15 Best Video Calling Apps on Android Smartphones

Today, video calling is a means of face-to-face communication for long distances. Video Call provides the facility to make a call-to-face to our interlocutor who is in a different place.

Many people use video calling to release longing with friends, family, or lover, /interview /job, to /meet/.

The presence of video calls is very helpful so that we can “meet” with our interlocutors even though they are far apart. In addition, video calls are also considered a lower cost because we can use the free WiFi network.

Best Video Calling Apps on Android

If in the past video calls could only be used on computers, now video calls can also be used via smartphones or tablets. For those of you who want to give it a try, here is the version of the best Android video calling app from Carisignal.

Best Video Calling Apps on Android

*1. Apps Skype*

Well, this of course you’ve heard, / not /? Skype is a video calling application whose name is very famous all over the world. In fact, Skype also makes special applications for Android and various other operating systems.

Until now Skype users have reached 250 million people. Over the years, Skype developers have been trying to add interesting features to Skype, such as services for sending SMS and voice calls. Skype also has the same cross-platform support as lines and hangouts.

*2. Apps Zoom in*

Zoom is one of the very popular ways of remote workers/ to hold online meetings. What makes it so popular is that you can video call sessions with up to 100 members for free!

Plus, the quality of the video display provided is also HD and supports very fast server connections so you don’t have to worry about processes/meetings/interrupted due to lag.

Zoom is also compatible for all operating systems other than Android. You can invite members using Windows, Mac, and iOS to attend /online meetings/.

Many other features are also presented, such as the ability to “/screen sharing/ from Android devices, and also from files stored on the web and”/ cloud hosting/ (Google Drive and Dropbox).

Not only that. During the/meeting/going on, members can also be allowed to send messages, pictures, sounds, or videos in the chat field provided to make interactions between members more dynamic and practical.

*3. Apps Google Meet*

This is one of the best video calling apps on Android that you can download on the Play Store. Since this app is made by Google, you can be sure to enjoy the satisfying service of this giant brand.

Google Meet can be a superior video calling application thanks to the encrypted security that is implemented for every video call session.

In this way, sensitive personal and corporate data can be safely defended against “/spyware” attacks. /

Google Meet is also one of the applications that is very easy to use. You just need to share the link, and anyone who clicks on the link can be automatically entered as long as it’s connected with a Google account email.

This method is so easy to remember that almost everyone in the world should have a Google account, so anyone looking to join an online meeting or webinars doesn’t have to bother creating a new account. Practical, right?

*4. Apps WhatsApp messages*

It’s the same with BBM. This popular chat app has also recently had a video calling feature. WhatsApp Messenger or better known as WA, is now not only an application to chat with contacts on your mobile.

WA now you can use to make video calls. This video calling application is quite famous because initially WA was quite popular with chat applications. Well, do you want to make video calls with WA? Can click here to download the WA application.

*5. Apps Line*

In addition, there is the best Android video calling application which is very popular in Indonesia and all over the world, namely line. The developer of this app claims that the line has more than 600 million active users worldwide. Wow, the number of users is huge, / isn’t it /?

Just like hangout and skype, Line provides cross/platform video calling services.

Apart from video calls, Instant Messaging Service is a mainstay feature of the line. Plus there are unique stickers that can be used when /chat/, so the popularity of the line is increasing. If you want to make video calls in this line app, please refer to the tutorial on this page.

*6. Apps Fb Messengger*

Facebook released a service to make video calls, namely through the Messenger application. It seems that Facebook is very serious in developing this video calling application. Making a video call with Messenger is quite easy, just press the phone icon contained in this application, then select the video call.

So far, the app from Facebook is pretty good and has no issues. But remember, if you want to make video calls using messenger, make sure someone else has this app installed on the device too.

*7. Apps Google Duo*

Not to be outdone, big companies like Google are also making video calling apps called Google Duo. It’s quite new, but Google Duo app is quite popular with more than 400,000 thousand downloaders to download the app.

Google Duo offers an app with a simple // simple interface. Actually, this Google dropout app also guarantees excellent video quality. Are you curious to try the Google Duo app? Download the app here.

*8. Apps Discord*

Discord is another Android app which can be used for video calling, voice calling and text messaging. The app offers a range of features, such as the possibility to watch friends stream their games, or collect and conduct drawing sessions by sharing screens.

Apart from that, discord users can also turn any image into a custom emoji to share. Then there are the special moderation tools and permission levels that can group friends, set up a local book club, or bring together music fans from around the world.

Best Video Calling Apps on Android

*9. Apps WeChat*

It is also a competitor of Line and WhatsApp which provides facilities/chat/video calls.

With this app, you can make / chat / and voice calls in groups. WeChat claims that the video calling app it offers is the highest quality free video calling facility in the world.

With WeChat, you can connect with your loved ones, friends or family who live out of town or abroad through video calls.

If your internet connection is unstable, you can switch to voice call or /chat/ communication type. As of now, WeChat has been downloaded 100 million times on Google Play Store. Are you also interested in downloading this application?

*10. Apps Kakao talk*

KakaoTalk is a multi-platform / chat / application that can be used on iOS, Android and BlackBerry devices. This popular application has more than 150 million users spread all over the world, especially in the Asian region.

One of the reasons why many people use KakaoTalk is the video calling facility it offers. Yes, video calling on KakaoTalk is pretty good.

KakaoTalk also features voice filters, /group chat/, and support for Android Wear. You can download KakaoTalk for free via Google Play Store, /you know/.

*11. Apps Hangouts*

This is an application / chat / which is under the auspices of Google. Hangouts also provides video calling services for its users.

It can be said that this hangout is “Apple Face time” belonging to Android devices. In addition, hangouts can also send SMS messages and make phone calls.

Amazingly, Hangouts has the ability to be on par with Skype, that is, if you make a video call with Hangouts via smartphone, the other person can answer the call via laptop. Since Hangouts is part of Google, you can get it for free on the Play Store.

*12. Apps Telegram*

The name telegram is soaring. This application has features that are almost similar to WhatsApp. With Telegram, you can send messages via the chat feature, make calls or make video calls.

Uniquely, Telegram lets you create video messages of short duration. “Besides, the text messages you send can be turned into voice messages, you know.

There are many other interesting features that you can try on Telegram. Curious? Just download the app here.

*13. Apps Ometv*

The OMETV video calling app is getting more and more popular when well-known influencers in Indonesia use it. In this application, you can chat in real /, not only with Indonesians, but also with other users from various parts of the world.

Unique, you don’t need to register an account to use OMETV. If your camera has problems, chat feature is available to replace video chat. The OMETV application is free to use. Download OMETV via this link

*14. Apps Signal*

Next, there is a signal. This one application can also be relied on to send messages quickly and practically, and make voice or video calls.

You don’t need to be afraid, because this application will still maintain your privacy during your activities in it. Signal has a “¢ signal protocol. It is a security system with open encryption to keep your conversations safe.

This application also comes with a / user interface / friendly to its users. Signals can be downloaded for free via the following link.

*15. Apps Viber Messenger*

Viber Messenger brings superior features that will facilitate your activities in communicating. Yes, through this application, you can participate in voice and video calls, as well as o groups brolan.

Amazingly, the number of people who can participate in group chats on Viber Messenger can reach more than 100 people. If you are bored, you can invite friends who use this application to play interesting games on Viber games. Try the app here.

Video calling is a means of communication to bring you closer to the other person even though the distance between you and him is very far.

The best Android video calling applications recommended by Carisignal can be used to establish communication with relatives who live out of town or abroad.

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