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Best Photo Lock App Android – Locking apps on Android phones is often done to maintain user privacy, and locking social media apps like Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp (WA), etc., can actually prevent account abuse. In this discussion, we will see how to lock all types of apps on Asus phones like Asus Zenfone and others.

We can lock apps on ASUS phone with the help of a third party, or we can use ASUS AppLock which is default by ASUS manufacturer. For convenience, we will try to use the app on the ASUS phone itself, it is more practical since we do not need to download and install AppLock from a third party.

Best Photo Lock App Android

Another benefit of locking apps to our phones, especially for parents, is that it prevents kids from watching inappropriate or inappropriate content. This can certainly have a positive impact on the growth and development of the child, and for the parents themselves, the child will certainly be more calm as he grows up.

Top & Best App Lock For Android

There are many ways to lock Apk files on Android. You can follow which one is easier to understand and not complicated. Before we need to set up the AppLock PIN first, the process is as follows.

2. Then you need to enter a 4 digit PIN or you can also use the pattern option.

3. After the password or pattern is set successfully, now you can use Password Saver as a security tool to log in to AppLock when you forget the pattern or password.

The initial steps to create an AppLock PIN are complete, now let’s move on to how to lock Android apps on ASUS phones.

Best Apps To Hide Pictures And Videos On Android

You can lock apps in two ways, you can choose according to your preference, namely Family Manager and All Apps. More details we will discuss one by one.

I. All Apps 1. Go to the All Apps menu screen, tap the three vertical dots (Settings), then tap App Lock to start opening the app.

2. Don’t forget to enter Pattern or PIN when entering AppLock, password or AppLock password we often use, please save it.

3. In the next step, you can choose the apps you want to lock, because usually white lock apps are apps that are still open and unlocked. On the other hand, the apps with the yellow lock are the ones we locked with AppLock.

Best Lock Screen Apps For Android (september 2022)

4. Finally, you can click Done to save it, or select Cancel if you want to cancel it.

This is the first method you can try to lock apps on your Asus Android phone. Well, other methods are as follows.

2. Homepage Management 1. You can use the second method as the first method in roughly the same way as the first method. Long press the desktop to open the management home page.

4. If successfully opened, lock any apps you want to keep private. Tap once to lock the app (yellow lock) and tap again to cancel it (white lock).

Pengunci Aplikasi Terbaik Untuk Kunci Aplikasi Penting Di Android

5. After selecting the apps you want to lock, you can finally save by selecting Done.

Well, for those who want more security. You can use the fingerprint authentication function. You can open and lock Android apps with just your fingerprint, it’s easy and you don’t have to worry about forgetting patterns or passwords.

However, to use this feature, your Asus phone must have good enough specs, minimum Android N and ZenUI Launcher V3 and above.

3. Use Fingerprint to Lock Apps on ASUS Phone 1. Go to the Admin Home menu and select Preferences to get started. You’ll also find another option in the Preferences menu under All Apps, right at the three vertical dots.

Best App Locker For Android Mobile Set With Volume Button

2. Now select AppLock under Preferences. Usually we need to enter PIN or pattern, we can also use fingerprint as password.

3. Then check the Fingerprint Authentication section to lock and unlock the app with your fingerprint.

How to lock apps on your Asus phone with your fingerprint is easier than using passwords and patterns.

Four. How to Disable App Lock on Asus Android Hp For those who want to disable App Lock on Asus Android Hp. You can follow the short tutorial below.

Best App Lock For Android [10+ Best App Locker]

1. Go to Home Page Manager and open the Preferences menu. You can also open it with three vertical dots.

4. Go to AppLock settings, slide the slider below AppLock to turn AppLock on or off.

It’s very easy for us to disable app lock on ASUS phones because when we want to enable AppLock or mobile lock apps, this method doesn’t make much difference.

Also, how to change the app lock on the Asus phone itself is more or less the same as how to lock the phone.

How To Lock Apps On Android

Maybe that’s all for this version of Android tips on how to lock Android apps on Asus phones, you can practice the rest of this tutorial on all Asus phone versions, eg: Asus Zenfone Max Pro M1, Asus Zenfone Max Pro M2, Zenfone Live and more.. Also read: How to Root Best Photo Lock App Asus5: Android or iPhone security is very important for everyone. People want to protect their personal data, especially from hackers. Apps like Facebook, Instagram, and Gallery store photos of nearly all users.

Today in this post, I will tell you 5 best photo lock apps that will help you save and lock apps like Gallery, Facebook and more. So, let’s get started.

This application is available for Android and iOS devices. This app hides your private photos and videos well. You can use a pin or pattern lock to lock apps or photo libraries.

If someone tries to break into your app to lock your phone, you can use the report interruption feature in this app to quickly find that person. This feature of this app will quickly take a selfie of a person and locate their location.

Android Lock Screen Wallpapers On Wallpaperdog

This app is useful for you because you can set fake passwords for fake folders. If someone finds your app. So you can show them a fake folder instead of the real one.

Yes, you heard that right, a calculator photo lock app. This photo lock app is great, no one will know it’s an app lock. You can hide your private photos and videos very easily with this app.

The calculator is also well designed and works well. Also, you can use this app to encrypt your photos. You can download and hide photos in Android’s calculator.

Folder Lock app is specially designed for those who want to hide sensitive photos and videos. In this app you can import images and videos directly and lock or lock with pattern in seconds. You can also use Folder Lock to lock audio files, notes. 7

Best App Lockers For Android To Lock And Secure Your Apps In 2022

The good news is that with this app, you can keep your data in the cloud in case you delete the app by mistake. You can log into your secret app with a password, PIN or pattern. You can download folder lock app from Playstore.

Vault is a very old photo gallery app for Android. It has been downloaded over 11 million times on the Google Play Store. With Vault, you can lock apps, hide photos and videos.

You can also back up all your data to the cloud. It has a feature called “Login Notifications” that blocks erroneous attempts to access the vault app even though you can hide the app entirely from the home screen. This app is number 4 on our list of the best photo lock apps.

Keepsafe Photo Vault is a professional app to store up to 10,000 items in Keepsafe cloud storage. It has a recycle bin recovery feature that helps in recovering deleted photos.

Best Free Fingerprint Lock Apps For Android Smartphone

It can also compress photos on your phone and save the originals in cloud storage, with everything from album locking, intrusion alerts, fake passwords, and more. You can download Keepsafe Photo Vault from Playstore.

Conclusion: Friends, these are the 5 best photo lock apps for Android that you can download to hide your photos, videos and lock apps. If you have any questions, you can leave a comment below.

In this post, I will tell you 5 best photo lock apps for Android to hide your private photos and videos in 2019. Download applock apkAndroid is known for its customization that allows us to modify some aspects of it independently of the skins he finds Pinnacle. You can replace various stock apps with third-party apps. For example, if you don’t like your SMS app, you can always download another app, as does the launcher/home screen app that came with your phone, which also bypasses the Android lock screen. Lock screen replacement apps are exactly what we’re talking about here, and there are plenty of options you can consider.

Lock screens on Android devices aren’t just for looks. This is the first thing to do to protect your privacy and increase the security of your device. It’s also an important navigation screen that takes you directly to the functions you use

Best Applock For Android In 2022

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