11 Best iPhone Apps You Must Have

Based on more than one survey available in Google search results, there are actually more Android users in the world than iPhone users.

However, this device from Apple has always been excellent in the world of gadgets. Currently, the most recent iPhone series is the iPhone 6. However, there are rumors that the iPhone 7 will soon be released.

11 Best iPhone Apps You Must Have

Best iPhone Apps You Must Have

Got a new iPhone that hasn’t been preloaded with apps? Well, some of these iPhone must-have apps might be a tip so you can get quality apps for your smart phone. What are those? Here’s the full review.

1. Instapaper

For those of you who don’t want to miss the latest news but are too lazy to have a newspaper, then you can download the Instapaper application.

You could say this is the newspaper for iPhone users. The application contains the latest news from all over the world with topics that are always updated.

Even better, Instapaper can be used even if you’re not online. And another plus, Instapaper is free!

2. Evernote

How is Evernote different from Apple’s built-in Notes app? Of course there are vital differences between the two applications. First, Evernote can not only create ordinary notes, but can also save notes in the form of images, alarms, or lists. The reason is, not all “notes” must be in the form of text, right?

This application is quite superior, once you install Evernote, then you are certainly reluctant to uninstall this one application. In addition, Evernote also integrates with more than one other iPhone application. Evernote is free to download, but for a better version, you can subscribe to Evenote premium for USD $45 per year.

3. Gmail

There is nothing more important than this one iPhone must application. Yes, Gmail is an application that connects to your special e-mail address. E-mail access is made easier because everything can be done on your iPhone.

In addition, Gmail also supports usage for more than one account at a time. So no matter how many e-mails you have, you can log in to all your e-mails through one application.

There are many email provider platforms, but email from Gmail is actually the most popular, because it’s easy and can be used to sign up for more than one application made by Google, like Youtube for example. Sending and receiving e-mail just got easier thanks to this free Gmail app.

4. Google Maps

For Android users, the Google Maps application is actually immediately available when you buy a new Android phone. However, for iPhone users, this one application must be installed first by downloading it from the App Store.

Google Maps will support you in getting to your destination when you get lost or don’t know the direction of the road to get to your destination.

Google Maps will give turnbyturn directions in real time. This is a very useful application for iPhone users. So, there is nothing wrong if you download this application on your iPhone 4, iPhone 5, or iPhone 6.

5. LastPass Password Manager

LastPass Password Manager is an application that supports you to manage the passwords of all your online accounts. Yes, all passwords from your special account will be stored in Last Pass and integrated with your cloud. In fact, if your iPhone is already running iOS 8, LastPass Password Manager offers the TouchID feature, which is a specific fingerprint scanner for iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, and iPhone 6 Plus.

Your fingerprint will connect your phone lock and connect your online accounts automatically. This cool application makes it easy for you to securely connect online accounts. With LastPass Password Manager, you don’t have to bother remembering passwords for all your online accounts one by one.

6. Mint

For those of you who start out that the money in your bank account is running low, but you don’t remember all the expenses and transactions you’ve made, then you must have Mint on your iPhone.

This is an app to control your monthly budget. Mint will be integrated with your savings account or credit card transactions. This is a good app to control your daily expenses. Mint allows you to check the balance in your bank account without having to log in to your internet banking account or go to an ATM.

7. Monument Valley

After peeling off more than one serious iPhone must-have app, it’s time to relax for a while. Monument Valley is a must-have game on your iPhone. Even if you are not a gamer, you will start to be interested and challenged after trying this Monument Valley game.

In this game, you will be taken to explore a fantastic world. Yes, Monument Valley will make you addicted to played it twice. This game is perfect for getting rid of boredom while you are waiting.

8. SwiftKey Keyboard

Not satisfied with the default keyboard from the iPhone? You must install SwiftKey Keyboard on your iPhone. Why does Carisignal recommend SwiftKey Keyboard? Because it is one of the best keyboard apps available today.

You can drag your finger across the range of available keyboards to type text. If you are lazy to type, this method is efficient enough to always reply to messages from your friends. This application can be obtained for free on the App Store.

9. Weather Underground

Why install a weather app, when Siri can answer questions about meteorology fluently. Make no mistake, there are certain reasons why you should have Weather Underground on your iPhone.

Weather Underground is an application that can provide detailed weather info so you can plan your trip with the weather forecast. A simple and beautiful interface is a plus offered by this application.

10. Edison Assistant

Almost more than one large executive or people who bother to choose the iPhone as a mobile device. However, not only for communicating, the iPhone can also ease your daily tasks.

Well, how can the iPhone run it all? First, you have to download Edison Assistant first. This is the application that will become your Personal assistant€. Edison Assistant can be downloaded for free on iPhone 4, iPhone 5, or iPhone 6. This application will automatically perform small tasks, such as sending SMS or email.

If you are already using iOS 8, then EasilyDo will be integrated into your iPhone notification center. This is a must app for iPhone, especially if you are an executive or a very busy worker.

11. Downcast

Are you a podcast enthusiast? For your information, podcasts are original recordings in the form of audio or video, but can also be in the form of recordings of TV programs, radio shows, shows, or various other programs. If you’re always following podcasts, then Downcast is one iPhone must-have app.

Yes, there are actually more than one choice of similar apps on the App Store, but believe me Downcast is the best app for podcasts. To have this app, you have to buy it on the App Store for USD $2.99. Downcast has a variety of interesting features and an excellent interface.

That’s more than an application for iPhone recommended by Cari Signal. The selected applications available above have been downloaded more than hundreds of thousands of times, moreover there are also those that have been downloaded millions of times. However, whether or not this application is again to the needs of each individual. In your opinion, what applications should be available on the iPhone?

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