15 Best Japanese Learning Apps on Android

Besides Korean, Japanese is one of the world’s most studied languages. Unlike Korean, Japanese pronunciation is not that difficult.

Japanese people use Kanji, Hiragana and say in writing. Learning all three, of course, takes quite a bit of time, especially for the Kanji letters.

Because it is very difficult, not some of them give up while learning Japanese. Besides being a difficult way to write, attending a language class or reading a book can sometimes be boring.

Best Japanese Learning Apps on Android

15 Best Japanese Learning Apps on Android

There are many ways to learn Japanese more easily and certainly not get bored quickly. One of them is through the application on the cellphone. Yes, this time I will discuss the 15 best Japanese learning apps on Android for you.

*1. Japanese Learning Apps – Lingoder*

Lingodeer is one of the best Japanese learning app on Google Playstore. This app contains 150 Japanese lessons that you can take. / Lingodeer/ Also equipped with audio clips that can help improve the capacity to pronounce Japanese correctly and correctly.

Lingodeer application has more than 2000 vocabulary and sentences that can be learned and uses Katakana, Hiragana and Romaji letters in each learning session.

*2. Japanese Learning Apps – Drops*

In addition, there are drops. The broken app/language drawer provides five minutes to learn Japanese every day.

This app prioritizes lessons on vocabulary and sentences over grammar/grammar. Dropps also adds a game function so that users don’t get bored quickly while learning.

This application offers about 99 topics with almost 1700 words and sentences that can be learned every day.

*3. Japanese Learning Apps – Bravo Language*

The next application is bold language. In this app, you can learn basic Japanese and use it as /phrases/.

Bravo language also provides good grammar and pronunciation sessions. It will also be accompanied by a virtual teacher in the form of a parrot whose voice is full of native Japanese speakers. Hmmm…that’s fun too! Interesting, right? Download the app here.

*4. Japanese Learning Apps – Duolingo*

Duolingo is one of the many Japanese learning apps that can be tested on Android phones. This application is very popular because it has been downloaded by more than 100 million users only for the Android platform.

The Duolingo app offers interesting and not boring learning. You can learn each new vocabulary through/or other interactive learning within the app.

Not only Japanese, Duolingo also provides learning materials for other languages, one of which is English.

*5. Heyjapan: learn Japanese*

If you’re looking for a Japanese learning app with a non-boring learning method, try the Heyjapan app: learn Japanese.

This app offers 40 minutes of Japanese study per day to learn new vocabulary, grammar, prayers, practice speaking and listening. Well, there are 20 minutes of time left that you can use to review previous lessons.

This application is not only adequate for those of you who really want to learn Japanese to improve foreign language skills, but also can be trusted by those of you who are about to take exams such as the JLPT. Download Heyjapan: Learn Japanese here.

*6. Japanese Learning Apps – Learn Japanese Offline*

Learn Japanese Offline app is an app to learn Japanese on Android, which is very practical. An application that you can use to learn Japanese phrases that can be used for daily conversation. The bar number is even more than 500.

These phrases are divided into 18 different categories. There are daily chats, numbers and numbers, times and places, purchases, colors and much more. As the name suggests, this app can be used offline and it’s free. You can download it here.

*7. Learn Japanese – Listen and speak*

Learn Japanese app: Listening and speaking is offered by developer Poro Nihongo. This app has more than 500 daily conversations in Japanese with a variety of different conversational problems.

Among them are jobs, purchases, talks about family and much more. There is also an audio transcript so you can learn to say a new prayer or vocabulary in Japanese.

*8.Japanese Learning Apps –  PocketJapan*

You can make this SakuJapan application made by Yongkru. SakuJapan contains vocabulary, common sentences, animal names and numbers in Japanese. In addition, in this application there are also games that you can use to hone your intelligence in speaking Japanese.

Not to forget, there is a video guide, then also lessons on hiragana and katakana letters. This SakuJapan application is suitable for those of you who are just starting to learn Japanese.

Best Japanese Learning Apps on Android

*9. Japanese Learning Apps – Obenkyo*

/Next/, this is Obenkyo. In this app you can learn grammar, vocabulary and particles used in Japanese.

Apart from that, you can learn Kanji, Hiragana, Katakana and their numbers. In Obenkyo, you can use the sport function to find your skills in Japanese.

For those of you who want to take a skill test in Japanese or a Japanese language domain test/or JLPT, this application can be used as a guide. Do you want to try this app? Click the following link to download it.

*10. Japanese Learning Apps – hello talk*

Hello Talk can also be used to learn live Japanese chat with native speakers via the /chat/ feature.

To start learning, you must first find a partner. If according to the criteria, you can start the lesson with a partner. They can teach other languages ​​from other people, through chat characteristics that are equipped with voice notes,

You and your study partner can improve the pronunciation of other people’s sentences or words. If you want to test the Hello Talk app, download the app directly here.

*11. Japanese Learning Apps – Tandem*

Tandem brings almost the same concept as Hellotalk. You can find a partner to learn Japanese and teach their dominant language.

Tandem has various features ranging from videos, voice girls, chats/messages in the form of images and audio. Tandem also recognizes 150 languages ​​with 2500 available language combinations.

This application is suitable for those of you who want to learn Japanese in a way that is not boring and of course more relaxed. How did you get interested in trying this language learning app? Click this link to download.

*12. Memory Suggestion: Hiragana*

Memory suggestion: Hiragana is an application that can be used to learn Japanese characters, namely Hiragana. You can learn Hiragana lyrics through pictures and sounds.

This Japanese learning app has a test function to evaluate his understanding of hiragana letters. In addition, the explanation system of this application is also quite easy, so memory memory: hiragana is very suitable for beginners. You can download the memory suggestion app: hiragana here.

*12. Japanese Learning Apps –  Senpai Kanji*

In addition to the memory track, you can learn Japanese cards through the Japanese learning app /kanji senpai/. This app offers writing, reading lessons and also allows us to arrange our own written kanji by hand.

You can also participate in audioless learning sessions so that if you’re in a public place, you don’t need to use /headphones/.

Without forgetting, Kanji Senpai also has a list of important vocabulary that is useful for those of you who want or take a Japanese language skills test or Japanese language domain test (JLPT). Do you want to try this app? Download/ Here Now.

*14. Japanese Dictionary – Bali Media*

The application of the Balinese Media Japanese Dictionary can be used to translate some Japanese words or prayers into Indonesian, or vice versa.

You can share the processed translation with several applications on your phone. Amazingly, there is a TTS (voice text) function that will help you find out how to say words or prayers that are translated into the destination language.

This Balinese Japanese media dictionary can be used for free without an internet connection. Download the app at this link.

*15. Write it! Japanese*

Well, if this application is here for you who want to learn to write Katakana or Hiragana in Japanese in an easy and practical way.

You can learn new letter by letter which is divided into several categories. There are more than 100 ways to write letters that you can learn in this application. Do you want to try it? Download Write! Japan here.

Not only by learning Japanese, you can also learn English through the Android app.

Curious about what apps you can use to learn English directly through your/your smartphone? See the discussion in Article 10 English Learning Applications.

Well, there are 15 Japanese learning apps that you can use on your Android phone. All the previous Japanese learning apps can be an alternative for those of you who don’t have much time to take formal Japanese courses or classes.

In addition to using / anime / and / drama / to learn Japanese, through the previous application, you can learn more practically, effectively and efficiently. And in terms of cost, more efficient, of course. Have you tried Japanese learning apps before?

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