Best Free App Lab Games

Best Free App Lab Games – Now that the non-store distribution options are officially available, we’ve rounded up the 12 VR games that debuted in Quest’s App Lab today. Try them now!

Here is the list of all 12 games. Note that while some are free, such as the Ancient Dungeon beta and some demos, there are many paid programs. The checkout process is done just like in the actual Oculus Quest store.

Best Free App Lab Games

Just click the link and continue through the landing page as usual. If you’re using a mobile device, it must open in the Oculus mobile app. If you’re on a computer, make sure you’re signed in to your Facebook/Oculus account via the website before clicking.

Best App Lab Games To Play On Oculus Quest And Quest 2

For more information about the App Lab, check out our announcements article from this morning. In short, these apps will now appear in your actual library rather than under “Unknown Apps” and will automatically be eligible for developer updates without the need to sideload anything or connect the headset to the PC at all.

However, they will not be displayed in the store or promoted/sold in the headphones themselves. You have to rely on SideQuest, YouTube, websites like ours, social networks, etc. to learn about new App Lab games on Quest. It’s not a perfect solution, but it’s better than the day before.

SideQuest seems committed to working with Facebook to act as an extension and bridge between the indie VR community and the Quest headset, so that’s great news.

Which of these 12 is your favorite App Lab for Quest game so far? Personally, I think I’m partial to Ancient Dungeon as a huge RPG fan. Let me know in the comments below! Last week, Oculus launched App Lab, a brand new service for Oculus Quest/Quest 2 that allows developers to share their work-in-progress with users without the need for official approval from the Oculus Store. The platform launched with a total of 12 games and apps, from first-person shooters such as

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Below are just five of our favorite games and apps currently available in the App Lab. Those familiar with SideQuest will likely be familiar with most of the titles on this list:

Is an expertly crafted VR dungeon crawling experience unlike anything currently available in a headset. This addictive VR rogue-lite offers a wide variety of procedural environments, unique enemy creatures and powerful weapons. The combat is easy, but incredibly satisfying thanks to the fine-tuned physics system, as well as the interaction with objects and the environment.

Offers a small but tasty taste of PotamWorks’ upcoming VR rhythm game. Similar to existing titles such as

Clones. As mentioned earlier, the content is currently small; Only one song is currently available. But hey, it’s free. PotamWorks promises an additional 21 indie rock tracks as part of the full release.

Where To Find Unlisted App Lab Games & Apps For Oculus Quest

Allows you to embarrass bullies on the field while adhering to proper social distancing guidelines. This VR basketball simulator includes support for 8-player online games, allowing you to compete against other users from around the world. You can even go to the court yourself and practice your moves between games.

Advanced physics and body kinematics offer realistic interactions and movements, allowing you to shoot, pass and even dunk. With very few VR basketball games currently available for standalone users,

Opts for a more mature look and drops you into a variety of realistic environments full of bad guys. Behind that

You start each round with a standard pistol and unlock more powerful weapons as you progress. Stealth is essential to survival, especially during the boss sections of each level. While $20 seems like a lot for a work in progress,

The 15 Best App Lab Games For The Oculus Quest

Assemble realistic 3D miniatures of famous historical sites captured by 3D scanning photometry. This beta version features a massive 98-bit puzzle of the Tatev Monastery in Armenia, and according to the developers, there will be more to come.

What makes this 3D mosaic experience so unique is the ability to get up close and see realistic miniatures from different angles. Once the puzzle is complete, you have access to an immersive soundscape captured directly from the actual location.

Kyle is a writer and works in new media production. He is also a part-time bounty hunter. In February 2021, Facebook launched App Lab, a service to easily install experimental non-store content on your Oculus Quest. Check out our guide on how to use App Lab for more on how to use it – for now, check out our picks for the best App Lab games available at the time of writing.

Before App Lab, the only way to install content not stored on your Quest was to sideload, a somewhat cumbersome method that required logging in as a developer and installing apps via a wired connection. While sideloading is still a viable method, the primary (and easiest) way to install non-Store content is now through App Lab.

Top 20 Best Oculus Quest 2 Games & Apps

However, unlike the Oculus Store, App Lab doesn’t have a storefront or public interface on your headset to browse everything available. We’ve already covered how you can easily find and install App Lab content on your Quest. However, to make it easier to choose what to play, we’ve rounded up what we think are the best games available on App Lab at the time of writing.

The following list is presented in random order and is not ranked. Many of the games listed are closer to tech demos and short experiences than full-fledged games you’ll find in stores or still in development. That’s just the nature of the App Lab thing.

In Deisim, you are given the power of God, which you use to give your citizens new materials and tiles to advance their civilization.

It’s a simple game that takes cues from classic god games and civilization building games, but with a little less strategy and depth. As you expand your world by building new areas and providing new materials, you’ll unlock more terrain types and useful items to give your subjects. Over time, each city will be gradually built, moving from the Stone Age to the Industrial Revolution.

Best Free Vr Games 2021

Equipped with only a sword and a throwing knife, you’ll fight your way through procedural dungeons and find various power-ups along the way. The visual inspiration behind the game is clear – it’s a slightly more detailed and polished version of the Minecraft aesthetic that’s become so prominent since 2011. This isn’t a fault of the game at all, though – it delivers on the style and works incredibly well.

There are very few racing games in Quest, and V-Speedway is a simple but powerful attempt to tackle the genre.

Right now it’s flat, with just one race mode against 11 AI opponents and a separate time trial mode. Still, the novelty of sitting in a car with a virtual steering wheel and an active side mirror is something you won’t find anywhere else in Quest. The controls, gameplay, and graphics are very basic, but if you’re desperate for some kind of standalone Quest racing experience without the sci-fi or combat aesthetic, this could be good.

The game has also recently been updated with some big improvements and additions – there are new car shaders and brighter environments, along with a new AI system and some difficult levels. There are also “enhanced drifting” and changes that make crashes less frustrating.

How To Find And Install App Lab Games On Quest 2 (2022)

The game now features six 3D puzzles consisting of models, which are increasingly difficult and range from 20 to 200 pieces. Each model is scanned from an actual location – there’s an Armenian monastery, a Japanese castle and many more places to collect.

In Tiny Castles, you play as a god who must protect his followers from enemy attacks using a bunch of inventive hand-tracking attacks.

The Facebook team behind the game says it was primarily developed as a hand-tracking demo rather than a full game, and therefore “lacks the right balance of challenge and difficulty.” That said, if you’re looking for an app that shows you lots of interesting interactions with manual measurements, this is it.

Earlier this year, Tilt Brush went open source, opening the door for other developers to add their own twist to the popular VR art creation tool. One of the most impressive results is Rendever’s MultiBrush.

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This is a free multiplayer version of Tilt Brush that allows you and another player to join a shared room so you can both use Tilt Brush in the same space, work on the same piece, or work on different parts in the same space. There are still a few caveats (such as the frustrating lack of multiplayer support for the undo feature), but overall, it’s an impressive (and free) version of Tilt Brush that supports multiplayer.

Before Warplanes was available in the App Lab, we called it one of the most complete builds available on SideQuest. The

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