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Best Notes App For Android Quora – According to the latest statistics, more than 2.5 billion people use Android. It is the most used operating system in the world. There is even a community of Android fans on Quora with almost 99,000 members and counting.

Due to its popularity, you will find many Android apps available on the Google Play Store regardless of the smartphone model you are using. One of the most popular categories that users choose is productivity, which includes note-taking apps as a subcategory.

Best Notes App For Android Quora

This type of app will help you retain ideas when your head can’t, especially if you don’t have a piece of paper in your hand. With a smartphone, you can put your notes in your pocket and carry them wherever you go.

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There are many note-taking apps available for Android. Some are designed for simple note-taking, while others have extensive features that allow you to create powerful lists and reports. To help you choose the right app for you, here’s a list of the best note-taking apps. I downloaded all of them to my Android and tested myself. Whether you’re looking for a simple app or an all-in-one tool, there’s something for everyone.

Google Keep is one of the most popular note-taking apps for Android. It allows you to capture ideas and thoughts using text, lists, images and audio.

You can create and draw notes, lists or save your handwritten notes. Colors and #tags make it easy to see what you’re looking for, and the search option saves you time so you don’t have to scroll through the list. Dark and light themes allow you to customize the interface.

You can also quickly archive or delete content you no longer need. You can “note” or “add to to-do list” with “Ok Google” voice commands.

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Google Notes is a simple app with all the basic features you need to take good notes on the go, away from your office or home. It easily synchronizes with other Google services, which makes it easier to work in different applications and devices. And you can easily and quickly share notes via email, SMS, copy them to Google Docs or Google Drive, or send them to any other application.

Simplenote, as the name suggests, is a simple note-taking app. If you’re looking for a practical, transparent tool without fancy features, Simplenote is perfect for you. Just write what’s on your mind and you’re done! all done.

Labels also help you organize your thoughts, but you can add an email address as a label to share your notes with people or to share with other Android apps. Using the note history, you can see when it was created, edited, how many words and characters it has.

When you delete notes, they’re moved to the trash, but you can restore them or empty the trash to get rid of them for good.

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Simplenote lets you access your notes on the web and on other devices, so you can always have your ideas close at hand.

. It works like a simple word processor and gives you the flexibility to type in what you need. In the calendar, you can organize your schedule using calendar notes. ColorNote lets you create GTD checklists, to-do lists, and shopping lists. Additionally, you can search the web or Amazon for items on your list. So once you’ve created your shopping list, you’ll have your items delivered right to your door!

To keep important information close at hand, you can add and resize notes to your home screen with the Sticky Note Memo widget.

Colors, theme, month date for calendar, note search, list and grid view, task reminders and ColorDict add-on notebook support

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To keep your thoughts and ideas safe, you can password protect your notes. It also provides backup notes to SD storage and online backup and sync to sync notes between phone and tablet. In ColorNote, your text can be sent to any application, either as an attachment or in printed form.

Material Notes is a simple app with minimalist features. If you’re looking for a tool that doesn’t require a lot of attention, Material Notes is the right choice.

First, it has a nice and intuitive interface, so using the app is a pleasant experience. Second, it has only the necessary functions:

Evernote is one of the most popular and widely used tools for organizing and planning. To use it, you need to register first. Whether you need to organize work or personal tasks, Evernote is a powerful application to help you organize everything.

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It’s best for teams as it allows for full collaboration and in-app chat. With the camera, you can quickly capture each thought and organize it with tags and notebooks for easy retrieval later.

However, you need to subscribe to a paid plan for more advanced features. In the free version, you can only use 2 devices, you have 60 MB of data per month, 25 MB per note, and you cannot access offline notebooks or use all features.

Microsoft OneNote lets you take notes on your phone and sync them across all your devices for a seamless workflow across Microsoft tools. It’s a powerful tool that lets you do whatever you want with your content. You can draw, add notes, create notes, journal, add sticky notes. All content can be customized – bold text, italics, strikethrough, lists, links, files and photo attachments. And colors allow for faster search and organization of ideas.

Additionally, the OneNote badge (which you add to your home screen) lets you quickly capture your ideas and you can hide it when you don’t need it.

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Use OneNote for work or personal tasks. Share your ideas with others and collaborate with team members. OneNote lets you do what you need and want for free.

Notepad Free is one of the top rated note taking apps for Android. If you’re looking for the simplest solution without fancy extra features, this is it. The interface has a simple, smooth layout, brown colors and is very easy to use.

You can sort notes by date or title, search and share content with other apps or people.

Save your ideas quickly and conveniently with the free Notepad program. It’s a simple and free notepad, nothing more, nothing more.

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FiiNote is an app for jotting down all kinds of ideas. With it, you can capture anything from a simple idea to a complex mind map. Combine input with keyboard, handwriting, voice, holiday logo and camera.

There is an option to insert photos and drawings between notes, add location and reminders, attach photos and videos from your gallery. You can conveniently access your records by swiping left or right. Customize colors, themes and more.

FiiNote even has a built-in calculator so you can create financial reports, create Prezi-like presentations, or draw different shapes in a coloring book.

FiiNote is the most complete free application that allows you to take not only handwritten notes, but also all types of documents. And it has all the tools you need to change it. It also has all the features you need to freely customize it. You can also sync your notebook between your smartphone and PC after completing your free registration on the FiiNote website.

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WorkFlowy is a simple yet powerful free notepad app that’s perfect for structuring your ideas. Allows creation of clear lists with sub-items, titles and description. You can include items such as

To use WorkFlowy, you must first create an account. It also automatically syncs between your phone, tablet and computer.

Squid is one of the best note-taking apps for Android for those who prefer to jot down their ideas. You can write with an active pen, pen, or finger.

You can be creative with Squid. The tool is best suited for those who like to visualize things. What’s more, it’s a great electronic whiteboard solution. You can use it to present ideas to team members, either in the form of an office presentation or via video conference.

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BlackNote is an all-black note-taking app for Android. If the default white background of most apps makes you tired and you need a break, this is the right choice.

You can create a note or checklist in the app. In addition, you can star notes (they are automatically saved at the top), create categories, set a password, add quick notes to the home screen, and send notes to other apps and people.

ClearNote is a note-taking app for Android by the creator of BlackNote (see listing #11). It’s basically the same app, just in color.

In addition, the ClearNote panel appears at the top of the home screen widget and provides access to the ClearNote app, YouTube, camera, clock, calculator, and web search.

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⇒ Notepad has created similar note-taking apps for Android, each with a slightly different interface. Don’t forget to check them all out here and choose the one you like the most!

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