10 Best File Manager Applications on Android Smartphones

Not many people realize that a file manager is an essential application that must be on their Android smartphone or tablet.

The reason is, this app will make it easy for you to browse files, find recently downloaded files, manage storage space in /handset/, move data from one file to another, etc.

Unfortunately, not everyone realizes how important this file manager app is. They tend to choose to download other favorite games or applications.

Best File Manager Applications on Android Smartphones

10 Best File Manager Applications on Android Smartphones

In fact, the File Manager app is essential for managing all your personal data, including your favorite downloaded games and apps. Therefore, Carisnkyal is going to share a list of the best Android File Manager apps especially for you.

*1. Files by Google*

This app made by Google will also help you manage all the data on your phone.

In its application, “Files by Google has several advantages, such as deleting, moving,” /backup data, “/to delete”/cache junk “” /offline./

It’s not quite there, “Files by Google also harms its users by giving “/free space up”/ to save data if the memory on your phone is full.

And most importantly, you don’t have to worry that files by Google will take up space for your phone, because files by Google are quite light .

*2. File Manager – File Manager Plus*

This one application can also be your best solution in controlling all the files you have on /storage/mobile. This without paying app brings convenience to users in managing all files and data on mobile.

You can manage all files stored properly in “Main Storage,” SD Card, “USB storage, even data stored in download files”.

Not only that, even the app made by the “flashlight” feature provides a “/remote” feature where you can monitor your files by entrusting them to NAS and FTP servers.

*3. MI File Manager – Xiaomi Inc.*

Xiaomi also has a file management app that has been used by millions of Xiaomi phone users. But this app can also be installed with other supported Android phones. So far the file manager from Xiaomi has been downloaded more than 500 million times on the Play Store.

Free to use, MI File Manager can help you find files faster, manage files easily, and share them offline with others. It features quick search, move, delete, open, and share files, and rename, /unzipping/, and copy.

MI File Manager also recognizes several file formats, including music, videos, images, documents, apks, and zip files. In addition, the application supports a number of languages, including Indonesian.

*4. X-Plore File Manager*

With X-Plore File Manager, you can manage two /windows/ at once on one screen. So, what are the benefits of this feature? Of course this makes it very easy for you to copy and move files much faster.

Not only that, this app is one of the best because it provides many features that its users need, such as support for various file types, /cloud storage/, network storage (FTP, SMB, DLNA, /UPNP), /built-in editor hext/, support for /rooted devices, and more.

*5. ASTRO File Manager & Cleaner*

As the name suggests, ASTRO File Manager & Cleaner is an application that is not only useful for easily organizing, moving and backing up files, but also for cleaning up your phone’s memory, and improving its performance.

This file manager app allows you to move, copy, share, rename files in internal storage, SD card and cloud space. You can also sort and categorize files and easily access all recent pictures, videos, music, apps and folders from your home screen.

If your phone storage is almost full, you can use the eraser and storage manager feature. You can free up space on your phone with recommendations for deleting unused apps and files.

Best File Manager Applications on Android Smartphones

*6. File Manager – InShot Inc.*

File Manager from developer InShot Inc. This is claimed to come with PC-level features, so that it can help you manage files on your cellphone efficiently. So far this file manager application has been used by more than 1 million Android users with average good reviews.

File Manager supports all file formats: new files, downloads, videos, audios, images, applications, documents and archives. It also supports FTP feature which allows you to access your Android device storage from PC.

Other excellent features include the ability to compress and decompress ZIP/RAR archives, Recycle Bin to recover deleted files, browse and delete unused items to free up more space, etc.

*7. Total Commander*

This one application is fairly strong and has many fans. Total Commander provides the features you really need, such as network storage support, /cloud storage/ support, plugin support, bookmarks, and other tools like text editors.

Therefore, Total Commander has become one of the favorite applications on the Google Play Store. Total Commander is an application that is available on the Google Play Store and can be downloaded for free.

*8. Cx File Explorer*

This file manager app claims to have a clean and intuitive interface. It is also equipped with a myriad of features that make it easier for users to manage files on their phones. Even Cx File Explorer is able to offer the same experience as you do in Windows Explorer or Finder on PC or Mac.

Cx File Explorer is developed with friendly user experience in mind. You can easily browse, move, copy, compress, rename, extract, delete, create and share files (folders) on your mobile device’s internal and external storage.

Another excellent feature is the ability to access files on a NAS (Network-attached storage).

This means that you can access files in remote or shared storage such as FTP, FTPS, SFTP, SMB, WebDAV, and LAN. You can also access your mobile developer from a PC using FTP (/File Transfer Protocol/).

*9. FileMaster*

Not only reliable as a file manager, FileMaster can also help you optimize your phone with junk file cleaner, /phone booster/, app manager, CPU cooler and file transfer.

With a variety of excellent features, it’s no wonder FileMaster has been used by more than Android users.

One of its main features is File Cleaner. It can be used to clear system cache and app cache junk files to free up phone storage space.

Then there is the Smart Library File Explorer feature where you can categorize all files into downloads from the internet, Bluetooth from nearby devices, etc.

FileMaster also supports Root Explorer feature which is useful for some users to browse, edit, copy, paste and delete files in the root partition of phone storage for development purposes.

*10. File Commander Manager & Cloud*

Not to forget, there is File Commander Manager & Cloud. This app allows you to easily manage all types of files on your phone, thanks to the /user interface/ and intuitive controls.

The app even has a file converter feature that can convert over 1000 different file types.”

You as a user will also get access to MobiDrive cloud storage, where you can store all kinds of files without worrying about running out of storage space.

It is very important to install the best Android file manager app on your device. Because this application helps you in managing files so that the capacity on your device’s storage space is not /full/. So, which application do you want to install on your device right now?

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