10 Best Korean Learning Apps on Android For Beginner

Korean is not one of the most interesting languages ​​in the world to learn. Although the pronunciation is difficult, learning Hangul or Korean characters is not as difficult as learning the very complex kanji. Since the phenomenon of “hallyu or Korean wave” began to plague Indonesia a few years.

In the past, Korean became famous and loved by many people, especially admirers from K-Pop and K-Drama. Are you not one of the many people who are interested in learning Korean? Relax, there are many ways to learn it.

In addition to taking language classes, you can use the web or applications on your smartphone. You can find a Korean language study application that is right for you easily, of course.

10 Best Korean Learning Apps on Android

Well this time, I will review the 10 best Korean language study apps on Android that you can use to learn Korean anytime and anywhere. What Korean language study apps are right for you? Check this out!

10 Best Korean Learning Apps on Android For Beginner

” 1. Bravo Language

First, there is Bravo Language. This application made by Bravolol Language Learning offers various interesting features such as instant vocabulary search to changeable font sizes. In addition, there is also a recording and playback feature that can help users evaluate their Korean language capabilities by comparing their voice recordings with audio recordings from this application.

Each vocabulary is in the form of Korean (Hangul) and Latin letters, and there is also an audio clip to make it easier for users to learn the pronunciation of words or sentences together properly and correctly.

Bravo Language has many useful phrases and vocabulary in Korean that are also often used in everyday life. From being a simple greeting to a sentence for PDKT with a potential partner. Interesting right? Please download the application here.

2. Duolingo

Second, there’s Duolingo. With this application you can learn 20 foreign languages ​​​​self-taught as well as Korean. You can learn vocabulary and sentences that are most commonly used everyday and don’t have to worry about getting bored because in one day the material taught in this application is different.

As a user, you can also improve your Korean language skills by completing lessons and quizzes. If you manage to complete it well, then your language proficiency level will rise. Want to try this app? Please download Duolingo here.

3. Rosetta Stone

The application after that is “Rosetta Stone. This application allows” you to master Korean easily and quickly. According to fluentu, Rosetta Stone “is assisted by teachers from all over the world who have had over twenty years of experience studying and teaching” the Korean language.

To make it easier for users to remember a lot of vocabulary and sentences, Rosetta Stone makes use of audio-visual stimulation. Therefore you can get real-time feedback so you can understand where the pronunciation mistakes are while studying.

With Rosetta Stone, you can also take live learning sessions via the internet with tutors who are native Korean speakers. Curious? Download the Rosetta Stone app here right now.

4. Naver Dictionary

Naver is one of the most popular search engines in Korea that has launched a Korean language dictionary application in the form of an application that is considered the most accurate. If you glance at the name of this application, of course you will think that Naver Dictionary is just an ordinary dictionary application.

Make no mistake, with Naver Dictionary you can study various vocabulary, verbs, famous and most frequently used sentences to idioms in Korean. Audio clips are also available to make it easier for you to practice pronouncing words or sentences together correctly. Naver Dictionary also has a translator that is useful for translating complex sentences, you know.” Cool!

According to fluentu, you can also open an encyclopedia in the form of a collection of articles in Korean that can be used to increase knowledge about the culture of the Ginseng Country. Interested to try? Download the Naver Dictionary application here.

5. Korlink

A free Korean language study website, Talk To Me In Korean (TTMIK) provides an application called Korlink that can open all Korean language lessons from their website. TTMIK itself has tutors who are native speakers.

The website run by Hyun-Woo Sun and his colleagues also provides lessons in the form of audio and video uploaded via YouTube. All Korean lessons offered by TTMIK are delivered in English. Try the Korlink app here.

10 Best Korean Learning Apps on Android For Beginner

6. Hello Talk

The application after that is Hello Talk. If the applications that I mentioned above require you to learn on your own through lessons that are served directly by the application, with Hello Talk you can find and select study friends who are interested in learning the language you speak.

After getting a suitable friend, you and your friends can teach each other the language that is mastered by each through the enhanced chat feature with voice notes so that they can correct each other’s pronunciation of sentences or words together. Isn’t it fun? If you want to try the application from Hello Talk Learn Language Apps, please download the application here.

7. Memrise app

Memrise is one of the most popular language study apps. This application offers many features such as grammar lessons, vocabulary to quizzes. According to”Inwepo, this app is enhanced with a video showing a person speaking in our chosen language.

In addition to Korean, the Memrise application can also be used to learn dozens of other languages ​​” from all over the world. Are you interested in using Memrise? Please download the application here.

8. TenguGo

TenguGo is an application that contains lessons about Korean or Hangul letters. Yes, with this application you can learn Hangul in the form of interesting animations.

With this application you can get information about how Korean characters are made, so you can increase knowledge about Korean culture and language. To download the TenguGo Korean language study application, please click this next link.

9. Hangul Punch

Hangul Punch is a Korean language study application in the form of a game that requires players to select and match the appropriate syllables in Korean with an English audio clip. The syllable itself is the result of a fraction of a sentence in Korean.

What is unique about this application is how to select the syllables. You have to squeeze the appropriate syllable into the audio clip quickly. If you succeed, you have a chance to earn more points. This application is suitable for those of you who want to improve reading skills in Korean. Please download the Hangul Punch application here.

10. Learn Korean-Grammar

If you are lazy to read books containing grammar, this app is definitely one of the best advice. Is Learn Korean-Grammar, an application that will help you to learn Korean grammar according to your capabilities easily.

This application is very very simple, you just have to track the grammar you want to learn in the list of grammars that are already available. Let’s try this application right now! Please click this link” to download the application.

Those are 10 Korean language study apps on Android that you can use as an alternative option if you don’t have much time to take Korean classes. How, interested to try it? Just download the application via the link provided.

If you need the best advice on English study applications on Android, please read the article “10 English Learning Applications” to improve your English language skills.

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