Best Korean Language App Reddit

Best Korean Language App Reddit – Reddit’s most popular language (besides English) will surprise you. To create this graph, I analyzed nearly a million Reddit comments using Snowflake and Java UDTF (under 2 minutes).

Most popular Reddit languages ​​after analyzing 1M comments: English, German(!), Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, Romanian(!), Dutch(!)…

Best Korean Language App Reddit

German is the second most popular language on Reddit. That’s probably a big reason why Reddit opened an office in Berlin this week.

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Millions of German users come to Reddit every day to find community and connect with people with similar interests, and with 47% year-over-year user growth, Germany is now our fifth largest user base. Today we officially say hello to our friends in the heart of Europe and open our doors in Berlin with a dedicated local team.

In this post, we’ll explore the results of analyzing nearly a million Reddit comments in less than 2 minutes using Java UDFs in Snowflake. What other languages, regions, and topics are heavily represented on Reddit?

I started with about a million Reddit comments outside of the top 40 subreddits (find the detailed rules for creating this template below). When analyzed, it was found that only 3% of comments were written in a language other than English;

The ranking of the most popular languages ​​was surprising. The second most popular language on Reddit is German. Third is Spanish (which is less surprising), followed by Portuguese, French, Italian, Romanian and Dutch;

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These results are surprising because German is the 12th most spoken language in the world. French is also more popular than German as a language, but the German community has seen more interest on Reddit.

According to Wikipedia, these are the most spoken languages ​​in the world. The list is quite different from what Reddit sees from its users;

German subreddits. Most of the German comments are on /r/de, the Germany subreddit, followed by /r/Austria and then the finance forum /r/Finanzen. /r/me_irl: Following the German version of /r/ich_iel/.

Spanish subreddits. The largest Spanish subreddit is /r/Argentina. This is amazing because Mexico has 3 times the population, but /r/mexico only has 1/3 the comments.

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Portuguese subtitles. The largest Portuguese subreddit is /r/Brazil, followed by /r/Portugal. This is surprising because Brazil has 20 times its population, but /r/brasil only has 1.5 times their comments. His most popular subscribers talk about confessions, uncensored content, football, investments and sexuality.

Some subreddits cover topics in multiple languages. A common mix is ​​English, plus another language, then /r/Serbia, which splits its comments into Bosnian, Croatian, and Serbian.

Taking 1 million Reddit comments and parsing their language using Java UDFs inside Snowflake wasn’t difficult, as these previous posts explain how:

Snowflake Loading 261GB reddit comments. I used to load Reddit comments into BigQuery, now it’s time to upgrade my pipelines to Snowflake. Let’s get started…

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New to Snowflake. Java UDFs (using Kotlin NLP) Snowflake now makes it easy for you to create Java UDFs, an incredibly powerful and versatile feature. Let’s check it out…

Since Snowflake recently announced support for Java table UDFs, I decided to give them a try. Surprisingly, the tabular UDF performed better than my previous Java UDF. Find out about this in the section below.

Bringing more to the table. Azure and UDTF Support with Snowpark In June, we announced that Java functions and the Snowpark API are available for preview on AWS. Today we…

UDTF can read tables and return tables. This is the UDTF implementation that returned the results for this post:

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For optimization, we’ve given only the first 200 characters of the cleared comment to the function to parse;

My previous UDF took 4 minutes to analyze a million comments with XL Snowflake storage, and the new UDTF was able to do the same in less than half that time.

Examining the details reveals that both the UDF and UDTF have consumed similar amounts of resources; UDTF was faster because Snowflake parallelizes the execution of these calls better.

Don’t worry too much about this, as Snowflake engineers are currently working on fixing these issues. Java UDF and UDTF are now in preview mode in Snowflake and you will be able to experience these improvements soon.

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Performance of Java UDF vs UDTF in XL storage.

This query checks the previous results, formats the labels, checks the ratio of languages ​​found in the sub-index, and excludes languages ​​with less than 2% representation per sub-index;

I’m Felipe Hoffa, Cloud Data Protector at Snowflake. Thank you for joining me on this adventure. You can follow me on Twitter and LinkedIn. Check out for the latest snowflake news.

Data Cloud Advocate at Snowflake ❄️. Originally from Chile, now in San Francisco and around the world. Previously on Google. Let’s talk about data.

The Most Popular Languages On Reddit After Analyzing ~1m Comments

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