12 Best Sports Apps on Android Smartphone

Best Sports Apps on Android Smartphone

Today, there are many applications available to support your sports activities. In fact, the famous /sports products/sports products Nike Caliber and Adidas also make custom sports applications.

Well, this time NewsBlitz will review several Android sports applications so that their sports activities are more efficient. You can use this app while running, cycling and other sports.

Best Sports Apps on Android Smartphone

*1. Home Workout – No Equipment*

This app has been downloaded more than 100 million times on the Play Store. As the name suggests, home training: No team provides a daily workout routine so you can build muscle and maintain your physique at home without having to hit the gym.

No team or coach required to work out with home training, no equipment app. This app has workouts for your abs, chest, legs, arms and buttocks, as well as full body workouts. All exercises are designed by experts.

*2. Workout for Women*

As the name suggests, this is a fitness app specially designed for women. Training for women helps women burn belly fat, tight buttocks, thin legs, waist circumference and adjustment. More than 50 million women have downloaded this app on Play Store.

Apart from being friendly with beginners, their characteristics include scientifically proven that they lose weight and improve health, bodyweight exercises without the need for equipment, weight loss exercises for all body parts, animations and video guides, such as personal training trainers, etc.

*3. Six Packages in 30 Days – ABS Training*

For men who want to get rid of belly fat and get six pack abs safely and affordably, you can try training with the six day plan: the ABS training app. More than 100 million Android users worldwide have installed this app on their devices.

Exercises in a pack of six in 30 days: The application of ABS training is suitable for all levels, and can be done easily at home or anywhere, anytime. You only need a few minutes a day to get the belly you want.

Best Sports Apps on Android Smartphone

*4. 7 Minutes Workout*

Taking just 7 minutes every day won’t take long, will it? This Sports Android application invites users to exercise at least 7 minutes in one day. With this app, you can view detailed reports while exercising.

The 7-minute training app also recommends a variety of workout styles that can build abs/six wells/or just want to shrink the stomach. Curious to test this app? Download the 7-minute training app by clicking here.

*5. Adidas Training – Home Training*

Adidas Training App: Active home training action with home physical training directed to multiple areas of your body. You can continue along with the video presenting the trainer. You can even create and customize your own workouts with this app.

Some of the features offered by this app include HD videos with detailed instructions and demonstrations of physical conditioning trainers for each exercise, it has more than 180 exercises, including basic concepts, more movements and variations in flexion, pull-ups, squats, squats and more, Yoga practice to relax and recover, etc.

*6. Weight loss app for men*

Weight loss app for men is one of the best weight loss apps so that men fat and lose weight at home. With highly effective fat burning workouts, you can lose belly fat following a 30 day plan and it only takes 5-10 minutes a day.

This app has 3 levels for all, both beginners and professionals. Each workout is designed by a professional fitness trainer, and focuses on men’s trouble spots, abs, chest, so that they can help you achieve fast weight loss and shape your stomach.

*7. FitOn App*

Fiton is a physical status plan app that can help you lose weight, sweat and get in shape anytime, anywhere with free ACA home workout videos, personalized physical conditioning plans and guided meditations.

This app can also help you reduce stress with relaxing yoga exercises, improve your physical condition with fun cardiovascular workouts and enjoy hundreds of other free physical conditioning videos. As of now, Fiton has downloaded more than 5 million times on Play Store.

*8. Nike Training Club*

Physical conditioning workouts with the Nike Training Club app can help you strengthen your muscles and mentality with free coaches, athletes, and health professionals.

You can work out with a variety of training options and programs, as well as get motivated by Nike trainers and unfor complete health.

Best Sports Apps on Android Smartphone

*9. Fitify: Fitness, Home Workout*

Fitify: Fitness, Home Workout is an Android exercise app that you can use to guide your exercise activities at home. This app has more than 900 sports moves to practice on your own.

There are also physical conditioning plans created by the fitify app for you. This application is suitable for those of you who want to lose weight or build muscle. Download Fitify: Fitness, Home Training at This Link.

*10. Fitness & Bodybuilding – VGFIT LLC*

Well, if this one application is right for you who want to do /bodybuilding/ easily at home. The Fitness & Bodybuilding app from VGFIT LLC has a /bodybuilding/ guide which is divided into different levels of difficulty, depending on your abilities.

You can also focus on training to build muscle in certain body parts. This application can also be relied on by those of you who want to lose weight. Download Fitness & Bodybuilding directly from VGFIT LLC here.

*11. Virtuagym Fitness Tracker – Home & Gym*

You can experience exercising like in the gym at home thanks to the Virtuagym Fitness Tracker – Home Gym application. The app has 3D animated videos that guide your exercise.

There are more than 3000 sports moves that you can follow. Of course, you can also create your own /fitness plan/. The app has a reminder feature to exercise too, you know. Interested to try?

*12. Daily Yoga: Fitness+Meditation*

As the name implies, this application is here to help you do yoga at home. You will get more than 500 yoga classes with hundreds of different poses. The yoga classes are also categorized according to the user’s abilities.

You don’t need to be confused when choosing a class, because the application has a Smart Coach feature that will help you determine the appropriate yoga class and you can join. This feature will arrange your yoga schedule for approximately 28 days. Try the app here.

Exercise is very important to maintain a healthy body. With diligent exercise, you can avoid various kinds of diseases. /Come on, /download the Android sports app and start exercising so that the body feels fitter.

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