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Best Video Editor App Mac

The video editing software that comes with Apple devices hasn’t changed much lately, but it surpasses what you get on Windows. iMovie is better than the video capabilities built into the Windows Photos app and a new app called Clipchamp has been launched for Windows 11 users. Apple iMovie includes excellent media editing tools, color grading, speed, green screen effects, narration and audio for your digital movies. It’s not always the first to support new formats, but it works with 4K and HEVC. A new feature for iMovie Storyboards and Magic Movies—sadly only available in the mobile version as of this writing—takes template-based Trailers a few steps further. iMovie wins Editors’ Choice for entry-level video editing.

The Best Free Video Editor With Visual Effects For Pc And Mac

If you need to do serious things with video editing or work with multiple tracks, 360-degree video, motion tracking or multicam, you should go to Final Cut Pro, which looks familiar to iMovie users, although larger. video editing capabilities and feature sets. Another inexpensive and intuitive development option is CyberLink’s powerful PowerDirector, now available for macOS.

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Apple’s iMovie doesn’t offer the 100-track timeline, multicam, custom transitions, and tracking options offered by consumer desktop video editing software like Corel VideoStudio and PowerDirector, but if you’re looking for an easy way to combine video clips and still images into a watchable movie, iMovie is hard to beat. It’s perfect for iPhone video shooters who want to do something interesting with their clips and photos.

If you bought a Mac on or after October 20, 2010, you can get iMovie for free in the Mac App Store. Essentially, this means that the app is free for almost any Mac in use. The latest version requires macOS 11.5.1 or later and requires 2.6GB of storage. In testing this review, I installed it on a MacBook Air with an Apple Silicon M1 CPU and 8GB of RAM.

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On iOS and iPadOS, iMovie is pre-installed by default, although you can uninstall and reinstall it from the App Store. Requires iOS 15.3 or later. I tested this version of iMovie on iPhone X and regular iPad (version 2019). Although Apple has worked to keep the desktop and mobile versions in sync, there are some feature differences, which are discussed below in the mobile section.

The iMovie interface only shows the tools you need at the moment and doesn’t clutter the screen with all the available tools. The app has a dark interface, even if you don’t use Dark Mode, starting with two tabs in the middle of Media and Design at the top. On the left side of the Project view window is a large combination button. When you click it, you get two options: New Movie and New Trailer. You import content by tapping the down arrow icon.

A three-panel video editing interface appears in iMovie, with the content source at the top left, a preview at the top right, and a timeline at the bottom of the screen. But that’s about normal. There are no track categories like in other editors. Instead, drag the clip down the timeline, where it expands to represent its running time. You only get two video tracks, which is longer than the 100 or so that most fan apps allow.

A neat touch interface is that you can scrub to any clip in the media view by swiping the cursor over it. In the development of previous versions of iMovie, when you clicked on a clip, everything was selected by the width in the clip; The old way can make adding whole clips to your timeline unclear. There’s also a merge button that lets you send clips to the timeline without having to drag. Another useful feature of the iMovie interface is that clips in the resources panel show an orange line below to indicate that they have been used in your project.

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I had no problem importing any video content I threw at the system—GoPro, phone, and 4K. HEVC videos and HEIC photos from my iPhone X displayed without stuttering, which is more than you can say for other PC video apps. You can also import 360-degree content, but the app can’t edit the perspective; it only shows their double fish eyes or the same vision. You can also import projects you start in iMovie on iOS and finish them on the desktop.

For organization, you can mark a clip or clips as favorites or rejected, but there are no ratings, keyword tags, or surface or geographic ratings like you’ll find in Adobe Premiere Elements. The content used in your project will appear in a separate Project Media section of the resources panel. The Project page makes finding what’s working at a glance and is always accessible from the top left button. No problem, although it is less powerful as an editor than the separate Prime Element Editor.

Dragging an inserted clip around in the timeline is easy and automatically snaps to adjacent clips. This action also creates a Clip Link line (as in Final Cut Pro), which helps keep the media together when you move one of the clips. You can reduce them in the resource panel before adding them to the project, or simply drag the edge handle to change the inner and outer points. For more control when working with transitions between two clips, the Intuitive Editor extends the view to show you parts of the clip before and after editing. It also shows how many seconds (but not frames) are attached to the transition.

In addition to cropping, you can crop and rotate videos or photos. Images get Ken Burns key effects and zoom automatically, making them eye-catching instead of static.

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The magic wand’s Autocorrect button did a good job of improving brightness and color in most of my test clips, especially those captured on the iPhone. If the magic wand is not enough, you can compare the system color between the clips (top level tool), set the white balance from the frame or improve the skin tone with the tool -crawling.

If you want a program to make informed creative decisions for you instead of going it alone, you can use Themes. This option is hidden in the Settings panel that opens from the link below the movie preview. There are 14 options to choose from, and they use titles and transitions for a unified viewing experience. News Releases and Travel are the two most interesting options. The latter shows the location of your movie on the map.

The same goes for the beautiful feature Trailer, which has a delightful orchestral background score. But the real beauty of Trailers is that they teach you the actual filmmaking process through the use of outlines, storyboards and lists of images, telling you exactly which shots to include, when and how long they should be. . should take

In the mobile version of the video editor, you no longer see Trailer as a separate option, instead you have more: Storyboard (which

How To Use Windows 11’s Built In Video Editor

Starting with version 10.1.3, iMovie received Touch Bar support for Apple laptops. I’m a bit disappointed with how limited the support is, compared to what you can do in Apple’s Final Cut Pro. You can drop selected clips into the timeline, split clips and add overlays (including PiP, green screen and markers). It’s about that.

Unlike Final Cut, iMovie doesn’t let you use the Touch Bar to adjust color properties, scrub playback, move clips in the timeline, or adjust the font size of titles. It’s a bit of a shame, because iMovie users are more likely to use the Touch Bar than professional editors, who tend to stick to their ways, as shown by the backlash against the design from new to Final Cut a few years ago. This may all be temporary, however, as Apple appears to be offering a Touch Bar with the new MacBook. However, you can still buy a 13-inch MacBook Pro with Touch Bar from Apple’s website.

Two video tracks are enough for one of iMovie’s most powerful features—the green screen (aka chroma-key) tool, which

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