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Best News App New Zealand – New Zealand security company Gallagher protects some of the most secure facilities in the world, from mines to ports and government facilities. What about the local candy store? When Gallagher tried to break into small business, he had to change the customer relationship and management system in a way that completely eliminated doors. With the help of Waikato partner Enlighten Designs, Gallagher Group is bringing together the best of cyber security with the cyber world. Using a cloud-based platform that combines Sitecore with Azure technologies, it uses the power of data and automation to give small businesses the products and services they need, and better security against film theft. Entering the new security market (breaking the mold)

The Gallagher Group of New Zealand has led the way in animal management technology, production design and oil control for over 80 years. Since entering the security field in the 1990s, it has become a global leader in innovation, manufacturing and marketing. . Using its expertise in electronic fencing technology, Gallagher has developed innovative perimeter, access control and intrusion alarm systems to protect some of the world’s most important assets and locations.

Best News App New Zealand

However, Gallagher saw an opportunity to offer the same quality security to small businesses, whether it’s a farm, warehouse or tire shop. To do this, he realized he needed more customer and customer platforms to enable businesses of all types to get the information they need at a glance, while also providing Gallagher with insights that could help him increase number of services in the new. market expansion.

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As it stands, Gallagher has no way to understand his customers’ needs or to ensure that vendors are serving them on time or regularly. A small farm in Taranaki has different needs and concerns than a university campus in Otago (or New York), but Gallagher’s only visibility for many customers is when they click on the website to ask a vendor for a quote . . And Gallagher has no way to check thousands of other individual relationships and make sure they’re getting what they need.

Instead of the old linear approach, with Gallagher making the product at one end, the marketer in the middle and the customer at the other, the vision is to bring everyone together on a platform that can provide actionable insights and insights to become the customer experience even better and at the same time add value to the seller’s business.

The dream: An online platform that would be customizable, easy to use, and able to collect customer data. The Gallagher Group will be able to better understand its new customers, manage the delivery of unique services and offers to a large customer base and stay ahead of the competition.

As marketing director Evan Morgans said: “Traditionally, the security technology industry has focused on large, complex organizations such as ports, mines, universities or government facilities. Our aim is to provide a management system of the information that opens up the small business market.

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We want to create a new experience for customers and companies. We need to offer a different and exciting experience, and if we want to do something in the small business market, we need to consider the needs of the small business.

And you can’t have a great user experience if the product isn’t ready. Like most security manufacturers, Gallagher’s technology still relies on keyboards and good memory. If you’ve ever left home and wondered if you’d remembered to lock the door, you’ll know the problems faced by many Gallagher customers who drive away only to turn around to find that their alarm has gone off. set correctly. Or they’ve forgotten their card or access code and need someone to come to the rescue!

So Gallagher’s new scheme for small businesses has another need: a platform that can take security measures automatically or mobile, saving customers (and call teams) a lot of stress and time.

Fortunately, Enlighten Designs is on the way. After working with Gallagher for several years, he understood exactly what the mission was. An Enlighten team has moved into Gallagher’s Hamilton office for 10 months while working on a new system that will take security to the next level.

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Bulb Time unveils plan to integrate customer engagement and digital marketing platform Sitecore with Microsoft Azure. This combines the full flexibility and ease of use that Sitecore is known for in terms of cloud access, security and scalability.

“User experience is the number one non-negotiable. If a decision is made, it should be the one that delivers the best user experience, and deploying Sitecore on Azure does just that,” said Gerard Mold , Account Manager at Enlighten. – behavior of the end customer”.

The channel is designed to monitor how customers navigate the site, not only learning what they like, but allowing you to quickly adjust for a better experience.

“As we get more data, we can really see how Gallagher’s customers are behaving at a macro level and make the necessary changes to improve the customer experience. For example, if more people are stuck in a certain ‘i particular’ or if pages are taking too long to load, we can fix that,” Mold said.

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The next step is to integrate all of Gallagher’s back-office functions with systems, such as its SAP financial system, and enable salespeople to create invoices, fulfill daily orders and track customer interactions, so they know when will the next one follow? stood up or where the problems were. The mobile app sends an alert to the local dealer whenever customers request an appointment.

And with Azure giving customers worldwide access to the web portal from their phones, Gallagher’s security technology has grown significantly. The Enlighten and Gallagher team has added a feature to allow customers to turn their alarms on and off using their smartphones and check alarm status. No more lost key codes or late arrivals, but more peace of mind.

While still in pilot phase, Gallagher’s new Sitecore platform on Azure is already changing the way we do business. With a single portal to replace your legacy CMS, you can control the end-to-end customer journey, from lead generation to relationship development, statistics generation, sales execution and service delivery follow-up, until the full maturity of the client. . Gallagher vendors and staff can facilitate progress toward project delivery to ensure customer satisfaction, performance, and communication all at once instead of one step at a time.

The Enlighten solution is easy to use for Gallagher’s field team to customize and manage for themselves. The company is now fully automated, sending personalized recommendations that help drive new business. A far cry from the old system of waiting for a client to request a document.

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“This is our opportunity to stay ahead of the market. We’ve moved from a catalog website to something that allows us to analyze where our customers visit and their customer profiles to deliver content relevant to them” , Morgans said.

Microsoft One Business Partner Director Sarah Bowden believes the Sitecore platform on Azure has many other applications in the business world.

“We always tell our partners that we only provide them with the resources to design and create magic on behalf of their customers. The Sitecore on Azure product developed by Enlighten is already a game-changer for Gallagher, and we look forward to seeing what it can help businesses achieve wherever it’s introduced, whether it’s building customer relationships or building rockets.

Meanwhile, Azure cloud technology is also increasing Gallagher’s competitiveness in the market. Effective cybersecurity reduces false alarms, provides greater disaster recovery capabilities, and benefits from continuous updates to prevent hackers.

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In Morgans words: “Traditional security systems are easy, but in the cloud they can use high-quality, low-cost security measures for the value they provide. If you’re still relying on the old legacy security system, you’ll be left with way back..”

“It completely turns the old system of engagement on its head. That’s the vision for the next 12 months.”

As automation increases, fewer employees will be needed for the day-to-day tasks of inventory management or monitoring areas, meaning they can be transferred to other value-added areas of the business.

And soon, small businesses will experience this level of cinematic experience as more applications are added to the cloud-based Sitecore portal.

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This technology already allows customers to set and control alarms, and lock and unlock doors via mobile (“Keypads are a thing of the past,” Morgans said). It also calls security guards automatically once an intrusion is detected without checking the business. However, customers will soon be able to take it a step further and see their faces on camera. This will not only make the process more intuitive, but the hacker will be easily caught in the act and the owners will be able to see exactly what is happening in real time.

“Customers have told us they want to be notified directly through the app when there’s an intrusion alarm, rather than waiting for a call from a monitoring provider,” Morgans said. “This is what we offer.”

Now, property managers and owners can see footage of what’s happening on their phone while guards are on the road, and thanks to the web portal, they can get a detailed report without ever stepping foot outside the property.

Morgans added: “Our business is built on using world-leading technologies that make people’s lives easier and save them.

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