Best Trivia App Iphone

Best Trivia App Iphone – Choose a category, invest a few dollars and double your money in 60 seconds if you are smarter and faster than your opponents. Proveit offers a new take on trivia and game show apps by letting you win or lose money with quick 10-question multiple-choice quizzes. Tired of waiting for a million people at headquarters to get a piece of the jackpot? Play head-to-head whenever you want or enter registered tournaments with $1,000 or more in prize money, with Proveit matching roughly 10 to 15 percent of pledges.

“I used to play Jeopardy with my family all the time and I was like ‘why can’t I do this for money?’ “, said co-founder Prem Thomas.

Best Trivia App Iphone

Surprisingly, everything is legal. Proveit’s team received a two-year approval as a “skill-based game” that exempts it from some laws restricting fantasy sports betting apps. And for those at risk of becoming addicted, Proveit offers players and their loved ones a way to switch off.

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Florida-based startup Scrappy has raised $2.3 million so far. With fun games and bite size format, Proveit lets you enjoy instant gambling. This could make it popular among gamers and investors in the disaffected world of mobile gaming.

“I could spend $50 for a three-hour movie theater experience, or I could spend $2 to enter a Proveit Movies contest that gives me the opportunity to compete for several thousand dollars in cash,” says co-founder Nathan Lehoux. “That could afford a lot of movie tickets!” “

St. Petersburg, Florida is not only a center of innovation. But outside of Tampa Bay, far from the distractions, copycats, and astronomical rents of Silicon Valley, Proveit’s founders built something else. “What if people could play trivia for money, just like fantasy sports?” Thomas asked his friend Lehoux.

It’s the same area I was interested in when Lehoux discovered me at the SXSW party earlier this year. Lehoux is a cheerful, outgoing guy who became interested in startups while managing some angel investments for the family office. Thomas worked in banking and healthcare before launching a yoga-inspired sandal brand. Neither had a computer background and raised just $300,000 from childhood friend Hilt Tatum, who co-founded the real-money gambling site Absolute Poker.

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But when Lehoux held the Proveit app in my hand, even on the congested cellular network at SXSW, it ran smoothly and I immediately felt an adrenaline rush of brainstorming. They originally outsourced the development to a NYC firm that burned most of their $300,000 seed capital without delivering. Fortunately, the Ukrainians they hired to help review the code at that store helped create an entire team that built an impressive v1 of Proveit.

Meanwhile, the founders partnered with a gambling attorney to obtain a license in 33 states, including California, New York and Texas. “This is a very controversial area that is heavily regulated because of the negative press that fantasy sports has created,” says Lehoux. “We talked to 100 banks and processors before we found the right one.”

Proveit ended up being legal for three-quarters of the American population and had a regulatory moat to keep the competition at bay. To raise seed money, the two used their connections in Florida to find John Morgan, a prominent medical marijuana attorney and advocate, who led the $2 million angel round. A team of graduate students in Tampa Bay is assembled to answer questions, and a third-party AI firm helps eliminate fraud.

Proveit launched earlier this year, but aside from its SXSW promotion, it’s stayed under the radar as it dabbles in contests and curatorial tactics. The app has now reached 80,000 registered users, 6,000 die-hard loyalists with multiple investments, and has paid a total of $750,000. But seeing HQ trivia scale to over 1 million players per game proved to be a bigger market for Proveit.

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“We’re really fans of HQ. We’re playing. We think they’ve changed the game,” Lehoux tells me. “What we want to do is offer something completely different. With headquarters, you don’t get to choose your department. You cannot choose the time you want to play. We want to offer a much more customized experience.”

To play Proveit, download the iOS app and fund your account with buy-ins from $20 to $100, earning more bonus money with larger packages (no minors allowed). Then you play a practice round to get over it – HQ needs something. When you’re ready, choose from a list of game categories, each with a fixed stake of around $1 to $5 to play (choose your stake in the making). You can test your knowledge on superheroes, 90s, quotes, current affairs, rock and roll, Seinfeld, technology and various other topics.

In each Proveit game, you are given 10 questions, one at a time, with up to 15 seconds to answer each question. Most games are live, with options to match with a stranger or friend via phone connection. You get paid more for quick answers, discourage cheating on Google and penalize yourself for mistakes. Finally, your score is totaled and compared to your opponent’s score, with the winner keeping both players’ bets minus Proveit’s cut. In a few minutes you can lose $3 or win $5.28. After that, you can request a replay, do double or nothing, return to the category list, or cash out if you have more than $20.

The element of speed creates an intense, blood-curdling crisis. You can answer any question correctly and lose if your opponent is faster. So instead of waiting for your selection to be locked in just before the buzzer hits the seat, where one mistake will kill you, race with your instincts and turn to Proveit for answers. The almost instant gratification of a win or the humiliation of a loss makes you want to play again instead of waiting for tomorrow’s game.

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Proveit has to compete with free apps like Trivia Crack, prize games like Fleetwit based on Givling currency and the HQ juggernaut.

“Big draws are big tournaments,” says Lehoux. Instead of playing one-on-one, you can sign up and pre-order for a ranked tournament where you compete against hundreds of players in one round for a big prize. Currently, players in the top 20 percent of results win at least their entry fee or more, while several generations take the rest of the money from the losers.

Just as DraftKings and FanDuel built their user base with huge jackpot tournaments, Proveit hopes to do the same…

Fortunately, Proveit understands how addictive it can be. The startup offers a “self-exclusion” option. “If you feel like you need more control over your life when it comes to games of skill,” users can email him to stop playing and freeze or have their account closed. Family members and others may also ask you to freeze it if you share a bank account, are dependent on you, are responsible for your debts, or have unpaid child support.

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“We want Proveit to be a fun, intelligent entertainment option for our players. It’s impossible for us to know who has a problem with real money games,” Lehoux tells me. “Every responsible real money game offers its users these options.

This is not necessarily enough to prevent addiction, as dopamine can turn people into dopes. The fact that the score is determined by your answers and not someone else’s dating card doesn’t change that.

Skill-based betting at home can be much more susceptible to abuse than dragging yourself to a casino while giving people an excuse not to accidentally gamble. Zynga titles like Farmville have been turning people into micro-business zombies for a decade, and you can’t even make money from them. At the same time, the sharks can control the portion and prove by random matching that beginners are ready to withdraw money all day long. “It’s really one of the few forms of entertainment that financially rewards players for using their brains,” Lehoux defends.

With so much content to consume and irrelevant games to play, there’s an interesting risk appeal to Proveit and similar apps. Its moral standing depends on how much independence you think adults should be given. From Coca-Cola to Harley-Davidson to Caesar’s Palace, society has allowed businesses to exploit questionably safe products that some people enjoy. Welcome to your new addiction. Billed as a trivia battle royale that pits you against 1,000s of others, at a time when we’re going through a quiz renaissance, Trivia Royale couldn’t be a better time to get

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Of course, it’s not a real battle. The logistics of querying 1,000 others at the same time is giving us a headache. No, instead each round starts

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