15 Best Office Apps for Android Smartphones

Once you think your Android smartphone is immune to viruses it is boring because it has been protected by an anti-virus application, which means that this time you can use the application to support your productivity. Apps that will help with daily productivity are office apps for Android.

Almost everyone needs good for school children, students, adults, especially workers. All need an office to support activities. However, nowadays, the office does not always have to be accessed via a PC. You can use the Office apps for Android by downloading them to the Play Store.

Best Office Apps for Android Smartphones

Some offline and online and even 15 office requests are classified as lightweight applications. Want to? Let’s look at the following critique.

Best Office Apps for Android Smartphones

*1. Microsoft Office Applications*

Microsoft Office is the technology that many people need for school and even for work. Microsoft doesn’t want to lose one to transport this most popular technology to cherish on Android smartphones.

As we know, the popular Microsoft Office consists of Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and Microsoft Power Point. You can download these three office applications one by one depending on your individual needs.

Of course, you can directly modify all files with three applications. You can modify documents, excel, and even data for presentations in .ppt format.

Microsoft Word, generally used for the need to type plain text. While Microsoft Excel is generally used for file needs in the form of calculations or tables.

Finally, Microsoft Power Point is usually used for do/drag/presentation. But in fact, to do / drag / presentation is not only on the power point, there are many applications for presentation that can be used, for example prezi.

*2. WPS Office Application

WPS Office, an application that is capable of modifying also creates new documents with Android smartphones. WPS Office can also read files with Microsoft Office formats such as Word, PowerPoint, Excel and TXT formats.

True to the name of the application, of course, WPS Office can read and access files in PDF form. User can also do/convert/into files with format word, text, excel, powerpoint, doc. Do you want to use this app? Just click here and get the request right away.

*3. Google Office Apps Apps*

Google has office applications that can be accessed online from anywhere as long as there is an internet connection. These applications include Google Docs for creating and modifying documents, Google Sheets for creating spreadsters and Google Slips as an online presentation program.

You can always save documents created with Google Office applications in other formats. For example, a Google Docs document becomes a Word document so that it can be opened in a Microsoft Office application and opened and published later.

*4. OfficeSuite Apps*

If before Microsoft offered three desktop applications for Android with different needs, another case with the OfficeSuite application. This app offers words, excel, power point as well as PDF in the same app, office.

Formats / support / in this application are DOC, DOCX, DOCM, XLS, XLSX, XLSM, PPT, PPTX, PPS, PPSX, PPTM and PPSM. As the name suggests, this OfficesUite application is capable of modifying PDFs directly. Want to? Download the app here.

*5. Polaris Office Apps*

The Polaris Office application is supported by a feature that is able to save files and even edit files in the form of Word, Excel and Power Point with one application. Not only can you access Microsoft Office formats, but you can access PDF formats with the Polaris Office app.

Application users can also take advantage of the feature to open files in the form of calculation sheet formats, slides and also Google documents. Do you want to use Polaris office request? Just click here and download the app for free.

*6. All Document Reader and Viewer Application*

As the name suggests, document reader and all document viewer app can help you to read all documents downloaded from internet such as PDF, DOC, DOCX XLS, PPT, TXT, Excel and more. As of now, this app has been downloaded more than 10 million times on the Play Store.

In the all document reader and viewer implementation, all document documents, including PDF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, TXT files are managed and organized in a folder structure view. In addition, all document documents are also available in one place, which facilitates searching and viewing documents.

*7. Adobe Acrobat Reader Application*

Adobe Acrobat Reader is known as an application for reading PDFs. Not only can open and read PDFs, Adobe Acrobat Reader users can directly open PDF files via email and the Web. You can also share PDF files directly using the /hare./ functionality.

There are three modes for reading PDFs using Adobe Acrobat Reader, namely scrolling / or continuous reading modes. /Functions/comments/uniform integrated into the application. So you can write and show important stuff directly in a PDF file. Very complete and easy, right? Download the app here.

*8. Docs To Go App*

Now you don’t have to take the trouble of transporting your laptop anywhere just to modify files that have Microsoft Word, Excel or PDF. Because office requests, documents to go, will simplify your work. Users can work anywhere and anytime.

In addition, you can change files in Microsoft Office directly using your smartphone. In addition, you don’t have to bother and complicated to sign an account to use the document application. Easy? If you are interested, you can click here to get the application.

Best Office Apps for Android Smartphones

* 9. Quip app*

Quip, the best office app is the next version of Carisyal. This application also offers convenience to access your Microsoft Office files. In fact, SUIP will help you and facilitate modification of your files.

In addition to this edition also easy access, QUIP provides features / chat and messages / to communicate with your work partners to discuss the files you changed. Another feature offered is /Export

The files that you have will be easy to export and even import by changing the format to PDF or Microsoft Office. Very easy isn’t it? If you want this app just click here to download the app.

*10. SmartOffice Apps*

Still around applications that are capable of editing also access Microsoft Office formatted files. This time the best office application comes with the name SmartOffice application. Just like the previous application, SmartOffice also offers convenience in editing as well as accessing files.

You can also change the file format that originally was in Microsoft Office format to PDF format. After you finish editing, SmartOffice users can save their files safely in DropBox, Box, Google Drive. Pretty practical isn’t it? Download the application here.

*11. AndrOpen Office Applications*

You can read and edit office documents in the form of word, excel, and even power point using the “AndrOpen Office” application. This is a free application where everything in terms of office needs will be facilitated.

Those of you who have documents in the form of “DOC / DOT / RTF / XLS / XLT /” PPT / POT can directly edit and open the document in “AndrOpen Office.

In addition, this application made by Akikaku Yoshikawa can also read documents in the form of / spreadsheets / worksheets, presentation graphics, equation editors, / can even be relied on for drawing! Would you like to try using the app? You can directly download it here.

*12. Docs To Go App”„¢ Premium Key*

This is the paid version of the Docs To Go office application. Fully featured, you can access files from cloud storage accounts such as Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, and OneDrive and sync files with your desktop computer via USB.

Apart from that, you won’t find any ads like there is the free version for a smoother experience.

*13. Word Office Apps – PDF, Docx, Excel – Begamob Official*

You can rely on this one application to open and edit several types of documents. Among them are Word documents, Excel and ppt.

This application released by Begamob Official can also track the revision history of these documents. Don’t forget, you can also monitor comments inserted in the document.

This Word Office application is available on Google PlayStore and has been downloaded by more than 10 million Android users. Please download directly here.

*14. Office Reader Apps – WORD/PDF/EXCEL – ZipoApps*

Next, there is the Office Reader from ZippoApps. In accordance with the name of the application, you can open all types of files from Microsoft Office, such as ppt, xslx (Excel) and docx.

Best of all, this application allows you to open these documents quickly, even without an internet connection.

In addition, the application is also easy to use and the file size is not large. There are many other features of this application that you can try yourself. Try the Office Reader from ZippoApps here.

*15. ONLYOFFICE Documents App*

ONLYOFFICE Documents was released by Ascensio Systems SIA in 2016. This application allows users to edit several types of documents, such as docx, xslx, ppt, and many more.

Uniquely, users can do /co-editing/ in real-time/ with their colleagues through this application. In addition, ONLYOFFICE Documents also provides users with access to /cloud storage/ WebDAV to store all their documents securely. Download ONLYOFFICE here.

Well, above are the 15 best office applications for Android. You can choose from the ten applications above. Which application best suits your needs?


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