Best Quran Whatsapp Status

Best Quran Whatsapp Status – Oh God, cleanse our souls, forgive and hide our faults, ease our worries and trials, and bring the best of both worlds together for us. May God remove all arrogance from our hearts and make us humble and humble people who treat everyone with love, care and respect. Oh God! Give our parents the best of both worlds

Be around people who love God and remember God. May God heal and answer the prayers of those who are depressed, who feel like they have no one, and those who are struggling to be happy.

Best Quran Whatsapp Status

I have much to be thankful for. I am healthy, happy and loved. Alhamdulillah Accept and be happy with what God has blessed you with, it may be a small thing but for others that small thing can be their biggest dream. Being rejected, misunderstood and betrayed by people is a blessing in disguise. It teaches us to trust only God in everything.

Best Islamic Quotes In Urdu

When God guides you to remember Him, it is a sign that God loves you. Turn away from the sins of the tongue. These sins are the cause of much human conflict and corruption. Be honest, be honest.

Islam teaches us unity, so be united and not divided. When you are broken, when you are desperate, let God help you, change you and make you strong. Always remember God.

God is bigger than your trials, storms, depression, doubts, worries, fears, addictions. He is greater than all.

Allah will never let us down if we have faith and hope in Him. He always takes care of us.

Happy Ramadan 2021: Ramzan Mubarak Wishes To Share On Whatsapp, Sms, Facebook

Wherever you go, treat people with kindness. Don’t expect thanks or anything in return. May the reward be from Allah.

Oh God, help me to remember you, thank you and worship you in the best way.

God, forgive us our sins, strengthen us in our Deen, and make us those who repent and act sincerely.

Yes, God! Lead me to the right path. O God, help us to do good deeds and make us steadfast until death; have mercy on us, most gracious Giver. Glory be to God, the Lord of the worlds.

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The days of life pass like clouds, so do good while you live. God, guide us to the right path, protect us from evil and build us a beautiful house in paradise.

Prayer is an incredible exchange. You give your worries to Allah and Allah gives you His blessings.

May God remove all burdens from mother and father, even if it is the weight of an atom.

Islam is so beautiful because even if you think to do good, you earn a good deed.

The One Who Is Best Versed In The Quran By Islamic Sayings

Quran tells you the solution to all your problems Astagfirullah! A simple word that can erase a thousand sins in a second.

A beautiful collection of quotes and verses from the Holy Quran The Holy Quran is the last holy book of Allah SWT which he revealed to his last prophet Hazrat Muhammad ﷺ for 23 years. The Holy Qur’an has a refreshing, developing and revitalizing effect on a person who believes […]

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Quran Verses About Strength In Hard Times

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Other uncategorized cookies are those that are being analyzed and have not yet been categorized. Islamic Sayings for WhatsApp Status: We live in an age where social media has become an integral part of our lives. As Muslims, this gives us a great opportunity to learn and spread knowledge about our religion more widely. The fact that Whatsapp is the most used social app can be a source for us to earn a lot of rewards that will help our work account in the future.

How To Learn Quran Fast & Easy In 2022

Sharing something inspiring or informative with others through any social media app will not only help them but also help you get paid if they benefit from it. So something that is considered bad and addictive like Whatsapp can be used correctly and positively.

The word Islam is derived from the Arabic root “salam” and “aslam”. “Salam” means peace while “aslam” means surrender/submission to one God. Linguistically, it means making peace with complete submission to God’s commandments. In the context of religion, it means attaining peace through submission to the divine command of Almighty Allah SWT.

Therefore, there are Muslims who fully submit to the worship and obedience of Allah SWT and follow His commands unconditionally. A Muslim is a believer in one and only God, who is God Almighty.

Therefore, inspiring a fellow Muslim to do good is a must for us. “The Prophet (PBUH) said, ‘None of you is a true believer until he wishes for his brother what you wish for yourself.'” – Bukhari So when we come across something that benefits us, we should always be careful to spread it. to others.In this article we will see useful Islamic sayings that you can upload on your Whatsapp so that others can benefit and be rewarded for the same.

Islamic Inspirational Quotes For Difficult Times

Tawakku is faith in Allah SWT regardless. It means having firm faith that what He has planned for us is best for us, even if things seem difficult at first. Here is our detailed guide on what Tawakkul is and 9 easy ways to increase Tawakkul to Allah.

We often underestimate the power of Allah SWT to give us what we humbly ask Him for. We ask him to give us a small house, a small car, and small everything. Why do we limit our souls when we know He can give us the best and the greatest? When we seek Him, we should seek the impossible because only He can provide the impossible.

Dua is one form of worship and anyone who makes dua is associated with Allah SWT. No matter what situation you find yourself in, always remember that Allah SWT has given His people a powerful weapon and that is DUA.

A very nice whatsapp status is: “Note to self: “Every night before going to sleep, forgive everyone and sleep with a pure heart.” Another is: “Forgiveness is the best quality of a believer”. You should also look at these powerful qualities. In dua, seek God’s forgiveness of sins.”

Islamic Quotes Taib E Nabwi Whatsapp Status Quran O Hadees Naats

We all have our hearts broken at some point in our lives. There is always something or someone that breaks our hearts. But it is Allah Al

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