10 Best Theme and Launcher Apps for Android Phones

Tired of the look of your Android device? Come on, change the theme on your Android device. Theme or launcher is a member of the Android operating system that we can customize ourselves.

You don’t have to bother making it yourself because now there are many launcher applications that can be used directly.

10 Best Theme and Launcher Apps for Android Phones

Want to understand what the applications are? Listen below, yes!

Best Theme and Launcher Apps for Android Phones

1. GO Launcher

GO Launcher can be the most recommended application for those of you who like cool and refreshing themes. With more than 10,000 themes available, you can definitely choose the one you like.

This GO Launcher application has also become an option for many people to change the existing theme on their cellphone. This Go Launcher can later beautify the appearance of your phone with a wide selection of themes that can be customized. In addition, you can enjoy this application for free, you know.

2. Nova Launcher

Nova Launcher is one of the most downloaded theme apps on the Google Playstore. This application also has a fairly high rating so that it can be ensured that Nova Launcher has good quality among theme applications.

This application made by TeslaCoil Software allows users to change the homescreen theme according to what they want. In addition, even though this application is one of the paid applications, you can always try a variety of cool themes even if they are not as good as when you subscribe.

The Nova Launcher application includes not only themes, there are also features such as icons, layouts, animated movements, to fonts that can make your phone cooler than before.

3. Alpha Hybrid Launcher

Alpha Hybrid Launcher can be the next choice for those of you who want to download a theme application. This application made by AppTech Launcher Studios Inc has various themes such as Premium Futuristic Themes, Wallpapers with Live Wallpaper Themes, and Alpha DIY Customization features that you can definitely try to work on your phone.

In addition, this application is free and has a small size so you don’t have to worry about the performance of your phone when you download the Alpha Hybrid Launcher application.

4. APUS Launcher

In the next option, there is the APUS Launcher application which can be your choice to make the theme on your phone so cool. With a wide variety of available themes, you can’t possibly get bored with the available themes.

This application also includes cache cleaning and optimization of applications that are on the smartphone that you can use so that your phone runs well and optimally.

In addition, APUS Launcher also has special features such as Priority Apps, Smart Folders, and also Mobile Search that you can use to upgrade your phone to be even better and definitely more secure.

Best Theme and Launcher Apps for Android Phones

5. 3D Theme For Android

This 3D Theme For Android application allows you to get three-dimensional themes without having to make your phone’s performance low. This application contains at least 300 themes along with a total of 50 non-3D themes.

This application is too suitable for those of you who want to have wallpapers with effects that are so cool and definitely can’t bore your eyes. However, to download this application, you are required to have an Android phone with version 5 and above in order to help this application run properly.

6. Themes For Android – Wallpapers plus Themes

The application made by The AppKnight allows you to get the best features and of course interesting and cool themes. In the Themes For Android – Wallpapers plus Themes application it has at least 75+ ultra HD Backgrounds and also Beautiful Neon Clock Widget & a Neon Live Wallpaper for Home Screen which is definitely a value for this application.

This Themes For Android application also has more than one unique wallpaper category such as 3D, Abstract, Love, Quotes plus Sayings, Portrait Mode, Universe & Space, Night mode, and HD wallpaper apps that you can get for free.

7. APUS Launcher Pro

It’s still the same as the APUS Launcher application, it’s just that in APUS Launcher Pro, to get various features, you are required to pay before trying the features in it. By paying, you are sure to get more features than APUS Launcher.

But don’t worry, you don’t have to worry that you can get zones in this application. The existing themes as well as the features are too commensurate with what you put out.

8. CMM Launcher

CMM Launcher is the best choice for many people who want to theme their phone while making their phone performance faster. Supported by a high rating and millions of downloaders, this application has certainly been trusted by many people to be an application to change themes on their mobile phones.

In addition, there are HD themes in this application that can’t make your phone’s performance low. This application is considered too suitable for those of you who like the feature of hiding applications that users do not want to show.

9. Launcher Plus One

Launcher Plus One is the perfect app for those of you who want a cool and pretty cool live theme.

This application not only provides interesting themes, it also adds features such as wallpapers and icons. With this application, it certainly gives you a privacy in the form of hiding applications that you are not sure to get from other theme applications.

This application also contains other features such as a booster that can be used to allow more memory (RAM) and includes widgets that you can use to simplify your Android phone.

10. GO Launcher S

GO Launcher S is a free application made by GOMO Live. This application has at least 10,000 more free two-dimensional and three-dimensional themes. This application also has a feature in the form of hiding applications which is definitely too useful for those of you who want important applications to be hidden.

With effects and an attractive three-dimensional display, you certainly can’t get bored easily with the theme installed on your phone screen when you place and apply this application.

GO Launcher also has a weather forecast, calendar, and booster feature that can clean the RAM on your phone so that it can happen properly and without any problems at all.

From the list of the best Android theme apps above, which one would you like to install on your device? If there is a recommendation for a theme application for Android that has not been mentioned above, please share it with us in the comments column.

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