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Traveling and exploring unknown places in the world is a great pleasure for many people. And if you are one of them, I am sure you will be happy to explore the new culture and traditions of the country you travel to. The whole experience is different but are you missing something in between? Yes, the air you breathe when you travel somewhere outside your country! It’s okay because it actually affects your health.

Best Weather App With Air Quality

So what can be done to make sure you breathe safely in a new place? Of course, you can’t change the weather conditions but at least you can check the Air Quality Index in Apple Maps to be on the safe side. But if you are traveling to a nearby place then you can use that option. And if you want to travel to other countries, you should be well prepared with the best air data on your iPhone or iPad so that you know the AQI of that particular place.

Apple (finally) Updates Its Weather App With Dynamic Backgrounds, Maps And Way More Data

With a clean interface and different color combinations to show the different levels of the Air Quality Index, AirVisual is at the top of the store for checking the AQI. It features real data from over 10,000 locations covering 100 countries. So, wherever you travel, you can always get instant help with the weather and AQI on your iPhone or iPad with this app.

An accurate seven-day weather forecast makes it easy for you to plan a long trip, especially if you don’t want to ruin your vacation because of bad weather. the weather or bad weather. The app also integrates world damage maps in 2D and 3D so you can plan your trips accordingly. And it shows the Air Quality Index in real time.

Whether it’s temperature, wind, humidity, AQI and weather, this app can do it all for you! You can also share weather information windows with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, WeChat, WhatsApp or Email if needed. Not only on iPhone, but you can also use this app on your iPad and Apple Watch.

Screen displays and alarms don’t get much better than the BreezoMeter’s air efficiency. A simple interface makes the app easy to understand and easy to use on the go! The best thing about this app is that it not only shows the air quality in the city but also the air quality on the road. In short, if you want to check the office or the house is also possible.

How To Check The Air Quality Index Via Iphone Or Apple Watch

In addition to the AQI, it also warns you when the weather is dangerous and covered in toxic fumes. For those who suffer from certain allergies or participate in outdoor sports that require fresh air to breathe, this app is made for you! There are over 7000 air quality monitoring stations around the world – so you can expect to cover most cities and countries.

Whether comparing between cities or countries, everything is possible on your iDevice if the Air Quality app by Plume Labs is installed. With stylish designs and stylish color combinations, it’s worth using such a clean app. have the best weather data.

You don’t need to check the specific numbers in categories such as new, medium, high and others. Because it is a complete model of AQI and weather conditions. Like the weather forecast, this app provides hourly forecasts of air quality in your area for 24 hours. And you can’t get better than this Air Quality Index iOS app.

For those who have breathing problems and live in places where pollution is often a concern, it is a must-have on the iPhone and Apple Watch.

The Best Free Iphone Weather Widgets

The Air Matters app provides real-time air quality coverage covering over 180 countries! AQI values ​​vary from country to country but be sure to convert them to the same amount measured in your own country. Easily switch between countries and cities to get information on the latest AQI values ​​in a specific location.

The app also provides real-time alerts when pollution levels are high or about to worsen. You can easily share air quality information via iMessage so that your loved ones know the situation as well. This app can connect devices like Philips Smart Air Purifier, Laser Egg Air Monitor and many more so you can get instant updates on those devices.

Airly has received over 4.7 stars on the App Store and it’s clear that people have been loving this app for a long time. When it comes to getting information about air quality, you couldn’t ask for a better Air Quality Index iPhone app, right?! With Airly, you can get real-time air quality, air quality sensors, detailed air quality of your favorite places and more!

The built-in map clearly shows you the areas where you can breathe without any health problems. From AQI to temperature and pressure to humidity, you get everything when you log into the Airly app.

Best Weather Apps And Widgets For Android: Today Weather & More!

We have just listed those apps that are perfect. There are more than 100 apps in the app store but we don’t want you to try them all, instead, we have listed the best air conditioning apps for iPhone and iPad. If I were you, I’d definitely go with the sh*t! The I Smoke app tries to reduce pollution in a unique way and such apps are very fun to use.

Which of these AQI programs is your favorite? Let us know in the comment box.

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Co-founder Jignesh Padhiar keeps track of news, stories and all things unusual about Apple products. During his hectic schedule, Jignesh has found a few spare moments to share interesting content on social media. If you live in an area known to have poor air quality, it is best to monitor the AQI or air quality. Referrals at regular intervals. Air pollution is made up of pollutants, allergens and pollens that can cause health problems. The Air Quality Index reports daily air quality and ranges from 0 to 500. When it comes to AQI, lower is always better. There are several ways to check AQI, and you can do it right from your iPhone or Apple Watch. Weather App: The Most Accurate Weather App

In this article, you will learn how to get AQI on your iPhone and Apple Watch using the Weather app, Air Quality app, and Google Maps.

While there are many third-party apps available to tell you the Air Quality Index on your iPhone, you can also use the iOS Weather app.

The AQI bar is displayed at the top of the page when the air quality is bad in a region. Some regions may not display the AQI bar if there is no official reading in your region. If you want to always see AQI on your home screen, you should consider installing a third-party app.

The Air Quality Reader app is available for free from the App Store, which offers a widget that displays the air quality map on your home screen and in the app. Just download the app, open it and tap the color dot to see the air quality.

Ways To Use The Iphone Weather App

Google Maps also lets you see the air quality. To do so, open Google Maps and tap the button in the top right corner. Next, tap on Air Quality and it will show you “Air quality in this area”.

Moving on to the Apple Watch, you can still use the simple AQI viewing interface. Here’s how to do it:

The monitor will now show the AQI index for your chosen location, and it will be updated regularly. This way, you will get a real idea of ​​the air quality by looking at your Apple Watch.

You can add events directly from your Apple Watch by pressing the watch screen and selecting Settings.

Best Weather Apps For Your Phone In 2022

Note: You can see the AQI on your Apple Watch through the Weather app, you don’t need to add a problem if you don’t want to.

Monitoring the Air Quality Index is a good idea, and now you know how to check the AQI from your iPhone and Apple Watch. As mentioned above, there are other third-party ads that provide more information than the price. You can also try it. We hope this tutorial helps you. Cell phones are an important part of our lives

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