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Best Journal App Apple Pencil – I started journaling a few years ago as a mindfulness practice. My life moves very quickly from waking up in the morning to going to bed at the end of the day. After all, I have very little free time to maintain a relationship with my wife of eighteen years, care for our three children, and work full time as an engineering manager.

However, I found that taking the time to stop and write in my journal helped me focus on the thoughts, memories and comments I was missing. Taking these things out of my mind and journaling freed up some space in my mind and felt a sense of relief.

Best Journal App Apple Pencil

I’ve tried a variety of methods and tools over the years, from day planners to notepads, but I found the perfect solution for me in the Notability app on the iPad and Apple Pencil. However, it was a journey to get there.

Day One Vs Momento: Which Journal App Is Better On Iphone

My early journals were thin paper calendar organizers that I used as an electrical engineering student at the University of Texas at Austin. I used the calendars to organize my study schedule and write down my thoughts about the people, places and events in my life. I have to admit, it’s nice to see things that I felt were important to me in those years.

After graduating and starting my career, I started using thick paper notebooks with pages to take notes. I have the notebook hutch in my office and attic. Some of the journals have working notes, such as meeting notes, but I often wrote my thoughts about the years.

I loved the physicality of a paper notebook and writing with a pen in it. I found that writing on a word processor has no psychological significance. I have dozens of e-journals in the cloud, but they are not as meaningful as my paper ones.

I tried a variety of paper-based notebooks, and I finally settled on my favorite configuration:

The Best Bullet Journal Apps For Iphone

Although no connection to the phone, my favorite paper magazine is open on a blank page.

However, the physicality of the paper notebook was also a disadvantage. I was always afraid of losing my paper notebook, which would mean losing my thoughts irreparably for months if not months. Also, I once lived in a flooded apartment in Houston during a hurricane. Not only did I lose several photo albums, but some of my paper notebooks were destroyed. I am afraid of losing my paper notes due to natural calamities.

As a technician, I have experimented with a lot of software over the years as an alternative to my paper journals. The main things I’ve tried are Evernote, Google Keep and OneNote.

All these apps supported PIN in some form or the other and I tested them with different PINs and they worked to some extent. Most of them have a “draw” feature that allows you to take handwritten notes. Many of them can convert my handwriting to text, search my notes by text lines, and add different colors to my diary. All of them sync my data across multiple devices so I can access my notes on my tablet, laptop or desktop.

Create A Digital Bullet Journal In Apple Notes — Hello Brio

However, none of these apps have a pleasant typing experience. There was a slight lag between moving the pen and the text appearing on the page. I liked some aspects of all the apps I tried, but none of them won in terms of features.

My experience with physical and electronic methods of note-taking has been less than ideal, but it gives me a good idea of ​​what I want:

A few years ago, I came across Notability after installing and testing some note-taking apps on my then-brand-new iPad. I soon found it to be a simple but powerful solution for electronic journaling.

I first used Notability as a simple PIN that I use in other apps. However, the Apple Pencil (

Best Digital Journals: 13 Easy To Use Software & Apps For 2022

Writing in Notability with the Apple Pencil was almost like writing with pen and paper. Instead of constantly ignoring the nagging feeling that I don’t like writing in what I do, I was able to focus on writing.

Notable is the “infinite scrolling” approach on this page. This means you keep typing and the page scrolls as you type. Some note-taking programs force you to go to a new page when you reach the bottom of the current page. I found this very distracting because it took away from the writing experience.

You can also choose from a variety of cloud providers to automatically back up your data in Notability. I use Google Drive and I love knowing that if I ever lose my iPad, I can access my journal notes in PDF or Notability-specific formats.

Its popularity is so easy to use that app developers have resisted the urge to cram every bell and whistle into the app. For example, instead of having a large number of options to choose from on the color wheel, you can choose from a large number of colors. Notability also selects and removes in strokes rather than pixels. Therefore, “close enough” is useful when you need to change something on the page.

Best Journal Apps For 2022

From bullet journals to free-form journal entries, you can find many ways to journal online. Some people journal to make gratitude lists, write proofs, reflect on the past, plan for the future, and more. I don’t have any particular form or method of journaling. For me, regular journaling as a personal practice is more important than limiting what I write.

I create monthly categories in Notability and my journal entries are files for each category. As you can see in the picture above, the number of entries per month varies greatly, but I am happy to have at least one journal every month since August 2019. Although I don’t think I ever will. I write in a diary every day of the month, I try to write at least three times a week.

Here is a sample note. This is a collection of ideas I wanted to write about and a guide to journaling.

Nobility will automatically put a date and time stamp on my notes, but I’ve started putting the date at the beginning of the title of each entry so that it shows up in the file name of the backup I have stored in Google Drive. I don’t like to enter the date when I use a paper journal, but it makes it easier to know when each entry was written.

Using An Ipad Mini As A Stoic Journal

I don’t follow the journaling method, but sometimes I use a book called 365 Journal Writing Ideas.

) to find interesting hints to answer in my notes. I usually copy the message from the electronic version of the book into the text box and type the answer by hand.

These reminders are perfect for those days when it’s hard to think of something to write down. It was a lot of fun to see my reactions to these signs a few months ago, and I think it will be very interesting to look back on them a few years from now.

I love using Notability and the Apple Pencil to annotate my notes. It’s a combination that took me years to find. However, I have some ideas on how to update my settings.

The Best App For Taking Handwritten Notes On An Ipad

My current iPad is about two years old, and like most iPads, it’s pretty solid. For my needs, it’s still about as fast as I took it out of Apple’s artistic packaging. However, the fourth-generation 12.9-inch iPad Pro (

I have a new camera and I want to update it. I don’t take pictures with my iPad very often, but it’s nice to know I have some solid cameras on hand when I need it.

I am currently using 1st generation Apple Pencil and want to upgrade to Apple Pencil (2nd generation) eventually (

) I think it is overpriced now, but when the price drops I can buy it. A keyboard would have been nice, but I mainly use it as a protective case and for the iPad.

Best Apps For Apple Pencil In 2022 (july)

I recommend Notability and the Apple Pencil for electronic note-taking, but note-taking practice is key. Whether you use another electronic device or a pen or paper notebook, writing down your thoughts regularly is a great way to calm down and get to know yourself.

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