15 Best Wallpaper Apps for Android Smartphones

Do you have a passion for changing your wallpaper on your Android smartphone? Well, if so, you need a dedicated app which provides various wallpapers selected for your device. So you can change the wallpaper as often as you like.

What are the best Android wallpaper apps that you can install on your smartphone? Valay Info has compiled several optional apps that provide wallpapers or images for your Android smartphone’s background.

15 Best Wallpaper Apps for Android Smartphones

This is a complete list of applications that you can install on your smartphone.

Best Wallpaper Apps for Android Smartphones

*1. Zedge App *

This smart app provides ringtones and wallpapers. Zedge offers a complete package for updating your ringtones as well as your wallpapers.

This application allows you to search for wallpapers by category. Yes, wallpapers with dark, cute and girly girly themes, anime with up to 4K quality that you can use here.

Apart from wallpapers, the ring collection is also incomplete. A selection of ringtones that meet your needs is also available. One of them is a funny ringtone.

You can use Zedge ringtones without downloading them. You just need to save the ringtone in the favorite list. Then the ringtone can be used for mobile notifications or alarms.

Come on, download the Zedge Wallpaper app. Guaranteed, you won’t regret trying this request.

* 2. Walli App – 4K Wallpapers *

Do you want to use fresh and fresh wallpapers? / You can try the Walli app, a supplier of wallpapers for Android smartphones. In this application, Walli allows you to easily find wallpapers according to your taste.

For example, you can choose a category according to the wallpaper you want, such as the category landscape, trains, flowers and many others. Walli wallpapers are made by professional artists and of course are of high quality.

In this request, there are several categories of paid wallpapers. But don’t worry, the purchase rate starts from Rp. 8,000. So far, Walli has been downloaded by more than 5 million Android users worldwide. Do you want to use this app? Download here.

* 3. Wallpaper App – Google LLC *

Google also has a dedicated wallpaper app, you know. Yes, the Google Wallpaper app provides high quality images, including Google Earth and Google photos.

This Google Wallpapers application can not only be used by phones with the latest Android, but also for phones with Android Nougat. Try the Google Wallpapers app here.

* 4. Engine wallpaper application*

Engine wallpaper allows you to download a large number of live wallpapers. Yes, in this app, you can create /playlists/contain all the wallpapers you want to use.

Now, if /playlist/ is enabled”, your wallpaper will automatically change within a certain period.

The types of images used in this application can be 2D, 3D or GIF images. If your phone battery is low, the app will stop the live wallpaper, you know.

Oh yes, you can import wallpapers from PC/Windows laptop to phone with this machine wallpaper app. Cool, right? Try the wallpaper engine app by downloading it via this link.

* 5. Application Backdrops *

Backs is a wallpaper app on Android that has a large collection of background images with various themes. Among them are land, space, photography, abstract wallpaper.

So you can easily change your wallpaper, set allows you to add the wallpaper you want to use in favorite list. Thanks to this list of favorites, you can change your wallpaper at any time without having to search for another wallpaper.

Not only download wallpapers for your own phone, in DTOLS Backs app, you can also download your own work wallpapers in /tab/backgrounds, you know. Interested in sets? Try the app here.

*6. Stokie App*

Then there’s the Stockie app. In this wallpaper app you can find more than 5000 creative wallpapers for professional stock makers. This app’s wallpapers are also in 4K quality.

Not only can you download wallpapers in the Stokie app, but you can also do wallpapers with nice gradations. For more information Stockie also has automatic wallpaper change function, you don’t get bored so fast because you see the same wallpaper.

The Stokie app supports the use of many Android mobile brands, such as Realme, Xiaomi, Samsung, Tecno, on Oppo. Download the Stokie app by clicking on the following link.

*7. Walldrobe App *

Walldrobe has more than 800,000 wallpapers, including the work of professional photographers. There are many categories of wallpapers that can be found in this app and AMOLED wallpapers are also available on walldrobe.

Using these AMOLED wallpapers can save phone battery consumption, you know. The Walldrobe app also has functionality in the form of automatic wallpaper changing.

You can choose the time to change the wallpaper and your favorite wallpaper option as needed. Download Walldrobe here.

* 8. Application resplash*

Reclash updates its android wallpaper collection every day, you know. This application contains about a million collections of wallpapers that you can choose from. Of course, the wallpaper in sleep has a high resolution.

Reference can also automatically change your mobile wallpaper. You can combine the disaster app with Muzei to enable this feature. Download the Replash app by clicking on this link.

Best Wallpaper Apps for Android Smartphones

*9.Walpy App*

Walpy was developed by the same developer as catastrophe. This application also has a large collection of wallpapers that you can use. In the Walpy application, there are wallpapers with various themes, including nature.

Many curator photos that you can use as well as wallpapers in this application. Try the Walpy app by downloading it here.

*10. Tapet Application *

The tape app allows you to choose nice wallpapers that can be installed on your Android phone.

The ribbon can automatically change your wallpaper every hour, or every day, you know. You can simply choose a random wallpaper or let the ribbon app choose the wallpaper for you.

Surprisingly, all the features of this type of application can operate offline. So, you don’t have to worry if you want to change the wallpaper manually from the tapet application even without an internet connection.

* 11. Wallcandy App *

If you are looking for an android wallpaper app that has thousands of unique and/aesthetic///aesthetic wallpaper collections, try the Wallcandy app.

Yes, this application not only provides ordinary photos that can be used as mobile wallpapers. Wallcandy provides unique illustrations that will decorate your phone screen. An example as shown in the image above. The wallpapers here are also available in 4K resolution.

You can rely on /reading list/automatic wallpaper on wall cream so you don’t have to bother changing mobile wallpaper any time, you know. Try Wallcandy by downloading it here.

* 12. Walp App *

Walp you can also count to find fresh wallpapers here. This application has more than 20 brand wallpapers that you can choose from.

Every day, you can monitor the updates of apps that publish popular wallpapers in the popular tab.

Oh yes, in this WALP application, you can change the wallpaper you want to use. Examples such as saturation and brightness editions of images. Try the WALP app by downloading it via this link.

* 13. amoledpix app *

For those of you who have an Android phone with an AMOLED display panel, the Amoledpix application can be tried.

In this app, you can find more than 10,000 wallpapers for 25 different categories. One of them is the automotive category. Not only that, there are also wallpapers with a predominance of black that are suitable for use on AMOLED panels.

This AMOLED wallpaper can help save more battery energy consumption. Try the Amoledpix app here.

* 14. PhoneWalls App*

Phonewalls is another Android phone wallpaper supplier that you can use. This wallpaper app has a large collection of wallpapers that stand out in 25 categories.

The wallpapers you can use here consist of themes, earth, geometric wallpapers and wallpapers for AMOLED phones. You can also try the exclusive phonewall wallpapers that reach up to 4K resolution.

Although there is a large collection of wallpapers, phonewall is a lightweight application and of course without ads. Cool, right?

* 15. Prism App*

Prism offers high quality wallpapers. All wallpapers are produced here by verified users of prisma.

Not only can you use wallpapers created by other users, but you can also create your own wallpapers and share them on Prism. You can also add various filters to the created wallpaper. Download prism here.

The best Android Wallpaper applications reviewed by Carisignal are very useful for those of you who like to change smartphone wallpapers. In addition, almost all of the above applications that you can download for free. / Come on /, replace your wallpaper with a more interesting picture!

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