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Offline games that offer a satisfying experience can be rare, especially since many games need to be connected to the Internet to fully unlock their features. However, there are some games on the app store that will give you hours of entertainment even when your iPhone is in airplane mode.

Best Iphone Games No Data

I have compiled a list of the best iPhone games to play offline in airplane mode that will help you pass those boring flight hours without internet access. Let’s see them below:

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Solitaire is an old game that dates back to the early days of the Microsoft PC. Fortunately, it’s gone for Microsoft. If you have played Solitaire before, this iPhone version will surprise you with the many customization options and animations they add to the gameplay.

If you’ve never played Solitaire before, this is a great place to start. The ease of use and overall gameplay will impress you. However, it can still be difficult to manage.

There are different themes to choose from, with each theme representing a different era. There are challenges to complete, and you can play with the AI ​​or your friends.

If you have been playing racing games or simulators for a while, you will know that the Asphalt series is one of the best in the mobile gaming space. Their latest game, Asphalt 9: Legends, does not have the option to play offline. However, you can experience all the fun of canyoneering done beautifully offline with Pitch 8: Airborne.

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There are many modes to choose from, and all of them include new tracks and cars added in this release. If you want to play offline, you can play 40 different tracks, with powerful and beautiful cars to destroy every time.

In offline modes, there are events in game mode that you can compete in. There are still many challenges to complete. Also, you can choose your favorite car and customize it to your heart’s content. For a free game, Asphalt 8: Airborne has a lot to offer the player.

Wayward Souls is one of the best rogue RPGs that you can play offline on your iPhone. For the uninitiated, roguelike RPGs are complex role-playing games that involve a lot of dungeon crawling. Often based on fantasy stories. Wayward Souls meets all the criteria!

You have many classes to choose from, and each class has its own story. While the gameplay may be easy at first, the difficulty increases and presents new challenges as you progress. The game has no limits, and this means that even the longest flight will involve multiple trips to complete and disappear.

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You can also upgrade your characters based on their class and your play style. Like other roguelike games, exploration is key to mastering the game.

Just make sure your phone is fully charged before you start playing the game mid-flight. There’s nothing worse than being in the middle of a game you love and your phone dying on you, right?

Like Temple Run and Subway Surfer, Jetpack Joyride also has endless running mechanics, but with twists. You can choose your favorite jetpack and run through the endless paths laid out in front of you.

Along the way, you will meet many challenges to overcome by upgrading your jetpack. One of my favorite things about the game is the background music. It’s fun, addictive, and will motivate you to try your best and get a high score. As you play to get better upgrades, you will also find unique machines with special properties.

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If you’re like me, you can find three S.A.M’s that you can get once a day. This allows you to use the Advanced Weapons Machine (S.A.M.). Using this beast of a machine allows you to counter incoming missiles and plow your way through obstacles.

I grew up watching martial arts movies of Jackie Chan and Jet Li. For my inner child, finding out that a game like Shadow Fight 2 is available is a huge plus! If you are a fan of martial arts or a fan of the Mortal Kombat/Tekken/Street Fighter series on consoles, you should check out Shadow Fight 2.

Based on the name, the characters in the game are black, white and gray. The background is different and used to see. This makes the characters stand out, and the fluid movement seems more realistic when they fight.

Different ninjas have different skills, and the in-game store allows you to equip your favorite characters with different weapons that can change their stats and the gameplay itself. The 3D environment creates an environment to appreciate what developers have done.

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If you are a fan of shooter and action games, you will love Brothers in Arms 3. It comes from Gameloft, which creates amazing games for iOS. Brothers in Arms 3 captures heavy shooters like Call of Duty, with a strong focus on story.

There is a complete campaign set in the context of World War II, just after the epic D-Day. You can control different characters, called ‘brothers.’ Each of these characters has special abilities in different combat situations. Therefore, when you choose your characters, you must consider any action you take in order.

There are also different missions. Others are stealth, where you have to move to complete mission objectives. Others rely more on aspects of the attack. For an offline game, Brothers in Arms 3 offers a lot of variety to keep you entertained as you try to beat boredom on a long flight.

I am a big football fan. I have played FIFA and PES for a long time, and surprisingly, Dream League Soccer is considered the best soccer game on mobile. It brings the best features from two soccer classics and mixes them with some nuances to make the game even better.

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The most important part of Fantasy League football is that you can play it without an internet connection. He also brought in licensed players to create a more immersive soccer experience. You will not only build your team from scratch but also build your own football stadium to prove your team’s experience.

You can save your progress to iCloud when you have an internet connection. Apart from all the gameplay features of a great mobile soccer game, the whole game comes alive with beautiful scenes and realistic moves of famous players.

All I’m saying is, if you miss the experience of soccer, this iPhone game can do it again.

I have been playing Long Mountain for a long time. The game has infinite levels, similar to Temple Run, and uses a fun physics system, making the game just as challenging. There are different levels to try as well.

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The game offers you different cars, each with its own characteristics, to test in different levels. You can upgrade them as you progress through the levels and collect resources. From dirt bikes like Motorcross Madness to 4×4 trucks, there are cool cars to try.

Even if you download the game offline, all levels are already loaded. Since these levels are almost infinite, you can improve as much as possible in each level. This adds a lot of replayability to the game. Its fun and addictive nature draws you in and keeps you hooked for a long time!

Are you a true crime fan? What? Do you find yourself solving puzzles in your head as you go through dozens of documentaries and true crime podcast episodes? If your answer is yes, then Criminal Case is definitely a game that you will enjoy.

Criminal case presents many different cases with twists and nuances that have to be solved. To solve the case, you will need to analyze many clues and pieces of evidence. You also have the opportunity to talk to different suspects and put together clues to find the real culprit.

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Consider yourself a top detective? Does your eagle eye have nothing to confess? To find out how to be a good detective, try Criminal Case. Your flights will no longer seem like a failure as you try to catch criminals and bring them to justice.

As a gamer, I had no idea that the basics of Mario gameplay on old consoles could be combined with the beauty of Limbo to create an entirely new game. That perspective changed when I played Badland and Badland 2. I have chosen to put Badland 2 here instead of its predecessors because the sequels improve the gameplay and adventure.

In Badland 2, you control a moving character, taking care of them perfectly as you face dangers along the way. From different elements such as cold and magma to meet different things that change in nature and behavior

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