10 Best Weather Forecast Apps on Android Smartphone

When the rainy season arrives, climatic conditions are unpredictable. Sometimes, when we go without an umbrella or waterproof, it will rain heavily. On the other hand, if we provide umbrellas, the weather will still be sunny and not rain.

Do you still follow the daily weather forecast on the television news? Leave the old form behind as you can download any of the following climate forecasting apps through your Android smartphone.

Best Weather Forecast Apps on Android

By using various applications that Cari Signal will discuss, you can keep the weather forecast up to date at any time without the inconvenience of waiting for the weather forecast on television. So, now you don’t have to be afraid of rain without bringing an umbrella!

Best Weather Forecast Apps on Android

*1. bmkg info*

This application is provided by the Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics Agency (BMKG) and has been downloaded more than 5 million times on the Play Store. BMKG information contains information on weather, weather, air quality, and earthquakes that occurred in Indonesia. This application is quite light with a size of less than 10 MB.

Characteristics of BMKG information which includes meteorological forecasts that provide 7 days of forecast information in all districts of Indonesia and provides climate information in Indonesia; (1) No rainy days, (2) monthly rain prediction and (3) monthly rain analysis.

BMKG Info also provides the latest information on the M “¥ 5.0 earthquake and significant earthquakes, with the distance between the earthquake location and the location information. And many more characteristics that are not mentioned here.

*2. Morecast*

Morecast has an excellent and intuitive interface/interface. It’s no surprise that mirecast is the best timing prognostic app in design terms. This app has a vertical list which is easy to use and understand.

When opening this application, above there are current climatic conditions and / / real sensation /. When/move/down, you can see the current climate details in more detail and more complete.

You can also see tomorrow’s weather forecast. In fact, it also sees the weather forecast for the next seven days. This app is very compatible for beginners or people who have used the same weather app.

Morecast gives you the weather information you need with a simple screen. You can also view the weather around the world and use the climate navigation function to view the climatic conditions on the designated route. Download this app here.

*3. Weather Forecast / Weervoorspelling*

For those who want to know the approximate time that is quite precise, you can “/download”/application “predicted by time. This application is ready to show the estimated time in each country and even in every city. In addition”, the guarantee Estimated time to inform to inform climate in detail, starting with temperature, pressure, temperature, wind speed.

To know the weather forecast, just install “Meteorological Forecast App and then connect with your GPS location. Then you can also configure”/Configure Units”/for the number of temperatures in Celsius or Farenheit,” // // Configure/AAN time 12 hours or 24 hours, and “/Configuration/Other. You also don’t have to worry about the capacity, because” the weather forecast takes up only 11 MB.

*4. Weather Underground*

This weather forecast app works with a combined service of 33,000 weather stations to provide the most precise hyperlocal weather forecast. Weather Underground will provide meteorological / real time / forecasts and can some updated climatic conditions. / Interface / This application is very detailed, convenient and useful. Download the app at this link.

*5. Transparent Clock & Weather*

From the name alone you can predict that this is a /widget/ that includes a weather forecast and a digital clock. But that’s not all, Transparent Clock & Weather also shows your phone’s battery level, alarm, daily schedule, and calendar. In fact, the widget will also display internal system information, such as microSD capacity and Wi-Fi status.

Currently, the app has 10 widgets in different sizes and details. You can adjust the settings according to your convenience. This is the best alternative weather forecast application for those of you who want a weather forecast on a smartphone that is more than standard. Please download the application here.

*6. Weather Live*

Weather Live, an app that promises “/real-time” /and” /live” weather forecasts. /With this application, users can get information about temperature, wind speed, wind direction, pressure, time” /sunrise” /and” /sunset,” /to” /rain maps.” What’s interesting is that you don’t need to open the “Weather Live” app just to check the weather, because “Weather Live will display it as” /widget” / on the phone screen. Interested? Please” /download” /application” here.

