9 Best Translate Apps for Android Smartphone

Whether for work, education, business, traveling to casual online or offline relationships, the translate application can really help you to read, write or speak in other languages.

Nowadays translator applications are more than just translating text. They are now able to translate voice and dialogue directly. Some of them are even more capable of translating the text contained on the smartphone camera screen.

For those who are still undecided in choosing a translator application, NewsBlitz has summarized the 9 best translation applications that you can download on your smartphone.

9 Best Translate Apps for Android Smartphone

Best Translate Apps for Android Smartphone

Curious about anything? Come on, see the reviews!

1. Google Translate

Most of you, of course, are familiar with the translate application developed by Google. The Google Translate application supports more than 100 languages ​​and is also enhanced with features that are able to detect languages ​​automatically.

This translate application is able to accept input from text typing, voice, images either stored in the gallery or directly from the camera screen, and also through handwriting or characters. Its voice translation feature is not just translating words or words from voice input, it is also able to easily translate two language conversations.

If, in the past, Google Translate tended to translate word for word, now it is able to translate the total text. So, the translation results are more natural. So it’s no wonder unless Google Translate is relied on by many people and is one of the best translate applications.

Services from the Google Translate application can be enjoyed for free and can be used online or offline. The Google Translate app is available for both Android and iOS devices.

2. TripLingo

For those who need an application for business trips or traveling abroad, you can try a translator application from TripLingo.” This application provides a translation feature both from voice, text and images. Then it includes a live translator service, where you can open with human translators.

In addition, this application is also enhanced with a culture guide feature that can give you additional information regarding etiquette both in general and for business, tips, safety advice and includes phrases or slang that can be used to communicate with local residents.

Then, there are many features that can be used to convert currency and a tip calculator that can calculate tips for transportation, hotels and restaurants.

It doesn’t stop there, this application also provides learning tools that include learning through audio, flashcards and quizzes. You also don’t have to worry unless the internet connection is lost, because this application can always be used offline.

The features offered make TripLingo one of the best translation applications for business or traveling. For those who are interested, you can download it on Google Play and including the App Store.

3. Microsoft Translator

This Microsoft Translator application is equipped with features that are able to translate more than 60 languages ​​both online and offline. Similar to other translate applications, Microsoft Translator is able to translate text, sound, images stored on the cellphone or immediately from the camera.

The most prominent feature of Microsoft Translator is multi-person conversation translation. This feature is able to translate more than one language in the same conversation.

So, when you are in a live meeting or via online group chat with people from various countries, this application can quickly translate what everyone is talking about on each participant’s cellphone that opens with this feature.

The features they offer make Microsoft Translator the best translation application for interacting in large groups. Microsoft Translator can be downloaded for free via Google Play and the App Store.

4. iTranslate

iTranslate is a translation and dictionary application developed by Apple. This application is able to translate more than 100 languages ​​both in the form of text and voice. The text translation in this application is enhanced with autocomplete and contains several alternatives from the main translation.

The camera translation feature here can make it easier for you to read advice or menus. In addition to being able to translate text in images, this feature is also able to translate objects available on the camera screen.

Uniquely, the iTranslate application offers the option of switching dialects for more than one language and this feature certainly makes it easier for you to communicate with local residents when traveling.

Although this application was developed by Apple, iTranslate can also be enjoyed by Android users. For those who are interested, you can download this application on the App Store and including Google Play.

5. SayHi

SayHi is a translation application run by Amazon. This application is able to support 90 languages ​​and also more than one dialect. This application is very easy to operate and can translate via text and voice. SayHi is enhanced with speech recognition with good quality, so that it can easily recognize the words or words that you say.

SayHi is enhanced with the option to specify a male or female voice and also speed up or slow down the voice coming from this application. In addition, it can also be integrated into the phone’s keyboard. But unfortunately, to use the SayHi application, you must open it with the internet. SayHi can be obtained for free through the App Store, Google Play and including the Amazon AppStore.

6. Text Grabber

Text Grabber is the best translation application for translating road advice, electronic manuals, menus or other printed text. With this application you only have to point the camera at any printed text and the application can immediately translate it. This feature is able to cover 10 languages ​​​​in offline mode and more than 100 languages ​​​​when online.

In addition, it is also enhanced with the voice over system feature, where the application is able to read out the translated results. Then all the captured results can be automatically saved and contain options to edit, delete or mix the capture results.

This application is also perfected to function as a scanner. If it contains an address, number, link, email, address in the scanned document, this application is able to make it clickable. So, if there is a link in the scan results, you can immediately browse the following link without having to copy the link in a web browser. Get the application on Google Play or the App Store.

7. Speak and Translate

Speak & Translate is a translation application developed by technology company Apalon. This application is equipped with the capability to translate text into 117 languages, while for voice input this application is able to cover 54 languages.

Speak & Translate is also enhanced by the camera translate feature, which is able to translate images captured by the camera both in the form of text and objects. The voice translate feature is equipped with speech recognition technology which makes the application able to quickly realize the word or words that are dictated.

The features available in the Speak & Translate application can be used by downloading the application on the Play Store or App Store devices.

8. Translate Now

This Translate Now application offers translation facilities to more than 110 languages ​​both in the form of voice and text. This application is also enhanced with camera features and AR translation that can easily translate menus, instructions, documents or objects.

Then, Translate Now also presents a keyboard translator that can support up to more than 60 languages. In addition, there is a conversation mode feature that can be used when you want to interact with strangers. The Translate Now application can be enjoyed on Android or iOS devices.

9. Naver Papago

Papago is a translation application developed by Naver. Until now, Papago is only able to support 13 languages, namely Korean, English, Japanese, Mandarin, Spanish, French, Vietnamese, Thai, Indonesian, Russian, German and Italian. Although the choice of languages ​​offered is quite narrow, Papago has the advantage of translating Korean, Japanese and Chinese.

Just like other translation applications, Papago is also able to translate text, images and sounds including conversations. Because he has the advantage in translating the three languages, Papago certainly has a handwriting translate feature that can be used to translate character traits.

In addition, there is a Papago Mini feature that can automatically appear on the screen and immediately translate the text you copy in any application. So for those who are looking for the best translate application for Korean, Japanese and Chinese, you can immediately download this Papago application on Google Play or the App Store.

The translation application is actually not perfect and so far the translation results cannot be said to be 100% accurate. However, the translator application can be a shortcut when you need support to solve language problems. Hopefully the 9 best translation applications above can help you when you experience language barriers.

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