12 Best Signal Booster Apps for Android Phones

There’s no more annoying moment than when we’re having trouble getting a signal. The slow internet connection coupled with the difficulty of sending SMS or making phone calls made it impossible for us to communicate with other people smoothly.

Yes, no matter how advanced your Android device is, it’s all for naught without a strong signal. This will also be exacerbated further if there is no quality WiFi service provider as well.

Now to solve this problem, this time Cari Signal will review the 10 best Android signal booster apps. These apps can provide some information that you can use to get a signal from the best cellular networks and WiFi.

12 Best Signal Booster Apps for Android Phones

For those of you who want to strengthen the signal using an application, then you can check the following list of applications.

12 Best Signal Booster Apps for Android Phones

-1. OpenSignal-

Have you ever wandered around the house only to find the strongest signal? Well, now you no longer need to waste time doing this because the OpenSignalMaps application will guide you to find signals.

This app will show where the signal is coming from the nearest BTS Tower location map from your location. That way you only need to approach the tower to get the best signal quality.

Not only shows the location of the tower, this OpenSignalMaps application can also notify you when there is a free WiFi connection. That way you can save on data quota usage from the cellular operator you use.

-2. Network signal info

Network signal info is the next app that will help you find the best signal. This app will not amplify your signal directly, but will give you more accurate signal information than the information on your Android notification bar.

This application will show 14 signal levels at once so it is more accurate than the information on the notification bar which usually only has 5 levels. The app also provides a custom widget so you can monitor signal development continuously.

-3. wifi analyzer-

Just like the application above, WiFi Analyzer will also provide information to find out the channel used by the WiFi network. Apart from being useful for selecting the best WiFi network, this app is also very useful when you create your own wifi network so that the network is not in the same channel as another network.

-4. WiFi Overview 360-

WiFi 360 Overview is an application that will help you to find the best WiFi signal location location. This app will show you complete information sharing related to WiFi signal starting from name, signal strength, channel number, to encryption used.

From this information, you can choose the WiFi network that has the strongest signal. Also, for a faster connection, choose a WiFi network that operates on a channel or frequency that is not occupied by another network.

-5. Network signal speed booster-

The best Android signal booster app is a network signal speed booster. This app will automatically connect your Android device to the nearest tower so that the signal quality will improve immediately.

The network signal speed booster will also restart the internet connection so that the connection will return to fresh and faster when used. This application is very easy to use and can be downloaded for free on the Google Play Store.

-6. Internet Booster & Optimizer-

The claim of the Internet Booster & Optimizer application is that it is able to speed up the internet connection on your cellphone. The way it works is by optimizing IP, MTU size, to reduce” /buffer” /when you” /browsing./

Not only that, to speed up your connection, Internet Booster & Optimizer cleans the ‘junk’ lodged in your cellphone. Then, this application will also optimize RAM performance to focus on strengthening the internet signal. If you are curious about the greatness of this application, you can download it here.

12 Best Signal Booster Apps for Android Phones

-7. Wifi Connect Easy Internet Connection Everywhere-

Some of the applications above will provide information about the best WiFi networks that you can choose. But if you are lazy to analyze and select it manually, then you can use the Wifi Connect Easy Internet Connection Everywhere application as a solution.

When you are in a location with multiple WiFi networks, the app will automatically select the best one for you. This application is also very light so that its use will not burden the RAM performance on your device.

-8. WiFi Connect-

If various other applications have a mediocre appearance, then this WiFi Connect application presents a pretty interesting appearance. When you open it you will see a list of WiFi networks on a piece of paper pasted on the whiteboard.

You can select one of these papers to connect your device with a WiFi network. In addition, this application will also display complete information about the WiFi network such as signal strength, channel number, security type, IP number, and others.

-9. Network Signal Booster-

To strengthen the signal on your cellphone, then you need the Network Signal Booster application. In its application, Network Signal Booster claims to be able to increase” /bandwitdh” /internet. Not only that, even this application will also perform frequency filtering so that the resulting signal is more optimal. Interested in using it?

-10. 4G LTE Signal Booster Network-

By performing “/load management” /and” /monitoring test” / on the server, 4G LTE Signal Booster Network works optimally to strengthen your internet connection, especially 4G LTE users. In this application, users can see internet graphs on their cellphones. Well, from the graph, the user can set the connection to increase the signal on the cellphone. Want to try?

-11. Network Booster Free-

Network Booster Free has the same function as the previous application, which is to reconnect to the nearest tower so you can get the best signal. In fact, this application is claimed to be able to provide a good signal in locations where signal reception is really bad.

-12. WiFi Manager-

If you frequently switch from one WiFi network to another, then the WiFi Manager app is perfect for you to use. This application provides a special widget that will display information about the existing WiFi networks around you. In addition, through the widget you can also switch between WiFi networks easily.

So, those are the 10 best Android signal booster apps that you can use right now. You now don’t have to bother going around the house anymore to get the best signal. To further maximize signal reception, you can also follow the tutorial on how to speed up internet connection, which was reviewed in this article.

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