Best Weather Forecast Apps on Android

*7. Yahoo Weather*

Furthermore, there is “Yahoo Weather, as the name implies this application is made by Yahoo. Not much different from other applications, in” Yahoo Weather you can also get information about current and future weather forecasts.

The information that will be obtained is quite complete, such as wind pressure, temperature,” /sunset, sunrise,/ to a fairly interactive map. The presence of the “/maps” / feature also makes it easier for you to find out about radar, satellite, heat, and snow. try the application?You can directly download it here.

*8. 1Weather*

One of the weather applications that can be downloaded for free via Android smartphones includes most of the weather information you need, ranging from weather conditions, temperature, wind speed and UV index. With stunning graphics, 1Weather offers weather reports for the area you live in and around the world.

In addition, this application also provides rainfall information accompanied by sunrise and sunset animations. 1Weather has a live weather background and an animated radar that can indicate inclement weather. Please download the application for free here.

*9. GO Weather*

Need the best compatible weather forecast app to know the weather wherever you are? Maybe you need to download GO Weather, because this application can provide a fairly accurate weather forecast for more than 100 thousand locations spread all over the world.

This application will provide detailed weather reports according to the time you want, whether it’s morning, afternoon, evening, or night. With this application, you can also know the rainfall and wind forecasts clearly. GO Weather” is a weather forecast application that has a 4.5 rating on the Google Play Store.

*10. Weather by WeatherBug*

On par with Morecast, Weather by WeatherBug also excels in design and /interface. /This application helps you know the weather forecast in the neighborhood you live in, considering the weather in each district in a city can be different. Amazingly, the developer of this application also includes a traffic camera feature to monitor traffic jams at several points.

Weather by WeatherBug also has the ability to share photos and albums. You can monitor the weather forecast based on your route today or the next day with this weather forecast app. To use it, please download this application for free here.

*11. Accuweather*

Android users must be quite familiar with this application. Yes, Accuweather is installed automatically as an Android smartphone widget. Accuweather provides very accurate weather reports and is able to provide room temperature at regular intervals.

This application is enriched with graphs, maps, radar and accurate weather forecasts. In fact, this app can show videos for your area. Accuweather is a comprehensive and easy-to-use application for anyone. Please download the application here.

In addition to the 10 applications that we offer above, there are also other best and good weather forecast applications for Android. Want to know more? Let’s see the review below.

*12. Amber Weather*

Another weather forecast application that is also the most favorite on the Google Play Store, namely Amber Weather. The app, which has a 4.3 rating, can provide hourly, day or week weather forecasts. Amber Weather is a weather forecast that is quite accurate and can not only be used in the territory of Indonesia, but even abroad.

Given that the weather in Indonesia can change at any time, you can monitor the weather in the next few hours using Amber Weather. This application also helps provides information on precipitation, wind speed, humidity, visibility, atmospheric pressure, dew point and UV index.

*13. Weather from NOAA Free*

If you live or want to travel to an area with bad weather conditions, then immediately install Weather from NOAA Free on your smartphone. The reason is, this application always provides the latest news updates from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration which reports on the state of storms on land, cyclones, tornadoes, and other bad weather conditions.

The app also offers a satellite /real time/ view of your selected news. You can also browse Severe Weather Outlook for daily severe weather conditions. For those of you who are in areas with extreme weather, Weather from NOAA Free will be very helpful. Please download the application at this link.

*14. The Weather Channel*

There are so many weather forecast apps on the Google Play Store. However, Weather Channel is one application that is able to provide up to date and accurate weather forecasts. In fact, you can see the weather forecast for the next 10 days.

The weather forecast includes wind speed, humidity, UV index, visibility, dew point and pressure. The /interface / of this application is quite good and can provide you with several videos showing weather conditions around the world.

The Weather Channel’s design and appearance is very simple and intuitive. You can choose what information you want to be displayed on your smartphone screen through this Weather Channel. Please download the application via the Google Play Store here.

You can download these eight best weather forecast applications for free on your Android device. With these various applications, you can now determine the right time to leave the house. Which is your favorite weather app?

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