15 Recommended Best VPN Applications for Android Phones

VPN stands for “virtual private network” which can encrypt your internet traffic and disguise your online identity when using public networks. This makes it difficult for third parties to track your activities online and steal data.

In addition to being used for privacy and security purposes when surfing cyberspace, VPNs are also often used to access sites that are blocked by local authorities or sites that apply geo-blocking.

15 Recommended Best VPN Applications for Android Phones

Apart from PCs, VPNs can also be used on smartphones. You can find a number of VPN apps on the Play Store or the App Store Application Store. Well, here are some recommended VPN apps for Android devices that are worth considering.

Best VPN Applications for Android Phones

*1. Applications NordVPN*

NordVPN is a premium VPN application that offers advantages in the data security sector. This VPN application will always save user data so that there is no leakage and misuse by irresponsible parties.

NordVPN also has the advantage of having thousands of servers spread across dozens of countries. If one server experiences slowdown, you can easily choose another server. Also, any void to the internet, NordVPN will work by offering double protection by reaching your connection through two servers instead of one.

NordVPN also has a feature called Cybersec. With this feature, you can be free from annoying flashy ads. This feature also blocks websites known as hosting malware or phishing scams and also blocks various malicious sites.

Interested in Nordvpn? If interested, try nordvpn here. You can choose to try for free especially before choosing a subscription later.

*2. Applications Surfhark VPN*

Why should you try Surfhark VPN? This VPN app is rich in features that benefit not only in terms of security, but also in terms of speed and ease of use.

No need to worry about data security anymore if you use public WiFi because Surfhark VPN can handle it. This app will hide your download history and IP address so that you can freely download and share any files with comfort and privacy.

Apart from being able to connect to various devices, Surfhark VPN also comes with a free ad blocker that prevents malware and blocks annoying ads as well as trackers or some sort of tracker.

Stream as much as you want and download whatever you want without being restricted by blocked sites. Watch movies, play games, even for work, use Surfhark VPN to enjoy access to your digital world. Don’t believe? You can try Surfhark VPN trial for free.

*3. Applications TurboVPN*

Turbo VPN is also one of the right apps for you. Because the application created by Innovative Connecting has a number of features that really help its users. In Turbo VPN, you can do/unblock/on every blocked website and also increase internet connection speed.

However, the special thing about Turbo VPN is not just that/you know. /Turbo VPN understands that not all Android users can use VPN applications, therefore Turbo VPN is designed so that all users from any circle can use Turbo VPN easily and practically. Want to try? Can download it here.

*4. Applications supervpn*

Free VPN service that you can get with supervpn app. This VPN app for Android is very easy to operate. You just need to click a button to connect to the VPN server.

Of course, the VPN servers you will get are fast servers with unlimited bandwidth from almost any part of the world.

Not only does it offer a fast fast VPN service, supervpn will also maintain your privacy during activities on the internet. Supervpn can also provide access to some blocked sites, you know. Try the app for free by downloading it here.

*5. Applications VPN Master*

The VPN master app already has more than 40 million users worldwide. Unsurprisingly, VPN Master offers over 500 servers at high speeds.

You can rely on VPN Master to support various types of activities on the internet, such as playing games, streaming movies and videos without /buffering /, and accessing blocked web pages.

Relax, this VPN app on this Android will maintain your privacy. So, you don’t have to worry about data leak issues while using VPN Master.

Amazingly, you only need one knife to be able to connect to a VPN server. Interested in trying VPN Master? Download the app here.

*6. Applications Turbo VPN Lite*

Turbo VPN also provides a LITE version, so it can be more reliable for entry-level android phones because it only requires less than 6 MB of storage space. One of the advantages of Turbo VPN Lite is that it is free and there are no time or speed limits for servers free VPN proxies.

Despite its light weight, Turbo VPN Lite can be used to unblock videos, movies, live sports matches and TV shows, open mobile games, social media, apps and any website with reliable VPN speed. Download Turbo VPN Lite.

