back video call sessions, Zoom also has a recording feature so you can save conversation sessions using MP4 format in video form or M4A only in audio form.

*5. Business Apps LinkedIn*

The name of an entrepreneur definitely requires a connection. Well, if you need a new connection, then you have to download and use the “LinkedIn” app. Because, with the “LinkedIn” app, you can connect with all your “/clients”/.

Not only providing connections, on “LinkedIn, you can also see the development of your existing connections on” LinkedIn, right?

*6. Business Apps Google my business*

Want your business or business to be visible on Google or Google Maps search results? Manage information about your business on Google my business. This application will help you display information about the business you manage so that it can be seen by many people. In this application, you can update information about your business, starting from hours of operation, name, address, and business category.

Not only that, Google my business can also manage and respond to customer reviews. So, interested in expanding your business with my Google Business? Install and use this application for free.

*7. Business Apps Asana*

Above there is an application for business people that can perform tasks like a manager, namely Asana. This app allows you to assign tasks or jobs to all / staff / who are in your shade.

Through Asana, you can create assignments, send assignments directly to all /staff/, and add comments and attachments. You can register 15 people/staff/free in asana or pay $8.33 per month for per person to be able to enjoy full features in this app. In fact, you can communicate with registered / staff / you through Asana.

*8. Business Apps Camscanner*

Do you believe that the Android smartphone or tablet you are using can turn into a scanner? Yes, it’s not impossible if you install your camscanner/handset/android. With this app, you can scan your invoices, business cards, documents and certificates using your smartphone.

Camscanner will optimize the quality of the scan by rendering text and graphics clear and sharp. Not quite there, Camscanner can let you print documents from printers nearby. This application is very useful for business people.

Best Business Apps on Android Smartphones

*9. Business Apps Evernote*

If you think that Evernote is an app that only helps you record, then you need to prove the greatness of this app. This app for entrepreneurs allows you to add images, videos, audio and lists to notes.

All the notes you make in this application will be neatly organized so that they are easier to find. Plus, you can discuss work directly with others through Evernote. “Evernote is your very smart personal assistant. No internet connection required, this app can be accessed offline.

*10. Business Apps Google Drive*

This one app should be available when you buy a new Android phone. Yes, Google Drive is indeed one of the default applications on Android devices. It is an application to share documents, /spreadsheets/, presentations, pdfs, images, videos and various files easily, securely and quickly. All files stored or shared on Google Drive can be accessed via a smartphone or PC. Also, you can search for files by typing the file name.

If you share a document with another person via Google Drive, you can also view details of that person’s activities and changes. Google Drive provides up to 15GB of capacity for storing files, you can pay an additional fee to get more capacity.

*11. Business Apps Microsoft OneDrive*

Do many things to support your business activities by relying on Microsoft OneDrive. You can access and share documents, photos and files from smartphones, tablets and PCs. The Microsoft OneDrive app was created to make it easy for you to open files stored on your PC wherever you are via your smartphone or tablet.

Open and save OneDrive files in applications like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote. To support your business activities, you can tap into OneDrive for business with a subscription to SharePoint Online or Office 365.

*12. Business Apps Paypal*

In this digital era there are so many applications /mobile / /internet banking /available on your smartphone or tablet. However, to make it easier for you to send and receive money from around the world, you must have a PayPal account.

Well, PayPal presents an application that makes it easy for you to access your PayPal account from a smartphone. You can make payments or receive payments through the PayPal app for Android. Is this app for entrepreneurs safe? Of course it is safe because this application has been supported by features / fingerprint / and instant notifications for transactions in and out of your PayPal account.

Not only the 10 applications above can support your business for you “/business.” There are also some other recommended apps you should have for business people. Wre they? Read in full below.

*13. Business Apps Slack*

Slack is a business-oriented chat app. What makes this app more special than other chat apps is its impressive modularity. You can create chats with unlimited members and separate each member in different divisions.

Slack also provides service plugin support for Asana, Giphy, and more. You will also receive notification configuration via PC, smartphone, as well as email connected to Slack.

*14. Business Apps Trello*

Well, if “This Trello App can manage it also monitors all the correctness you do every day. So you just need to set “/TO-DO-LIST “/then specify”/Deadline/your work. If you have multiple “/partners”/ in the same job as you, then you can create groups and /manage “/each job.” /Simple, right?/

*15. Business Apps Opera News*

Business people should not miss the slightest news. Usually, business people are always” /update” /about economic development. In the past, business people always read newspapers, but now the newspapers are digital. So, you don’t need to carry newspapers everywhere, just” /download” /Opera News.

The application is ready to provide the latest “/update” / about the economy, sports, to the business world. You can also set the news that you will read. And, you can also easily search for the news you need. Regarding the source and accuracy of the news, you don’t have to worry, because “Opera News guarantees that the news published is accurate and not a hoax. Interested? You can directly download” /here.

Come on, grow your business with some of the applications for business people above. Are you a businessman who is used to using certain applications on smartphones? /Share/ your experience in using certain applications for business in the comments column, yes!

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