10 Best Fingerprint Apps on Android

Applications fingerprints are one of the application categories that can be said to be quite popular on the Play Store. As is well known that fingerprint allows you to do lock and unlock with fingerprint only.

In the Play Store itself there are many fingerprint apps. But keep in mind that this fingerprint application generally functions to lock the applications you install so that they are not easily accessed by others and only phones with fingerprint sensors can run them.

10 Best Fingerprint Apps on Android

Here are some of the apps we recommend.

Best Fingerprint Apps on Android

*1. App Lock – Inshot*

With more than 1 million downloads, the app lock made by Inshot is one of the quite popular apps and the ratings are good. With this application you can maintain your privacy by hiding applications that are considered confidential or important.

App lock can work using pattern, fingerprint, or password lock. Apart from locking all apps, app lock can also be used to encrypt the gallery to make it a safe photo and no one can see it without a password.

You can use several types of locks so that what you protect and hide is more secure. The app even comes with the ability to take a picture of an intruder who enters the wrong password using the front camera.

*2. Applock “fingerprint*

This app has been downloaded more than 50 million times on the Play Store. You can rely on the Applock app “Fingerprint to lock every app installed on your Android phone. Not only to lock social media apps,” fingerprint applock is also capable of locking your photo gallery as well.

Apart from being a locking app, Applock can also catch intruders by taking pictures and even hide the fact that locks apps with fake error windows. Then the image of the intruder can be sent to your email address.

Other features offered by this app include lock notification (blocks locked app notification messages in top notification bar), pattern size that can be issued up to 18×18 from simple 3×3 pattern, only lock certain time or unlock automatically when automatically when automatically when automatically when automatically when automatically when automatically when automatically when automatically when automatically when automatically when automatically when automatically when automatically when automatically when automatically automatically automatically automatically automatically automatically or automatically automatically automatically or automatically automatically. connect to specific wifi or bluetooth, etc.

*3. Fingerprint applock*

Fingerprint applock app can also lock all apps, gallery, messenger, SMS, contacts, email, settings and any app you choose. So far, fingerprint applock has been downloaded more than 10 million times on Play Store.

The main methods available in fingerprint applock are pin, pattern and fingerprint. It is said that this app does not require much ram and battery.

You can lock settings to stop others from deleting your private apps. And when the user enters the wrong PIN or pattern, the app will automatically capture the image of the person.

*4. App lock fingerprint password*

APP Lock Fingerprint Password is another lock app that you should try. So far there are more than 10 million Android users who have tasted this application to increase the security of their devices.

You can choose unlimited number of apps you want to protect with lock lock fingerprint password. This app also allows you to hide text messages or app notifications on the lock screen.

Not only that, you can use fake lock screen to trick people who use your phone arbitrarily. Fake screen like no internet, forced stop, crash screen, call screen or you can choose any image.

*5. keep lock*

In addition, there is Keeplock which offers features that are no less interesting. With it you can lock all the apps you use every day, order, send email, contacts and more. You can also keep your secret photos and videos in a safe place.

Keeplock also has the ability to capture images of intruders trying to access your phone and apps. You can even disguise Keeplock as a calculator so others don’t uninstall the app.

Best Fingerprint Apps on Android

*6. Applocker*

Just like the apps discussed earlier, Applocker can lock social media apps, messaging apps, galleries, contacts, settings, and apps. si whatever you want. You can prevent unauthorized access to this application.

You can lock apps with password, pattern or fingerprint lock. Apart from that, the app also offers themes with multiple color options, the ability to lock system settings to prevent unwanted changes to children.

*7. Applock Pro*

Applock Pro is also one of the most popular app lock where you lock apps or photos easily. This app has been downloaded more than 10 million times and has good ratings.

With Applock Pro you can lock private apps like WhatsApp, Instagram, Settings, Messages, Messenger, etc. With password, fingerprint for supporting device, pattern lock or knock code. And when someone tries to open a locked app, Applock takes a selfie from the front camera and saves it.

There are still many other amazing features that Applock Pro does, such as a fake error message which if you activate it, then a fake error message is displayed when a locked application is tried to open. Then there is the applock lock timer where you can set a timer to make the applock inactive for a certain period of time.

*8. Fingerprint pattern app lock*

Lock App Pattern Pattern app can secure your apps with fingerprint, pattern and passcode (PIN code). The app is said to have a user interface that uses the dominant color extracted from the app icon, making it more comfortable to use. Apart from that, the fingerprint pattern app lock is also equipped with sound and vibration effects.

*9. Applock Fingerprint Password, Pin & Pattern*

Applock Fingerprint Password, Pin & Pattern is also worth a try. Its features include lock apps with password, pattern and fingerprint, gallery vault which helps hide pictures and hide videos safely, has multiple password lock themes, option to make pattern invisible on unlock screen, people can’t see your pattern lock screen when you unlock, etc.

*10. App lock – Real Fingerprint*

Locking it and only you can unlock it can be done with one of the fingerprint applications called App lock – Real Fingerprint. Not much different from locking applications that rely on other fingerprints.

App lock – Real Fingerprint is also an application that will provide security and privacy for its users by locking all existing applications and relying on the user’s fingerprint as the key. You can lock WhatsApp, BBM, Line and other social media applications without worrying that other people will open your chat secrets.

No need to bother remembering patterns and numbers that are used as keys, just with your fingerprint, the cellphone is safe from the grip of irresponsible people. Are you interested in using the app? Click here to get the application.

Those are 10 fingerprint applications that you can use and install on your Android phone. Easy, practical, also free. Although it is rare for fingerprint applications that are specifically for all Android phones. So, which application is the most suitable for you?

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