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Best Camera App S21 – The Galaxy S21 has the same camera as last year’s S20. In other words, based on the numbers on the spec sheet, we can’t be sure if Samsung hasn’t used a new sensor here or slightly changed the lens element.

The first camera uses a 1/1.76-inch sensor with 1.8μm pixels and 12 megapixels. In front of it is a 26mm focal length lens with f/1.8 aperture, which has an optical image.

Best Camera App S21

The ultra-wide camera remains – only the S21 Ultra gets ultra-wide autofocus among all the Galaxy. The lens has a 120-degree field of view and an f/2.2 aperture, while the 12MP sensor has 1/2.55-inch, 1.4μm pixels.

Galaxy S22 Ultra Vs Galaxy S21 Ultra Camera: A Quick Test On A Pleasant Evening

The third camera, called Telephoto, has a slightly longer lens than the original model, about 29 mm. But thanks to the 64 megapixel sensor, it can be used to zoom “or” results up to 3x zoom level. It also has a fixed lens, its aperture is f/2.0.

The selfie camera was also taken away. It combines a 10MP 1/3.24″ sensor with 1.22μm pixels and an autofocus lens with 26mm focal length and f/2.2 aperture.

Samsung’s ever-evolving camera app has received many new changes and additions this year. One cosmetic change is that Live Focus mode has been switched to Portrait mode. This time, the same mode allows you to select the shooting time as well as the type of image you want.

Moving on, Pro mode is now available for the ultrawide camera, not just the main camera. Telephoto is not limited to professionals.

The S22’s Camera Features Are Coming To Older Phones Via One Ui 4.1

This may be of interest to video editors. The S21’s viewfinder displays images from all four cameras at once, so you can pick and choose which one to use when recording. The selfie camera can be displayed in the mirror or the screen can be split 50/50 with the rear camera and you can turn it all off. Native monitor recording is limited to 1080p at 30 frames per second, and only one stream is recorded – not always.

Another video-related improvement is the move to the viewport to select the resolution from the menu – which we’re very happy about.

Once Captured 2.0 • Ultra Wide Camera Pro Mode • Director View • Viewfinder • Settings • Additional Modes

Update, January 27: Three days after the original version of this review was published, our Galaxy S21 received a massive firmware update (640MB+) that included camera fixes. Hopefully this will fix some of the issues we’ve had with our phones.

How To Use The New Samsung Galaxy S21 Camera Features

Daytime photography from the S21’s primary camera is fantastic. Even with the last bits adjusted a bit, you still get great dynamic range and a healthy level of color saturation. As good as any other 12MP camera on the market. Noise control is very good, if we have not seen it before, for example, the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra.

Compared to last year’s Galaxy S20 + (we don’t have a small one, but in practice they are the same), we see a higher sound – not very good, but very important. When it comes to colors, the older phone favors reds and yellows a bit more. The S20+ tends to keep the highs, while the S21 pushes them a bit further.

The S21’s wide screen is great for creating beautiful photos – well, actually more than what we got from the S20+. Again, we’re seeing pop colors fade into more neutrals. The dynamic range isn’t as wide as it used to be – you’ll get more detail on the new phone than on the old phone.

Here are some comparison shots with the S20+. While we can’t deny that the new model uses better graphics, we love the beautiful colors of the previous generation.

Samsung Details How The S22 Expert Raw Camera App Came To Be, Tips Release For More Galaxies

By default, the S21 has distortion correction already active on the ultrawide camera. For creative purposes, we’ll skip it unless we’re specifically focusing on the appearance of the barrel bulge. Otherwise, a little coverage and increased corner sales never hurt anyone.

Before turning to the S21’s “telephoto” camera for zoom, let’s look at the full 64-megapixel image. It is a regular Bayer RGB sensor, but with smaller pixels, but can capture more color information than Quad Bayer / Tetracell.

In fact, these 64 megapixel photos are very detailed in daylight. Compared to the 12-megapixel main camera, we didn’t notice any detail, so it’s a good choice for good light shots. This phone wants you to use the 64MP mode when looking at well-lit areas, and you’ll want its advice. One drawback is the poor quality of these images.

Zooming on the S21 is done by cropping from the center of the 64MP image. 2x captures are good and the same quality as 64MP – detailed, but with a slight difference.

Samsung Announces Galaxy S21 Series, Including 8k Capable, 108mp Galaxy S21 Ultra: Digital Photography Review

3x exceeds the sensor’s resolution and adds some gain to the mix, which results in poor quality, contrast, and some visible noise. However, we find these images very useful.

That being said, the S21’s 3x image is less noisy than the S20+, which is definitely a win. The S20+’s photography, on the other hand, is a little different.

In low light, the Galaxy S21 continues to perform with its main camera despite its exceptional “quality”. What we mean is that while these images are still very beautiful and detailed, they have a poor tendency to deal with noise. Perhaps a more balanced approach would have caught the world’s attention, but Samsung seems to have overdone it.

However, the S21 performed well before going to work at night, showing off a number of strong features. White balance is fixed and color saturation is the same.

Galaxy S22 Ultra Vs S21 Ultra: Camera Comparison

We say this compared to the S20+, which makes the night light and details more important and interesting. We’d say the S21 is closer to the truth, but we’ll be looking for more heat. The S20+ is less noisy here, and if it can do it, so can the S21.

The night mode takes care of most of the noise, but the downside is that the pseudo-long exposure mode is heavy duty, which causes you to lose fine details in the right places. However, it will enhance the shadows and midtones and make the image look better overall. The extra white of the warm colors can be seen on the top of the S21 for the most part – any more and it would be too much.

Last year’s Galaxy S20+ doesn’t do all the cleaning in night mode — it maintains a warm, cool look, which is a bit different from last year. Except for the difference in saturation, the picture is the same.

We didn’t have high hopes for the S21’s ultrawide camera performance in low light with Auto White mode. In fact, it struggles to see enough light in the dark, but the good way at night can be useful again if the image is noisy.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Review: The Best Android Phone For The Money

The S20+ Ultra Wide is slightly sharper, but also grainy. However, it is true that the correct dose is not taken.

Night mode brightens shadows and improves overall image quality. II It has a healthy shade and is silent. Basically, if you want to use the ultra-wide camera for low-light shots, switch to night mode.

This is only true on the S20+, and of course the night mode improves the output. However, the S21 is sharp, especially in the dark and terrain.

The 64-megapixel camera can zoom in during the day, but it has no problem controlling light with its tiny pixels. Not great workers of course, but if you stick to good lighting shots, they can still get good shots.

Samsung Galaxy S21 5g 128gb (unlocked) Phantom Gray Sm G991uzkaxaa

Night mode can be very useful for dark scenes. Using this method brings detailed improvements in straight edges and textures, and it cleans up noise nicely.

More compact than the Galaxy S20+. The first mode is a better feature than the latest phones. But in the third version, the S20+ went to basic mode

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