Best Camera App For Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 Pro

Best Camera App For Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 Pro – Like most phones these days, the Redmi Note 10 has four cameras, but as you might have guessed from the previous release, the cameras aren’t all useful. We have a 2MP depth sensor and a 2MP macro camera that few people probably use.

Main and ultra-wide are pretty standard – 48MP main unit with f/1.8 aperture. The sensor itself is 1/2.0″ large and offers 0.8μm pixels and of course four adjacent pixels combined to form a 12MP image. The Quantum UltraVid is a popular 8MP, 1/2.0″, 1.12μm pixel sensor designed for everyone. Aperture f/2.2 with- par use. With this particular implementation it promises a 118-degree field of view.

Best Camera App For Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 Pro

Now for the Redmi Note 9, this is a slight step back. The macro camera loses the AF function, which is vital to successful success, and the automatic camera has a smaller aperture, thus allowing less light to enter the sensor. In the end these two mistakes do not matter, but at least the same system will be maintained.

Apps] [no Root] Miui Camera (manual Controls, 4k Recoding) Dan One Plus Camera (modded Watermark)

The camera app is as business as ever, no major changes in the latest generation of MIUI. The various camera modes are arranged in a distinctive carousel above the button cluster, and additional settings for each camera mode can be found at the top of the viewer. Interestingly, macro mode isn’t a feature on the carousel, so you’ll have to open the baking menu first and then click on Macro.

Image and video resolution, shutter speed, file type, camera reset mode, and more. Additional settings such as general settings can be found in the roast menu rather than the roast menu. Oh, and we noticed that the camera app starts very slowly, be careful.

For the first time, we’ve seen 12MP light samples from the main camera, which is sharper and more detailed than usual for a phone at this price. The camera system can analyze fine details in buildings, foliage and even shadows. The only downside is that, like the sky, it is unevenly opaque. Visible sound with close shots where there is still enough light. Interior images are noticeably smaller, as expected.

The dynamic range is impressive. We never saw cut scenes when the details weren’t in the dark. Note the last picture in which the conditions are harsh. But we found that a good portion of the images we took were on the soft side or out of focus. That’s why we recommend a few pictures of the said scene to make sure the phone is perfect.

Download Google Camera Apk For All Xiaomi And Redmi Devices (gcam)

When it comes to reproducing colors, the phone does well, so if you want vibrant colors, we recommend trying the AI, which is usually turned off by default. The AI ​​recognizes certain objects in the landscape, populates the colors, sharpens something, which produces more sound. Extra sharpening didn’t seem necessary as it was produced and the original images were sharp enough to begin with. When the AI ​​struggles to recognize a certain scene, it doesn’t always come up.

Generally, the 48MP mode is not recommended as it is soft, noisy and HDR is disabled. Normal blurring on all 48MP samples, so it’s best to stick to 12MP mode.

Although the phone does not have a dedicated camera zoom, the software offers a fast 2x zoom over the standard 1x. It has to be said that the results are not very good, as the images are soft, sometimes superfluous, and generally quite noisy. Perhaps, in some cases, images may be sufficient for posting on social media.

We didn’t expect the ultrasound camera to be anywhere near the quality of the main camera. The 8MP resolution mode is one of the deciding factors, so you’ll have smooth images. Ultraviolet shots should also have a narrow dynamic range. But as you get closer to the point, everything begins to become clear.

Two Weeks With The Xiaomi Mi Note 10, And Camera Test Problems

Close-up we will see the most active models. We have seen how good the lens correction algorithm is. The extreme field of view is also unusual, so we can say for sure that the UV camera can take good pictures outdoors under the right conditions. Compared to the competition, these models are really good. The color reproduction seems to be similar to the main camera.

A second camera is available for indoor shots. The lack of strong ambient light makes the sound quite soft and sonorous.

When shooting night shots with Standard Photo mode, the HDR icon was almost always active. Of course some HDRs work well to bring out details from the shadows. When HDR is not working, you can clearly see moments and “burnt” light sources. You can switch to HDR at any time just for night shots. The contrast and colors are very useful, and the white point seems to be balanced.

Some also have a sharper appearance in certain areas of the building, which makes for clearer images. Unfortunately, the noise reduction algorithm works overtime, washing out some of the details, which works great for the night sky, not so much for things in the shadows. We have tagged some photos, so we recommend that you only take one photo for best results.

Review Kelebihan Dan Kekurangan Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 Pro

The difference between night mode and standard photo mode is night and day (does not include focus). Night mode adds more detail to the scene, lightens shadows and makes scenes look bigger. The noise suppression algorithm restores the smallest details that are usually washed out and makes the images look sharper. Look carefully at the ladder in the first picture and the bricks in the third picture.

But we can escape the idea of ​​a slightly over-processed image with a dedicated Night Mode. The bricks and ornaments on the buildings appear as a digital image. The good news is that Night Mode doesn’t take much time to fill out and collect all the necessary documents. In fact, the pursuit of hydrogen is like ultricies. Having said that, we recommend changing the mode to Night under low light conditions, if you don’t mind the process sometimes looking too much. Oh, and a warm white temper.

It is difficult to find a good ultrasound camera after dark. In some cases, if there is enough light in the landscape and you shoot close enough to the subject (take the last two photos as an example), you can achieve semi-transparent results. However, the patterns seem soft and resonant.

After you’ve seen the elements, prepare a few more in the photo comparison tool. It helps to see how the Redmi Note 10 stacks up against the competition.

Review Redmi Note 9 Pro Yang Harus Kamu Ketahui

Moto G 5G in a device comparison photo X vs Xiaomi Poco X3 NFC and Motorola Moto G 5G

We miss the autofocus feature of the previous generation that offers more stability, especially when shooting moving subjects. It is also not difficult to estimate the exact distance. For now, we’re stuck with a 2MP camera with prime focus, and you need to take many shots at different intervals to get a clear image. As far as performance is concerned, the close-ups look good in better conditions, but the 2MP resolution is a limiting factor in paying attention to details. The colors look attractive.

The Redmi Note 10 Pro looks surprisingly good when it comes to photography. Field detection is really good and we were impressed with the bokeh effects. It tends to separate the subject’s hair especially against complex areas, but isn’t the phone? Each step is excellent in all examples in a variety of lighting conditions, skin tones look natural and colors pop.

Selfies also look good, given the circumstances, the subject’s face is always well exposed and details are preserved. Although the skin is on point, it can sometimes appear pale. The portrait mode isn’t as convincing as the main rear camera, but it gets the job done. There is not much difference between standard and portrait selfies – the display is very similar.

Download The Best Gcam For Redmi Note 9t With The Best Config!

Selfie: Normal • Portrait • Normal • Portrait • Normal • Portrait • Normal • Portrait • Normal • Portrait

The phone can record 4K video at 30 frames per second, but only for EIS

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