Best Camera App Poco X3

Best Camera App Poco X3 – The new Poco X3 NFC is a great budget device that punches above its weight with great performance and an incredible 120Hz display for €200. As we have seen in previous Poco X3 NFC camera comparison tests, the phone’s quad camera capable of producing decent images, but we thought it would be interesting to see what the phone’s GCam image sensors can really do. request For those unfamiliar with GCam, it is an AI-powered camera app created by Google for Pixel smartphones. Instead of shooting a single frame or creating multi-frame HDR shots, GCam captures more than a dozen frames with each press of the shutter button and uses computational photography algorithms to combine the best ones. The end result is an image with greater dynamic range, more detail, and overall better lighting. Installing the GCam app on the Poco X3 NFC is quite easy, but since the phone is still new, the developers still need to configure all the hardware of the phone to work properly with the software. For now, it looks like only the 64MP main camera and 20MP selfie camera will work, but in the future we can see modifications that will allow the Poco X3’s NFC-enabled macro camera and ultra-wide camera to work as well . Download the GCam app. The results you get with GCam on Poco X3 NFC are much better than what a normal camera app can give you. While the white balance doesn’t change significantly, the GCam seems to slightly reduce the saturation while increasing the brightness and contrast. If you look closely at the details of the images, you will notice that GCam’s excellent textures retain much more detail. This ranges from daylight shooting to low light shooting. This is most noticeable with the Poco X3 NFC front camera. As many Chinese manufacturers tend to do, Poco makes the face a bit smooth for selfies, which the GCam app doesn’t do at all. If you​​​​like to see all the pores on your face, GCam will certainly help. Google’s camera app also does a great job of taking portraits with artificially blurred backgrounds, despite only using data from the main camera’s sensor. Poco’s standard app seems to struggle a bit more with contouring around a subject, although it uses the main sensor and a dedicated 2MP depth sensor to calculate the distance between a foreground and background subject. All in all, GCam is a great addition to working with the Poco X3 NFC camera. With added support for macro and ultra-wide cameras, users can take full advantage of all the hardware the phone has to offer, in addition to Google Compute photography. Poco X3 NCF GCam video previews

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Best Camera App Poco X3

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New Back Rear Camera Glass Lens For Xiaomi Mi Poco X3 Nfc Global Version Camera Glass Lens Frame With Adhesive Sticker|mobile Phone Housings & Frames|

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All cookies that may not be absolutely necessary for the site to function and are specifically used to collect personal data from users through analytics, advertising or other embedded content are called non-necessary cookies. User consent is required before running these cookies on your website. September Xiaomi’s sister brand Poco has announced the successor to the Poco X2 in the form of the Poco X3. And one of the great features of the new Poco X3 is its camera. On the back of the device there is a special quad camera module with a 64 MP main sensor, so the camera provides beautiful and clear images. If you want to take great photos in low light, you can download Pixel 5 camera app aka GCam mod for Poco X3. You can download Google Camera for Poco X3 here.

The Poco X3 has a standard 64-megapixel primary camera and a 12-megapixel ultra-wide-angle lens. The 64MP sensor combines four pixels into one to capture a full 64MP frame, thanks to a special mode available in the standard camera app. The Poco X3 includes the same camera app we’ve seen on other Xiaomi phones, with a few tweaks. So, if you want to take better photos in low light with night vision mode or astrophotography mode, you should try Google Camera app.

The latest version of GCam app is of course Google Camera 8.0 from Pixel 5 which works with Poco X3. As for the features of the new app, it has astrophotography mode, night view, lens blur mode, portrait mode with night view mode, PhotoSphere, slow motion, cinema mode, RAW support, HDR + mode, panorama, lens blur, portrait mode and several others. Here’s how to download and install the Google Camera app on the Poco X3.

Poco F3 And Poco X3 Pro Are Here With Snapdragon 800 Series Socs

Today, every smartphone supports the Camera2 API, and the new Poco X3 is no exception. Yes, you can flash GCam mod on Poco X3 without messing with rooting. Fortunately, the latest versions of GCam 8.0 by Arnova8G2 and GCam 7.3 by Urnyx05 work perfectly on the Poco X3. Here is the APK download link.

So, start taking realistic and beautiful photos with Google Camera on your Poco X3. We will link the updated version of the Poco X3 GCam port when it becomes available in the future, so follow us on Twitter (@) or Google News (@) by clicking the star icon for more updates.

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Hanit is an avid writer and user of technology. He likes to work with the latest technologies – smartphones, laptops, notebooks, smart TVs and other smart home devices. For tips, you can contact Hanit at [email protected] Besides the much faster chipset, another big change in the Poco X3 Pro compared to the X3 NFC is the camera. And although the performance of the Pro model is much improved, the cameras, at least on paper, look worse.

Xiaomi Poco X3 Nfc Review: A Smartphone That Punches Above Its Budget Price

Where the X3 NFC had a primary sensor of 64MP, the X3 Pro has to settle for 48MP. The same goes for the ultra-wide: 13MP X3 NFC, 8MP X3 Pro. Interestingly, both of these Poco X3 Pro shooters look identical to the shooters on the Poco F3 – and it’s more expensive, although they also perform better (and have a better screen).

Anyway, we were very intrigued by this possible reduction in the camera department, so we wanted to take some photos and see what the Poco X3 Pro is capable of. We weren’t expecting great results, and as it turns out, we were right. If you​​​​are looking for a phone in the price range of the X3 Pro and camera image quality is your top priority, the Redmi Note 10 Pro with its 108MP main sensor is still your choice; let’s say it.

In daylight, the Poco X3 Pro’s primary 48MP sensor produces decent enough images with decent (but nothing exceptional) detail, good dynamic range and accurate colors. The noise reduction is excellent, so good in fact that it can blur out some grass details and the like. There’s a bit of sharpness, as you’d expect, but that doesn’t mean things look silly.

As usual with long-term reviews, we chose not to shoot in 48MP mode, as pixel binned image sensors like the one here aren’t really designed to be used that way. If you want noisier (and therefore slightly more detailed) images, you might want to try this. But you have to be patient because each image takes some time to save. The macro camera is nothing to write home about, so we’ve left it out as well, because even with it, it’s hard to find a dedicated mode in the camera app – we’re guessing most people never will. will use. , and those who know how to do it will only do it a few times and then forget.

Poco X3 Pro Review: Do You Really Need To Spend On More Expensive Android Phones? Maybe, No!

The 2x option in the viewfinder does not trigger Poco’s telephoto sensor.

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