15 Best Logo Making Apps on Android for Your Business Brand

The sophistication of Android smartphone technology is undeniable. Now, there are lots of Android applications that are ready to make the work of Android users easier. For example, there are 15 applications to create a logo on Android that can be discussed this time.

If you’ve ever created a logo that was too difficult and complicated, now you only need to install an application to create a logo on Android and immediately create a logo according to your needs. These next logo maker applications can create online shop logos, especially soccer logos.

15 Best Logo Making Apps on Android for Your Business Brand

Want to know how to make a logo easily with only an Android smartphone? Let’s take a look at this next Carisignal review!

Best Logo Making Apps on Android for Your Business Brand

*1. Canva

First, we recommend the Canva app. Well, unless this application is too easy to make the desired logo.

The reason is, Canva provides many templates to create logos based on the categories needed, such as food, office, or others. But, if you want to make it yourself, you can rely on the various tools that Canva offers.

The tools available are scratch, edit text & photos, to make changes in color and shape according to what users want. Oh yes, pulling back the Canva application is not just for making logos.

*2. ibis Paint X

ibis Paint X is not an application specifically for creating logos, but rather for creating any type of illustration you need.

This means that ibis Paint X cannot provide templates that can auto-generate logos. But the benefit is that you can be more free to create logos as you wish, and the results can be much more unique than templates.

This application has been downloaded more than 100 million times. You can use it like Microsoft Paint on the desktop, with an interface design that is familiar and easy to run by anyone.

*3. Logo Maker

With an Android smartphone, now you can create a logo with a unique, elegant, and attractive design. You can use Logo Maker to create the desired logo according to your taste.

This application, which has won nearly 30,000 downloads on the PlayStore, provides a variety of superior features that are ready to make it easier for logo makers.

In this application, you can combine multiple images, change text, including making background changes.

*4. Logo Maker Plus

No need to be confused about creating a logo, now there is an application called Logo Maker Plus that can support you in creating a logo with a unique and attractive design. This application, which has won more than 50,000 downloads on the PlayStore, provides a variety of features that are quite complete for creating logos.

In the application, you can choose the shape of the logo, change the color, including inserting text on the logo. Not only that, especially Logo Maker Plus is equipped with a feature where users can choose the type of letter that suits their taste.

Logo Maker Plus includes already providing various types of letters that are ready for you to use.

*5. GoDaddy Studio

GoDaddy Studio is one of the most popular graphic design apps on Android. The application has been downloaded by more than 10 million users.

You can rely on GoDaddy Studio to create a logo with over 50,000 graphics at your disposal. In addition to logos, you can design posters and include /flyers/. The app has various and intuitive /tools/.

*6. Adobe Express

It’s incomplete if you don’t include Adobe Express in the list of logo maker apps on Android.”

This graphic design application has complete editing features, so you can create logos easily. You can use the templates that are already available in the application.

If you want to customize the design as needed, you can take advantage of the various types of /tools/ that exist. You can enjoy the excellent features of Adobe Express for 2 weeks by subscribing/trial.

*7. Logo Maker Design Logo Creator – Splendid App Maker

Sometimes users can start to worry about using templates to create logos, worried that the design can be the same as other logos. However, this matter cannot be felt unless using Logo Maker Design Logo Creator made by Splendid App Maker.

The reason is that there are already more than 5000 different types of templates, spread into several types of categories or niches such as music, beauty, food, health, and many more. That way, you can create logos for various purposes, such as business, YouTube channels, WhatsApp groups, and much more

And if you have your own graphic assets, the logos on the template can be replaced and created at will. There are hundreds of types of writing fonts available, if you want to create a typographic logo, this is to add variety so you don’t get stuck with the same choices.

Best Logo Making Apps on Android for Your Business Brand

*8. Logo Maker – Logo Designer & Logo Creator – AZ Mobile Software

Logo Maker this time stopped by the developer AZ Mobile Software, and offers a different feature. This unique feature is the power to create a 3D logo by rotating the available tools. In addition, this application provides an alternative to every existing template.

In this application, there are more than 100 backgrounds, dozens of textures, and hundreds of typeface types to make slogans that come out more in line with your niche. You can also use /tool/ which is more /advance/ to improve the logo that is created.

*9. Kriadl

Furthermore, the Kriadl application is available. This one application was released in 2020 for Android. Until now, more than 1 million users have downloaded the application.

This application contains a logo creation option that can support you in designing a logo as needed. You can take advantage of the images available in the application, then add other elements such as text to the logo.

In addition to creating a logo, with Kriadl you can also design posters, /flyers/ or specific photos of Instagram posts.

*10. VistaCreate

You can use the VistaCreate application to create a logo on Android. You can design a logo from scratch by relying on the thousands of templates available in the app library. In addition, there are also free icons and fonts that you can use to design the logo you need.

There are also cool features in this application. One of them is photo or image background eraser. You can get the VistaCreate application in play store.

*11. Logo Maker – Mobi App

This Logo Maker presents a fairly distinctive selection of templates. Here you can search for the right logo description based on photo objects such as mountains, foxes, and so on.

This application developed by Mobi App includes many mockup variants to produce logo work that is more creative and easy for people to remember.

With a simple editor page, you can immediately understand what symbol functions are available such as undo and redo symbols, including symbol layers for better management of logo elements. If you are interested in downloading it, click here to go to the Google Play Store page of this Logo Maker by Mobi App.

*12. Logo Maker – AR Tech

Want to create a logo with a minimalist model? Or want to present a logo that can attract the attention of many people? Incidentally, AR Tech includes presenting an intuitive logo maker application with a variety of options.

You can choose one of the templates you like, and make changes to various graphic elements such as images, text, backgrounds, and colors for each of these elements.

Whether it’s a food business or another niche, you can create a logo that represents your brand better.”

Plus, it can be fully run easily and for free with only an Android smartphone. Interested in trying it? Now this application can be downloaded from the Google Play Store.

*13. Logo Esport Maker – Cyberman.inc

Maybe other logo maker apps are too broad for your taste. Don’t worry because there is an Esport Maker Logo that matches the name, able to produce unique and extraordinary logos for the benefit of your gaming team.

This is because a gaming logo needs to be intimidating and requires a unique touch, such as bolder graphic elements that symbolize the impression of invincibility.

*14. Logo Generator & Logo Maker

Not to be outdone by other developers, LIGHT CREATIVE LAB includes developing an application to create a logo on Android. Is a Logo Generator & Logo Maker that is ready with various features to make your logo more unique and attractive.

In the application, Logo Generator & Logo Maker has a collection of templates or logo shapes that are ready for you to edit. But if you start not quite according to the template provided, then you can create your own logo design and shape.

Uniquely, this Logo Generator & Logo Maker can make it easier for users to convert the finished logo into digital form. Quite complete and light is not it.

*15. DesignEvo

DesignEvo was released by PearlMountain Technology Limited in 2018. With this application, you can create cool logos for various purposes. You can rely on thousands of templates and hundreds of available fonts.

Of course, you can also adjust the level of color sharpness and add specific effects to the created logo. You can save the finished logo in JPG and PNG format. Download DesignEvo here.

Well, there you have it, 15 applications for creating logos on Android, the simplest and best, Carisignal’s choice. In addition to creating a logo on Android, you can also create a logo on a PC by using 15 logo maker software on a PC and please check the software here. Have any other app tips? Write in the comments column yes!

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