Best Photo Editing App For Samsung Android

Best Photo Editing App For Samsung Android – Just like its phones, Samsung’s apps are packed with many useful features. The Samsung Gallery app is an amazing alternative to Google Photos. The app is only available on Samsung devices, but Samsung tends to hold a few spots on our list of best smartphones. After diving deep into the settings menu, you’ll find several useful options like OneDrive integration, object deletion, spot color, and more. It is probably the most feature-rich gallery app available for Android.

You can enable some experimental features of Samsung Gallery through Gallery Labs. This hidden menu should be enabled in a style similar to developer options.

Best Photo Editing App For Samsung Android

You can move photos and videos from your Samsung phone gallery to a secure folder and keep them away from browsing. Secure Folder is easy to set up and stores all your data in a secure and encrypted format.

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When you use this option for the first time, you need to set up a secure folder by giving it the necessary permissions and entering a password, pattern or PIN lock. You can open the protected folder from your phone’s app drawer to access hidden photos and videos.

Google has created a specific ad for the Pixel 6’s Magic Eraser feature, which removes unwanted objects and reflections from photos. However, Samsung is ahead of the curve and introduced the Object Delete option in its Gallery app with the Galaxy S21 series in early 2021.

If you don’t like Samsung’s object removal action, there are plenty of other Magic Eraser options to try.

In addition to Object Eraser, Samsung Gallery has another great editing tool built into its submenus: Spot Color. It allows you to convert a photo to black and white, leaving only certain parts or objects in color. This can be used to highlight certain objects in the photo.

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This will preserve the original photo. To save your changes as a copy, go to More options > Save as copy.

Samsung Gallery makes it easy to view the Exif (Exchangeable Image File Format) data of the photos and videos you take. You can also edit this information if you wish.

By default, new folders containing photos and videos on your Samsung phones appear as a new album in the Gallery app, including those created by third-party apps. If you want your gallery to be clean and organized, hide unnecessary albums and folders.

If you have multiple folders or albums in Samsung Gallery, you can move media files between them with a simple drag and drop.

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As part of its partnership with Microsoft, Samsung offers native OneDrive integration in its Gallery app. If you subscribe to Microsoft 365, you can take advantage of 1TB of OneDrive space and back up your photos and videos to it.

Have you accidentally deleted a photo or video from your Samsung phone? The Gallery app offers recycle bin functionality, so you have up to 30 days to recover deleted media files.

After taking a photo, you can add a portrait effect to your photos. This feature works best with selfies and your mileage may vary depending on photos taken with the primary rear camera. However, this is still a good option.

Not happy with how the photo turned out? Want your next profile picture to appear? Use the edit option in Samsung Gallery to change your photos. Here’s how to rearrange your photo:

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You can set any photo as your phone’s home screen, lock screen or always-on wallpaper using Samsung Gallery.

Samsung’s digital companion may turn out not to be the Google Assistant or Alexa competitor we expected. However, Bixby Vision is a useful feature, as is Google Lens built into Samsung Gallery. You can use Bixby Vision to recognize objects in your photos or copy text from images.

Like Google Photos, Samsung Gallery can analyze your photos and recommend changes such as adding a portrait effect, rearranging them to improve their appearance, and deleting duplicate photos to free up space.

Want to quickly preview a photo in landscape mode in the Samsung Gallery app? You don’t need to enable auto-rotate for this. Tap the rotate button in the gallery image viewer to switch to landscape or vice versa. It’s a useful feature because it doesn’t affect the system’s auto-rotate settings.

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You don’t want to live with unwanted and unnecessary albums created by third-party apps in Samsung Gallery. You can hide them to keep your gallery neat and organized. For example, use this option to hide unwanted WhatsApp media files from cluttering up your gallery.

Samsung Gallery is great, but we prefer to use it with Google Photos. Do you have years of photos on your phone? Organize your Google Photos albums in minutes with these tips and tricks. Affiliate and sponsored partnerships available. If you make a purchase through one of these links, we may earn a commission. Learn more.

Samsung Galaxy smartphones come with a very powerful photo editing application that allows you to crop, add various effects and do a lot more to your photos after you take them. Recently, the new app update started rolling out on Galaxy smartphones and tablets.

Samsung regularly adds new features to its photo editing app. Recently, after the launch of the Galaxy S22 series of phones, Samsung introduced new tools to remove objects in the application. On the latest Samsung Galaxy devices, you can remove shadows and reflections from your photos and images, and it works very well, at least with shadows.

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However, the latest update does not bring any new features. Instead, it only brings bug fixes. Since Samsung isn’t going into details, we can only hope that any major issues that users face while editing their photos in the Gallery app on their Galaxy device will be resolved with the latest version of the app (which may vary depending on your device).

To update to the latest version of Samsung Photo Editor, you can open the Galaxy Store, tap the hamburger button in the upper left corner of the screen and select

. When you edit a photo, you can update it in the app by tapping the appropriate notification.

Join our Telegram group and subscribe to our YouTube channel to get the latest news and in-depth reviews of Samsung devices. You can subscribe to get updates from us on Google News and follow us on Twitter. Samsung has quietly released a new photo-editing app called Enhance-X that promises to fix blurry pictures, brighten dark pictures, and fix photos taken from digital screens. . , and larger scale images for higher resolutions.

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The app is free and available on the Galaxy Store, but requires at least Android 10, according to Android Authority. Since it is not available on Google Play, the app is only available for Samsung Galaxy devices, but the operating system limitation means that users of older Galaxy smartphones may not be able to use the enhanced editing features available in the new app.

The company says the Galaxy Enhance-X app is a “one-stop shop” for all media enhancements, and with one tap it can analyze a photo for flaws and offer tools to improve them.

In particular, the company notes that artificial intelligence can blur photos, brighten those taken in low light, correct photos taken from digital screens and process high-quality, high-resolution images. Enhance-X has a set of tools that can remove reflections, fix moiré, sharpen and more.

The user can apply artificial intelligence based techniques to both repair and enhance the images stored in the gallery. Unwanted blur, reflections can be removed and at the same time get sharper and higher resolution, improve dynamic range and brighten photos taken in low light conditions,” the company explains.

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The app edits non-destructively, so any changes made to photos result in a new save, and the original image remains even after Enhance-X does its AI magic.

Ever since Samsung announced the Galaxy S21 Ultra last year, the AI ​​edition has made a pretty significant leap in performance. At launch, the company’s flagship smartphone comes with an object eraser that can remove unwanted objects from the background.

The AI-powered tool appears to work by combining object detection with something like Adobe’s Content-Aware Fill. While the feature was initially launched only for the S21 Ultra, Samsung rolled it out to a number of older devices the following month via a software update along with several other display and camera-related features.

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