*7. Applications thunder VPN*

To surf the internet safely and quickly, you can rely on the services of Thunder VPN. This one application encrypts your internet connection. So you can surf the internet without being noticed by third parties, even if you are using free WiFi.

You can access free VPN servers from several countries. One of them is the United States. To connect a VPN, you just need to click a button. And if you want to change server, just tap the flag icon and choose another server.

Thunder VPN also comes with a small app size, so it won’t take up much /space/ on your phone. This app also has an okay user interface. Download Thunder VPN on Google Playstore via this link.

*8. Applications Tomato vpn*

Next up, there’s the tomato VPN. This VPN application on Android is equally superior to the other VPN applications we have discussed.

Tomato VPN offers a secure internet connection through various servers in the world, such as Japan, United States, South Korea, to Russia. You can surf without fear of IP addresses and DNS leaks. So, you can access sites without any restrictions, especially for sites that are blocked in certain areas.

You can download Tomato VPN for free on Android. Try this fast VPN app by downloading it here.

Best VPN Applications for Android Phones

*9. Applications Secure VPN*

Secure VPN app developed by Tomato VPN developer Singallabs. The features offered in this application are not much different from Tomato VPN.

It’s just that you can enjoy VIP servers with a better level of speed and security.

To use the services of Secure VPN, you do not need to register or configure anything. Just press one button, you can connect directly to the desired server. Download Secure VPN via this link.

*10. Applications Internet Faster & Safer*

This VPN application has been around for a long time in the internet world. Today, Faster & Safer Internet has more than 30 million subscribers worldwide. And even then only for Android device holders. Great, right?

Application Faster & Safer Internet offers fast and secure connection from various servers spread all over the world. You don’t need to be afraid that DNS and IP will leak, because with this application you will get good security when surfing the internet.

This application is also able to keep you safe from criminal acts such as phishing. Download the Internet Faster & Safer app for Android here.

*11. Applications VPN Proxy Master*

In a way, the VPN Proxy Master app is the pro version of VPN Master. This app offers more excellent features. One of them is VPN access on several devices with different operating systems though.

Of course, while surfing with VPN Proxy Master, your privacy will be protected. You can surf anonymously to perform various activities on the internet, such as streaming videos and opening blocked sites.

Amazingly, there are more than 1000 servers that you can use in VPN Proxy Master. Interested? Try the service by downloading VPN Proxy Master here.

*12. Applications Secure VPN Proxy Master Lite*

Well, if this application is a lite version of VPN Master and VPN Proxy Master. Its features are not much different from the two applications earlier. However, the size of the application is much friendlier for your Android phone.

In addition, there are indeed some excellent features that cannot be enjoyed in this application. However, with Secure VPN Proxy Master Lite, you can still surf the internet quickly and safely. Please click this link to download the application.

*13. Applications ExpressVPN*

If you are looking for a VPN app that offers services in 17 languages, give Express VPN a try. In addition to its many language options, the Express VPN app also has more than 500 servers in 94 different countries.

Of course, the connection offered in this application is also safe and fast. Your activity on the internet can also be done incognito, and the log will not be recorded just like that. Enjoy Express VPN service by downloading the application via this link.

*14. Applications ProtonVPN*

Advanced features are offered by Proton VPN, the app whose developers launched the email service, ProtonMail. Some of them are multi-protocol, always-on IP protection, split tunneling, and many more.

The ProtonVPN app offers fast and secure server connections totaling more than 20 servers worldwide. With this application, you can not only connect one device, but also 9 other devices. Try ProtonVPN by downloading the app here.

*15. Applications Private VPN*

VPN Private has been downloaded by more than 5 million Android users. This free VPN application provides a VPN service with servers spread over 10 locations in the world.

You can rely on the VPN Private application to protect your surfing activities on the internet with ease. For your information, you can download and use this application for free. There is no speed limit that will hinder your activities too, you know. Download Private VPN here.

Those are the recommendations for 15 VPN applications that you can use on your Android device. /S/In addition to the VPN application, we have also discussed about /fake/ GPS and how to use it. To find out, you can visit this article How to Use Fake GPS.

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