15 Best Video Player Apps on Android Smartphones

Watching movies or videos via smartphones and tablets is common. To fill spare time, Android device users can perform various activities / multitasking, / including watching unique and interesting videos.

Unfortunately, the default video player program from the smartphone is sometimes unsatisfactory. For those of you who like to watch movies on Android devices, of course you need a full-featured application, including those that can read movie subtitles and play all video formats.

Best Video Player Apps on Android

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Best Video Player Apps on Android

*1. VLC for Android*

Maybe you are familiar with this one video media player. Initially, VLC came as a “/software”/ which can only be used on laptops/PCs. But now, you can enjoy the VLC app on your Android device.

Not much different from the one on PC, “VLC for Android also has various advantages. Some of the features in VLC can read various video files such as” MKV, MP4, AVI, MOV, OGG, FLAC, TS, M2TS, WV and AAC.

Also, the “/interface”/ offered is very simple, making it easier for you to watch videos with smooth and good quality in VLC. Want to use this app? You can directly click on this link to download the app.

*2. Video Player All Formats / Xplayer – Inshot*

More than 50 million Android users have downloaded this one video player application. Xplayer is a video playback tool for all video formats (MKV videos, FLV videos, M4V videos, etc.).

One of the advantages of this app is to support setting password for your private album, protect your private videos from being deleted or seen by others.

Other features include support for 4K, hardware acceleration, being able to store your videos safely with private folders, supporting subtitle downloads and more.

*3. Video Player Apps MX Player*

It feels incomplete if you don’t include MX player in the ranks of the best video player applications. MX Player is a feature-rich and widely used application by /developers/Android. This app also supports /set top box/, XMBC, and other multimedia devices.

Even MX Player supports different types of hardware, be it single, dual, or quad core processors with subtitles and features subtitle gestures. Inevitably, MX Pplayer installed its application with a child lock feature which is very suitable for children

Have a multimedia device? MX Player can also be connected directly with various multimedia devices, including Google TV. Other features offered are / Pinch to Zoom / and various types / plugins. / So, you want to use this application?

*4. Video Player Apps Playit*

PlayIt is a music and video player, download and transfer app, and media manager. All video formats All audio formats are supported by this app.

This app can automatically detect all video files on Android device and SD card, sort and share media files easily, and clearly display the internal storage space. You can also manage media easily according to your personal needs.

There is also a background play function to keep the video playing while switching to another app or turning off the phone screen. You can even use gesture controls to easily adjust playback speed, brightness and volume.

*5. Video Player Apps Kmplayer*

KMPlayer is an HD video player application that can play videos up to 8k UHD quality. This application comes with a number of excellent features. Examples such as color adjustment: Change brightness, contrast, hue, saturation, gamma information.

You can also zoom and move the video you are watching easily, select and define player options with one click, change color, size, subtitle position and so on.

*6. Video Player All Format – Uplayer*

Video Player All Format – Uplayer can play all video formats including Ultra HD 4K video files with high definition. Other capabilities include being able to adjust the playback speed of the HD video player from 0.25x to 4x.

The floating video playback option on the app helps you interact with other apps while watching movies. Apart from that there is also a background video playback feature playing videos in the background like a music player. And many other features not mentioned here.


On the other hand, the app supports gestures to easily adjust screen brightness and video volume while you are watching videos. And you can click the button to quickly control the progress of the video and the last or next video to play.

*7. Video Player All formats for Android – iJoysoft*

Video Player All formats for Android – Ijoysoft supports all video formats, 4K/Ultra HD video files. This video player is equipped with advanced hardware acceleration, smart playback and also protects private videos from being deleted or viewed when people use your device.

You can use the password for your private videos in the folder to hide and manage them. If you forget your password, you can find your password again with your security question.

On the other hand, the app supports gestures to easily adjust screen brightness and video volume while you are watching videos. And you can click the button to quickly control the progress of the video and the last or next video to play.

*8. Video Player Apps OPlayer*

Oplayer is a paid video player application. This app supports almost all video formats, 4K/Ultra HD video files, and plays them in high definition. Oplayer can also protect your private videos from being deleted or viewed when people use your device.

Other features include a floating video player that overrides other apps and can be moved and changed easily. You can also enjoy videos in the background like music playing.

Best Video Player Apps on Android

*9. Video Player Apps MX Player Pro*

This is the paid version of MX Player which provides a seamless video experience without ads. The price itself is around RP. 70 thousand.

For your information, MX Player is the first Android video player that supports multi-core decoding. The test results prove that the performance of dual-core devices is up to 70% better than single-core devices.

*10. Video Player Apps Gom player*

This app that comes from Korea has actually been there for a long time. However, in the past GOM Player was only available for PC. However, now GOM Player is available on Android devices. So, you can download this video player app to watch videos in various formats via your smartphone or tablet.

Apart from that, GOM Player can also read subtitles, so you can watch foreign movies while reading subtitles directly from this app. Until now GOM Player has been downloaded 5 million times by /Android users/, even this free application has managed to bag a rating of up to 3.9.

*11. Video Player Apps Gplayer*

It is quite a favorite video app among Android users. If you want to watch videos /full screen /, this app will turn your entire device screen into a screen for watching movies and videos.

However, if you want to watch videos while running other activities, Gplayer will also run videos without / lag / so that your multitasking activities will not be interrupted. Gplayer can be obtained for free through the Play Store.

It has the flagship feature ” /floating double” / where you can “open multiple videos. Gplayer also comes with support for popular codecs and streaming files and subtitles for videos. Don’t forget, the /play group / feature allows you to stream videos to other people’s devices . Interested?

*12. Video Player Apps Video Player HD*

Want a free video player app with “/wow/wow/? feature then you can choose” HD video player video. It is a free application that has been trusted by more than 240,000 users. With this app, you can play videos easily and uncomplicated.

You can play videos with format “AVI, MP4, WMV, RMVB, MKV, 3GP, M4V, MOV, TS, MPG, FLV, etc. Besides, you can use subtitles with different subtitle formats”/you know. “Let’s download the app here.

*13. Video Player Apps HD Video Player*

As the app’s name implies, “HD video player is ready to display videos with HD resolution. Besides being able to produce video resolution well,” HD video player also has “/interface”/classified “/simple”/ and is easy to use.

Another interesting feature is, you can create a folder for each of your videos “/you know.” In fact, you can also adjust “/sound”/ and “/equalizer”/ to produce a good sound. How, interested in trying this application? If interested, you can click here to download “HD Video Player.

*14. Video Player Apps BSplayer*

The app, which has been installed 50 million times on Android devices, has received a positive response from Google Play Store users. BSPlayer supports almost all video formats. BSPlayer can be downloaded for free on Play Store, but if you want to have the premium version, you have to pay RP. 80 thousand.

Not only that, even this BSPlayer is compatible with almost all types of hardware, both single core, dual core, and quad core processors are also supported by ARMV6 and ARMV5 devices. In the free version, BSPlayer has a number of useful features, while the premium version only removes ads and adds some features

*15. Video Player All Format – Full HD Video Player*

There is another good app for playing videos, namely all format video player – full HD video player. In the application, you can enjoy various video content in MP4 format. In addition to a fairly friendly / format, ” /This application also has a number of features that make it easy for you to watch videos.

There is a feature called “/Auto Video Queue”/ where you don’t have to click anything and the app will play the video in rotation. Then, there is also the “/child mode”

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