Best Design Apps Art

Best Design Apps Art – Graphic designers may prefer to use desktop applications for more flexibility and power. But with more creativity and the need to move to mobile, mobile graphic design apps are becoming more important than ever. We show you some of the best apps for designing, sketching and drawing on the go.

Whether you want to visualize, paint or sketch, this mobile app is a must-have if you’re a designer or artist in 2020. Cover photo by: Artsy Crafty

Best Design Apps Art

Canva is recognized on social media as one of the best resources for passionate designers. The app is very basic when it comes to graphic design, but even professional designers love the simplicity of opening Photoshop on their desktop. It allows users to use template shapes and text to create beautiful images on social media. You won’t be doing high-quality photo manipulation with Canva, but you can easily create great-looking Instagram stories in minutes. Choose from templates or create something with your own elements.

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Available for iOS, Procreate is an illustration-based design app. We have a huge list of brushes to use. These brush and pencil options are customizable and allow for sketching and drawing. The entire app is highly customizable, including the interface, gesture controls, and brush settings. This app works well with Apple Pencil, which can use angles and pressure to create realistic brush strokes.

This versatile app is packed with tools that give you a mobile experience similar to Photoshop or Illustrator. It has unlimited fabric and backing layer. There’s even a pen tool. You’ll find features like editing, vectorization, unlimited deletion, customizable text tools, and more! It’s an intuitive design that will replace Adobe’s desktop program.

While Infinite Design can be an alternative to Illustrator, there is also a mobile version of Illustrator. This app has many similar features. If you have Illustrator on your desktop, you can sync it with the mobile app to continue working on projects between devices. Since it’s a mobile app, you probably don’t need to do anything overly complicated here, like design a logo, but it’s great for sketching and creating basic vector graphics like you did. The app comes with five different pens and support for multiple layers.

While the default Photoshop mobile app, Photoshop Express, has some photo editing features, Photoshop Mix gives you photo manipulation tools. This app allows you to crop and remove parts of an image to combine multiple images. While not as powerful as the standard version of Photoshop, Photoshop Mix has color correction and image filters that can help you combine images more naturally.

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We have another Adobe program to add to the list and this is Adobe Capture. This application has a specific purpose, but it is useful. Sometimes, especially when you’re traveling, it’s easier to jot down ideas on a piece of paper. Capture lets you create vector graphics from captured images so you can use them in Illustrator or Photoshop to enhance and finalize images later. It also has other nice features. You can take pictures of fonts you see around the world and Capture will identify similar fonts you see. You can also choose colors, textures, and brushes based on what you see around you.

Autodesk Sketchbook is a graphic design program that includes more than 190 pencils, pens, and brushes for drawing and painting. It focuses on drawing with a simple interface and has enough tools to allow you to take a sketch and turn it into a complete image with colors and shadows. With a pencil stylus, artists and designers can be even more precise.

These apps are very useful for graphic designers and illustrators and you should make sure to install one of them on your device. You can sketch on the go and perfect your ideas when you get back to your desk!

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