15 Best Voice Changer Apps on Android Smartphone

Pranking colleagues when calling, why not? Every now and then we can annoy friends or people closest to us by changing the tone when talking on the phone with them. That way, they can think that a stranger is calling them.

15 Best Voice Changer Apps on Android Smartphone

To do the following, of course, you need help from a voice changer application. Some of the following applications can make changes to your tone when you are calling someone to become a very unique character or other person’s tone. What are those?

15 Best Voice Changer Apps on Android Smartphone

1. Voice Changer with Effects

Voice Changer with Effects is one of the best tone changing apps. With this app, you can change your tone to helium, Darth Vader’s Star Wars characters, robots, megaphones, and much more.

Uniquely, you can also save your modified tone recording below to be used as a ringtone! So, you can put your tone that sounds like Darth Vader as SMS notification ringtone. Simple and effective, those are the two words that describe Voice Changer with Effects.

2. Voice Changer – Androidrock

This Voice Changer app by Androidrock is ready to make your tone changes together with ease. What’s more, you can change it in any tone style. Some of the tone effects that you can use are Chipmunk tones, small children, parents, bees, moreover there is also a robot tone changer.

Not only that, you can also add unique effects to the sound, if you want to add horror movie sound effects or church sound effects. You can easily use all of them together. The trick, just open the application and click the record audio button. Don’t forget to choose the sound effect!

3. Voice Changer Sound Effects

Well, if you want to make tone changes with unique and interesting effects, then the right choice is to use the Voice Changer Sound Effects application. Not far from the same as other tone changing applications, in this application you can also make changes from normal tones into unique ones, let alone weird ones.

Voice Changer Sound Effects has prepared various sound effects. You can choose Hellium, Hexfluoride, Fast, Slow, Cave, Chipmunk, Monster, and many more sound effects. In addition, the tone that has been changed can be immediately shared” or “save” on HP. Easy, right?”

4. Voice Changer -Super Voice

Want to have a tone like Spiderman, Iron Man, or Captain America? Then you need to try Voice Changer -Super Voice app. Here, there are tons of unique pitch-changing effects, especially the voices of the superheroes. Noted, there are about 20 superhero tone effects that you can use.

The steps for using it are very easy. The reason is, you only need to record a tone using the Voice Changer -Super Voice application. Then, you select and paste the tone effects that are in the application.

If you have, you can immediately save the recording of the following tone to your Android phone. Instantly, the notes you record can change to the tunes of superheroes. You can use this application for free.

5. Best Voice Changer

The app after that offers 3 easy steps to make voice changes. Starting from choosing a tone effect (robot, accelerated, or slowed down), increase the echo and chorus effects, and finally insert a fake tone backsound to sound like an airport or station.

In other words, Best Voice Changer offers a complete package to prank those closest to you.

Don’t like the ten tone changing apps mentioned above yet? Don’t worry, we still have a variety of apps that can change your tone. The following advice application is no less good and unique along with the ten applications above. Curious? Check out the following review.

6. VoiceFX

This application, which has been downloaded by more than 10,000 downloads on the PlayStore, is also able to make tone changes with ease.” VoiceFX, provides a variety of unique, interesting, and funny tones.

Users can make tone changes to “utotune, Robot, Female, Male, Kid, Strong, Double, Mask, Drunk, Slow, Fast, Sheep, Monster, Alien, Cave, Space, etc.

In addition to having a fairly complete variety of tone effects, VoiceFX also provides a “save” and “share” feature for the recorded tones that you have changed. Well, the results of the following modified tones can be saved together with the mp3 format. Interested? Download the app” here.

7. Girl Voice Changer

Well, if this one application is devoted to changing your tone into a female tone.

Not only adult female tone effects, even “Girl Voice Changer can change your tone to a 10-year-old, 16-year-old, 24-year-old girl tone, as well as a grandmother’s tone.

15 Best Voice Changer Apps on Android Smartphone

8. Voice Changer – Super Effects Studio

This Voice Changer application is offered by Super Effect Studio. You can make changes to the recorded tone along with adding different types of effects. Such as Helium, Chipmunk, Hexafluoride, and so on.

This application is also quite complete, because you can add other effects such as echo, reverb, treble, bass, and others. Your recordings can be immediately saved to the phone along with good audio quality. Try the app here.

9. Celebrity Voice Changer

Want to make your pitch change look like a famous celebrity? Try using the Voicer Celebrity Voice Changer app. One of the famous celebrities that you can choose in this application is Billie Eilish.

Apart from Billie, there are definitely many other famous character tones to try. One of them is former US president Barack Obama. You can use the application to have fun with friends, you know.

10. AudioLab

Next up, there’s AudioLab. This application can be relied upon to make changes to your tone along with existing effects. For example, like making changes to the pitch of your voice.

Not only making sound changes, AudioLab allows you and other users to edit the audio as a whole, such as trimming, removing noise or making changes to the audio speed. There is also a handy audio converter inside AudioLab. Interested in using this application?

11. Voice Changer – Voice Recorder – SoulApps Studio

Voice Changer – Voice Recorder from SoulApps Studio is also on our list of tips. This application has quite complete features, one of which is a voice changer.

With this Voice Changer – Voice Recorder application you can change your tone to the opposite sex (male to female or vice versa), after that there is also a choice of famous characters, or even your favorite superhero.

Not only can you make changes to the sound, you and other users of this application can also use the basic editing tools available.

12. VoiceTooner – Voice changer

Next, there is the VoiceTooner application developed and released by Baviux. This VoiceTooner application can make changes to the user’s tone along with various existing tone effects. Among them, there are zombie tones, helium effects, robots, squirrels, and much more.

Just record your tone and select the desired effect. Once you’re done recording, you can immediately save the audio.

13. Celebrity Voice Changer Lite – HatsOffApp

Another tone changer app that you can try on Android is Celebrity Voice Changer Lite. Yes, not only can you make changes in tone with ordinary effects, you can be transformed into a famous character through voice recordings.

There are many choices of famous characters. There are US presidents, presenters, let alone fictional characters. How to use this application is quite easy. You just need to record a note and select the character you want. You can save the sound recording on your phone, of course.

Oh yes, the developer allows application users to make wishes to be able to bring up the tone of their favorite characters as well. Just leave a comment inside the app and wait for the developer to grant your wish.

14. Voice Changer – Handy Tools Studio

This tone changing app is offered by Handy Tools Studio. The application has been downloaded by more than 5 million users on Android.

There is a wide selection of effects to make your pitch changes. There are chipmunk, bee tones, female and male tones, to robots. Users of this application can also make changes in tone when singing along with various types of effects.

Amazingly, there are superhero tone effects like Transformers in this application. Download Voice Changer – Handy Tools Studio here.

15. Voice Changer – Audio Effects – OnePixel Studio

OnePixel Studio developed a tone changing app that is very easy to use. Not only that, there are many unique tone effects that can be used to juggle your tone.

For example, such as alien tones, robots, zombies, helium, and others. You can also import tones from your phone. You can save the recorded tones made in the application and use them as ringtones or alarms too, you know. Download the application at this link.

That was a collection of tone changing applications that you can install on your Android device. The following various prank applications have their own uniqueness and are very useful for those of you who are looking to make fun of friends. Dare to try these apps?

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