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Best Weather Widget App Store – Hell apparently froze over. Today, Apple addressed a long-standing customer complaint about the iPad, saying the device will finally get its own weather app — if you can believe it, 12 years after the tablet debuted. Surprisingly, despite acquiring weather app maker Dark Sky in 2020 and updating the iOS weather app with the launch of iOS 15, Apple has neglected to add this flagship app, even releasing a weather widget for iPadOS home. . screen, but instead of launching the native app, it linked users to a weather website.

It was a less-than-ideal experience, as the site was (weather) full of ads, not the clean and smooth navigation experience Apple users had come to expect. Apple never explained its reasoning here, but launching a weather widget for iPad without a companion app made the whole thing feel even more odd.

Best Weather Widget App Store

Has IBM-Owned Weather Made a Secret Traffic Deal With Apple? Does Apple really want users to access a website through native apps? Is this anti-trust? what happened?!

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While there are plenty of quality third-party apps that users can rely on for weather information on the iPad, it seems odd that Apple’s flagship lacks such a basic tool at this point.

But with a keynote at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference today, the company announced that the iPad will finally get its own weather app.

“We’re also bringing weather to iPad, making the most of the stunning display with beautiful animations of gently moving clouds, heavy snow and heavy rain,” Apple’s SVP of Software Engineering Craig Federighi said, summarizing the new app’s features. . The app isn’t fancy at all, just an iPad-optimized version of the native iPhone app. But it would be a welcome addition.

The update is compatible with a new feature in iOS 16 that allows users to customize their device’s lock screen with live weather reports that show changing conditions throughout the day. Also, the iPad app has the same kind of animations – clouds, rain, lightning, snow, etc. The local app will offer clickable weather modules that allow users to navigate through areas such as forecast, temperature, precipitation and UV. index, air quality and more. Once it’s found, a window pops up and covers the app’s main screen to display detailed information, Federighi explained.

The Best Free Iphone Weather Widgets

Additionally, Apple followed up its weather app news with the long-awaited release of WeatherKit. This toolkit for developers enhances Apple’s plans to let third-party developers build apps on top of Apple’s weather data — Apple has expressed interest in acquiring Dark Sky. It’s an under-the-radar announcement that has broader implications for the app industry as Apple builds its own weather-related, revenue-generating service.

As the company moves developers from its Dark Sky weather service to WeatherKit, it says it will support 500,000 API calls per month as part of Apple’s developer program membership during the beta period and beyond. After this time, it will start charging at the following rates:

In comparison, Dark Sky’s API offered 1000 API calls for free and then charged $0.0001 per call.

According to Apple, WeatherKit requires iOS 16, iPadOS 16, macOS 13, tvOS 16 or watchOS 9 and uses a REST API for websites and other platforms. The Swift API for WeatherKit requires beta versions of Apple OS and Xcode 14.iOS 14 brings long-awaited home screen customization options for iPhone users, including the ability to add resizable info widgets. Since the release of iOS 14, we’ve seen iPhone users revamp their screens with social media widgets and custom app icons. Many users prefer home screen clocks and weather widgets to quickly check the day’s weather and decorate their iOS home screen.

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Apple has done a good job with the built-in weather and clock widgets. However, advanced users may be limited in terms of appearance and functionality. This is where third-party developers jump in. The iOS developer community is working hard to prepare their apps for iOS 14 widgets. If you hate scouring the App Store for third-party clock and weather apps, don’t worry—we’ve done the heavy lifting for you.

Along with iOS 14 widgets, we’ve selected the best clock and weather apps for iPhone. Check out the list below and give your iPhone home screen something it needs.

Clock Face offers dozens of customizable and unique clock widgets for your iPhone. Open the app and go to the clock face menu to be amazed by the clock widget designs offered by the developer. There is something for everyone. You’ll find a space clock, a clock widget for math geeks, a Rolex-style watch face, and more. Select the desired clock widget from the app, you will find it in the widget menu on the home screen.

The iPhone’s default Clock app supports World Clock. But the World Clock app takes the experience further with customization options and cool widgets. You can change the widget in three sizes: light, dark, midnight, turquoise and red.

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My favorite clock widget is the Timeline which compares today’s phase for the timeline. It looks visually appealing compared to Apple’s solution.

Contrary to its name, the clock widget is not limited to showing time details. Allow users to add battery percentage, date, date and time. For the theme engine, you can customize the background color of each menu block from within the app. You can change the font color.

As the name suggests, Clock Gallery is a collection of cool clock widgets with unique settings. The app offers minimalistic clock widgets, bold color, bold and digital that perfectly mimic your bedside clock or even a country flag clock. You can select any widget and choose a configuration to change the country flag, font and background color. The app is free to use. Go ahead and try it.

The apps listed above offer a selection of clock widgets. Color Widget allows you to create a clock widget from scratch. I love the style and design elements of the clock widget built into the Color Widget app. You can add a gradient background, an image background, or choose a simple widget with a minimal clock style.

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Weather apps have aggressively followed the iOS 14 widget trend. ClimaCell stood out from the crowd with accurate forecasts, rain and snow warnings, air quality maps and wind speeds.

With the app, you can set your work and home location, and you can see your home location temperature, future snow/rain forecast, AQI levels and hourly weather information from the home screen widget. The widget works well with the iOS dark theme. The app also comes with Google Calendar integration, which is nice to see.

It needs no introduction. CARROT Weather is one of the best weather apps on the App Store and with the latest update it gets iOS 14 widget support. There are 5 different types of widgets: Snark, Forecast, Clock, Daily and Weather Maps. Extend the widget to customize it with various options. Plus: If you stack all the widgets, you can put all your predictions in one place on the home screen.

Compared to the built-in iOS 14 weather widget, Weather Line is not only fun and attractive, but also provides weather-related information at a glance. Huge weather widget widgets like humidity, pressure, UV index, sunset/sunrise etc.

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You can get additional weather-related information (like the Air Quality Index) and customize widgets with different themes for $3.49 per month.

Weather Widget offers many beautiful widgets to choose from. Open the app and go to the theme menu to see a list of colorful widgets. You can add royal vintage style widgets, flip clock, Halloween and more.

Widgets can display details such as the next 48-hour weather forecast, the next 7-day weather forecast, a weather map, radar and a weather calendar.

Unlike the other apps on this list, Widgetsmith lets you create your own widgets for weather, calendar, reminders, photos, and health information. You can choose widget sizes, change fonts, change background colors, and more. It also allows you to confirm home screen widgets at different times of the day.

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For example, a particular widget might show the weather in the morning, then a calendar for your workday, and then jump to the activity ring when you’re done.

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